What to see in Kuala Lumpur for 1 day

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One day for any city is very small, especially for the capital. So if you want to see as much as possible, and get the most impressions, please be forces. To move in this day comfortable and most convenient is by taxi, but actually it is not always faster, and sometimes to some people faster can be reached on foot or by metro until the machine will stand in traffic jams. So, if you examine the transport system of Kuala Lumpur and how to use it, then it will be able to do without a taxi.

So, what to see in Kuala Lumpur for 1 day:

Куала-Лумпур, Чайнатаун On the streets of Chinatown
  • Start the route in the picturesque area of Chinatown. Will be especially good if somewhere in the area you will be accommodated in the hotel (see which area of Kuala Lumpur it is better to stay). Take a stroll around the district, visit the temples of Sri Mariamman and Sze Ya Temple.

  • On foot (20 minutes) or taxi go to the Independence Square (Merdeka Square). Look there are fountains, buildings around, can visit the gallery KL Gallery and take a picture with the letters "I Love KL", go to the textile Museum.

  • Then on foot go to Masjid Jamek (Masjid Jamek). On the way stop for lunch in one of the institutions at Jalan Parlimen, there is a small Burger King. In the mosque, tourists can get only from 14:30 to 16:30.

  • Куала-Лумпур, Площадь Независимости Sultan Abdul Samad Building
    on Independence Square
  • After the mosque take the metro (station Masjid Jamek is located nearby) or by taxi, until you arrive at the station KLCC to see the Petronas twin towers and take pictures on the background, walk in the Park KLCC Park behind them. Or you can use another option is to take a taxi or walk to KL towerand climb to its observation deck. If Menard is going to want to climb to the observation deck Petronas, keep in mind that to buy tickets you need in advance online at least the day before.

  • After visiting the towers or the Menara is already getting dark. Go to subway, taxi, or free Shuttle bus Go KL in Chinatown where with the coming of darkness on Petaling Street begins a brisk trade all that is possible. Can buy here gifts, and then dinner at one of the outdoor food courts.

  • If energy and time still left, you can walk or take a taxi back to the Independence Square and walk there. In the evening it is very beautifully illuminated, will be a great evening of photography.

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admin 4 March, 2019

Most likely not. Look closely at the itinerary, you are likely to arrive in KLIA and depart from KLIA2. If so, then go through passport control, and went down on the train to get to KLIA2. If the terminal is a genuine one, then right. ...
Konstantin March 6, 2019
AK "Malindo" is based in a/p KLIA to KLIA2 don't have to move. ...
Evgeny Kanev June 6, 2019
Please tell me if you know where is the airline "Malaysia",in KLIA or KLIA 2 ? ...
admin June 6, 2019

Hello Eugene! Neither here nor there, and the airport Subang. ...
Evgeny Kanev 20 July, 2019
Please tell me airline ticket offices in KLIA and KLIA 2 are easy to find there ? (the diagrams do not see where or) (if in Singapore is not empty,then the ticket is there to buy) ...
admin July 20, 2019

Hello! Easily find, on the bottom floor down the signs Public Transport or something like that, already forgot exactly how they're signed. ...
Genghis 6 January, 2020
Hello! Approximately how much will cost a taxi from KLIA airport to hotel Impiana KLCC? ...
admin January 6, 2020

Even not approximately but exactly from 65 to 105 ringit depends on the type of taxi. ...
Galina Vedeneyeva January 19, 2020
Hello! Prompt, please, where is terminal M ...
admin January 19, 2020

Hello! I don't know of such a terminal can talk about the Main terminal, i.e. the main terminal. ...