Bus station TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) in Kuala Lumpur

In 2015 most flights, long distance bus routes from Kuala Lumpur moved from Pudu Sentral bus terminal to bus terminal, TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). It's not just the bus station, and a transport terminal, through which also the city subway, commuter trains, airport, metro, city buses.

The website of the bus station: http://www.tbsbts.com.my/

Infrastructure bus station TBS

Терминал TBS внутри

The bus station is huge, and it has the same amenities and services as many airports: ATMs, a mother and child waiting room, Luggage storage, hotel, food court (cafe). For tourists and travelers will be very helpful: information center, vending machines, currency exchange. The currency exchange in terminal two, they work from 7.30 am to 22:00

Buy tickets at the station ticket offices or automatic terminals. There is also a terminal to verify the reservation of e-tickets and printing them out.

Where it is possible to leave from the station TBS

Popular for tourists from domestic operations:

Popular international destinations:

Detailed schedule and ticket reservation is available on the website http://www.tbsbts.com.mycan also help to book the tickets through the search form:

How to get from TBS to Kuala Lumpur

The bus station is located far from the center of the city, almost at the edge of it (the TBS on the map of Kuala Lumpur). But fortunately, next to the TBS via a pedestrian bridge train station BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan), with which the city centre can be reached by the suburban metro station KTM Komuter, LRT, metro urban, metro from the airport KLIA Transit (see transportation in Kuala Lumpur, than to move on). For tourists the most convenient to get on the LRT Ampang line, because you can drive to the tourist center of the city. All other types of railway vehicles going to the station KL Sentral, where you can also take the metro or bus to the centre.

Besides the metro, you can drive to the tourist centre of the city to Pudu Raya station by bus No. 690. Will have to go 40 minutes, but this is the cheapest option, only 1.9 ringgit (see the currency of Malaysia).

The schedule of buses and trains in Kuala Lumpur

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How to get online in Malaysia? What is the username and password to enter and where to get them? ...
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The theme is all about transport, but since you asked... In the hotels Internet Wi-Fi is password and without. If it asks for a password, ask for it at the reception. ...
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Hello please tell me so I will arrive in Kuala Lumpur then I will need to buy a ticket to Kalibo, where I needed to go to what terminal? Please tell me in detail ...
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Hello! I'd certainly would have bought a ticket in advance, but that you really decide. And so, travel by train in the low cost carrier terminal KLIA2 (read more about him here - http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/malaysia/k ... -klia2.php), and there looking for cash. ...
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Good morning, we arrive in KL terminal 1 at 10.40, leaving Langkawi at 12.00 terminal KLIA2. Tell me, do we have time for the flight? Thank you. ...
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Hello Elena!
To get from terminal to terminal, you need no more than 30 minutes, but... At 10:40 arrive, clear immigration and get Luggage is 20-40 minutes. Along the way, don't forget to exchange money, to buy tickets to KLIA2, and ran down to the lower level where the train. There on the rack buy a ticket to KLIA2. Waiting for a train, and then as luck at the time, or going immediately and after five minutes on the site, or have to wait for the train for another 15 minutes. When you arrive in KLIA2, you will have to check in Luggage, and find a way to register. Everything is very tight. To accelerate you can, if you fly without Luggage, and if you register on a subsequent flight online to avoid wasting time for check-in at KLIA2 and immediately run to the landing. ...
Elena D. 13 Mar 2017, 09:46
Yes, most likely will not make it. I bought tickets on Air Asia, and to be honest, I don't know how much is it to rent or to rebook. English is not strong. Was planning to do online check-in in advance and try to buy in advance ringgit, our company works the guy with the Malaysia. ...
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Good morning. I was able to change the departure time! Helped my boss-an Englishman, were dealt with together. Now it is possible not to hurry and not to worry. So if anyone needs help in this matter, please contact (e-mail, my lenadum2@yandex.ru). And You Admin thank you very much for your participation. ...
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