Free buses GO to KL in Kuala Lumpur

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Логотип системы GO KL

Free bus routes in Kuala Lumpur earned in December 2013 and they are called GO KL CityBus. Four of the routes (as of 2018), and they have different colors. Them run new and comfortable (air-conditioned) buses that stop at each stop of the city buses are on their routes. Of course, this "freebie" are the locals, so at peak times (weekdays from 7:30 to 10:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00) the buses are going Packed as buses in the good old Soviet times, and most of the passengers were not tourists. However, these buses are still a great alternative to a taxi and paid the city subway. Their advantage is that they cover the areas and sights, to which a metro is not always possible.

The only real problem of the new system to tourists is the lack of complete and reliable information about routes, because the system just started working. Partial information on some of the routes can be found on the free cards, but to understand the move in the names of the stops and where they are, and how hard. To always have on hand in their pattern of motion, can upload their smartphone map in pdf format here. Also in the description of each attraction of Kuala Lumpur we have pointed out, the bus which line color you can get to them.

Автобус GO KL CityBus на улице Куала-Лумпура The bus GO KL CityBus on the street of Kuala Lumpur

Buses and stops

As already mentioned, the buses on routes air-conditioned and comfortable, run frequently and stop at all city bus stops. To know these buses very easy to GO KL CityBus logo and nameplate with the inscription on the windshield or on the light Board in front of the bus above the driver indicating the line below it to mix buses.

Stop with these buses, also marked with a sign with the logo of GO KL, which indicates the name of the line (color) and the name of the stop. Some of the stops have electronic scoreboard, which indicates the time after which suit a particular bus, including a paid public buses. It is very convenient.

Электронное табло на остановке в Куала-Лумпуре The electronic scoreboard at the bus stop in Kuala Lumpur


As of 2018, there are four route buses GO to KL: . Until may 2014, worked only two routes, so the information on free maps and even stops to reflect only these two paths. In fact, it is already possible to use all four routes. All routes are circular, intersected in several places with each other (you can transfer from one line to another at one stop). The maps indicate the direction of movement of buses on the route.

Lines (routes) are not numbered, but are distinguished by color: the green line (Green Line), purple line (Purple Line), blue line (Blue Line) and red line (Red line).

Current map of all the routes available to download in PDF here recommend you to download it to your smartphone. Also in the description of each attraction of Kuala Lumpur we have pointed out, the bus which line color you can get to them.

Official website and additional information

Система GO KL в Куала-Лумпуре The scheme of movement of the Magenta line
Система GO KL в Куала-Лумпуре The scheme of movement on the green line

The routes

  • Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 23:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 07:00 – 23:00
  • The frequency of buses from 5 to 10 minutes
Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
admin 25 August, 2018

In General, KL is a place where you can ride for a couple days, and that not everyone is interested, most I love the beach on holiday and not big cities. Especially with the kids in KL doing nothing at all. So if the question is to go to Kuala Lumpur or at one of the resorts in Thailand, then definitely Thailand. ...
Helen1977 January 1, 2019
Really laughed about the fact that there is no place to go. And as the world's largest bird Park, aquarium, butterfly Park, an amusement Park, a trip to the monkeys at the lighthouse, a trip to the Firefly Park, a science center where the aquarium is. Batu caves, the air bridge of the Petronas twin towers and much more. Only in Central Park for half a day to hang out with the kids.
We arrived in Kuala Lumpur with kids 2 times, because I do not have time to enjoy for the first. We from Peter, not from the village, the children toured already all of Europe, but Malaysia is their favorite country. ...
admin January 1, 2019

Glad you managed to laugh, but if to look objectively and not with emotions, some of you mentioned places I'd take my kids only to the bird Park, Menara KL tower or Petronas, and Petrosian. And all the rest more loosely, and not all of what you mentioned in Kuala Lumpur. So 1-2 days is possible, and to go on a whole holiday with kids in KL strongly disagree. ...
sveti77ka 2 January, 2019

Also I agree, nothing funny, or just a person with a sense of humor something strange. Stay in a big city with the kids a couple of days later turning into the seat in front of the TV and the tablet, they're hard to pull out, quickly losing interest. Proven many times already, so to go to KL is not an option. As a minimum, you need to combine a visit to KL and the Islands to the beaches were, otherwise, neither the parents nor the children to relax, some whims are. ...
sveti77ka January 7, 2019
But in Kuala Lumpur great. Met tourists in Indonesia who told them that the city is not liked because he is not walking. It turned out that they just do not stay in the center and on the outskirts near some buildings, and that impression remained. And so it is possible to walk quietly, very pedestrian. ...
admin January 7th, 2019
Since no one argues that KL is cool. ...
Igor V. January 14, 2019
Good afternoon Going for a couple of days from Nha Trang to fly to KL bought the tickets back in early March do Not tell the tower how to get read of that..carry out there buses don't know the place of their to find the map..and what metro or monorail closer...And the second question is whether it is possible from the towers of Petronas walk to this place to get ...With due respect ...
admin January 14, 2019
Hello Igor!
About the tower we've got all the details painted nowhere - including how to get.
From the towers to get, I passed. IMHO, suggest to the towers after Menard to walk. When they walk, and they get closer and more, I honestly for the first time goosebumps ran. ...
luev72 15 January, 2019
Igor V. wrote(a):
> Good afternoon Going for a couple of days from Nha Trang to fly to KL and bought tickets
Good afternoon. The same situation in the beginning of March, in Nha Trang. Trying to figure out the budget for 2 adults and child 4 years old, but don't know how much to eat. Plz focus on the average price of food. 30-40 usd per person per day is enough? ...
admin 15 January, 2019

Generally without problems. If he's not picky with seafood and exotic, and eat like a local, then this sum will suffice on all the day. ...

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