New low cost carrier terminal KLIA2 in Kuala Lumpur

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On may 9, 2014 at the international airport of Kuala Lumpur KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) earned the new low cost carrier terminal KLIA2. Up to this point all of the budget airline worked through the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), with the commissioning of the new terminal stopped taking passengers. All the low cost flights now arrive and depart not from LCCT and KLIA2, including the most popular budget airline AirAsia in the region. We have been at this airport, and introduce you to some changes.

The new terminal KLIA2 was four times bigger than the old LCCT. However, despite this, only started it already filled to capacity with people and flights. Literally every few minutes departs or arrives the new flight. This terminal is now the world's largest airport, intended for use only budget airlines.

Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2

KLIA2 is much more comfortable and easier to use the old terminal. If in the registration area and baggage drop, yet still there is some crush and confusion, you can stand automatic self-registration, etc., the departure area here is just gorgeous. It is huge, and comfortable, and once here, passengers can enjoy pleasant conditions expected for the flight. If the old airport nobody was in a hurry to get to the departures area, as at times there was just nowhere to sit down, now on the contrary there is a sense of rush here. In international departures there are numerous duty-free shops, restaurants and cafes, other service. In this area, and indeed throughout the airport, and offers free Internet Wi-Fi (you will have to register first by entering IC number with national registration cards of citizens of Malaysia, but who needs one such number is easy to find).

Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2 Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2 Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2 Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2 Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2

Not less convenient now and transport. The old LCCT though, and was very close to the international terminal KLIA, was associated with him in the usual way. And to get from one terminal to another, had to pass about 20 kilometers, which took at least an hour, and with the intervals between the sending of the buses had to lay on this trip for at least one hour. Now to the new terminal railroad, which runs high-speed train KLIA Express and KLIA Transit. And now to move between terminals, you need to 2 ringgit (refer to the currency of Malaysia and the exchange rate) and no more than 30 minutes of time given the intervals between trains. On the very same trip on the bullet train takes less than 5 minutes. Accordingly, on these trains you can very quickly get to the centre of the city, namely the city KL Sentral for 55 ringgit.

Терминал аэропорта Куала-Лумпура KLIA2

For those who wish to get to the city more economically (ride on the KLIA Express and KLIA Transit is 55 ringgit), still preserved bus routes. Reaching KL Sentral or Puduraya (Puduraya) is from 12 ringgit. Moreover, even the bus routes have expanded, and now it is possible to get not only himself in Kuala Lumpur, but in Malacca, Ipoh (Ipoh), Johor Bahru (Johor Bahru) and other cities of the country. You can also directly from the airport to take a bus to the main bus station of Kuala Lumpur TBS, where you can drive anywhere in the country (see more about the bus station TBS)

For more information on the KLIA2 on the official websites:

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admin 13 March, 2017

Elena, as far as I know, return ticket AirAsia impossible, you can only change the time/date of departure, and only for normal fares, i.e. not promo. This should be done at the website under My booking, Manage my booking or something like that. Surely you had a letter in the mail with the confirmation and a link to manage my booking. Try. I never made the change, so can not help, but if you do go, make screenshots and send, I will try to help to tell that what to press. ...
Elena D. March 14, 2017
Good morning. I was able to change the departure time! Helped my boss-an Englishman, were dealt with together. Now it is possible not to hurry and not to worry. So if anyone needs help in this matter please feel free to (e-mail, my And You Admin thank you very much for your participation. ...
admin March 14, 2017

:) Good luck with your journey, if you write that ...
Marych 3 November, 2018
Please tell me, at the airport, klaa or kaa2 what to do when between flights 10 hours?
Arrive at 6 PM, departure at 6 am. ...
admin 3 November, 2018

Just have to endure. Nothing special things to do there, as in all normal airports are: to read, to wander through dyutifri, surf the Internet ...
Leonid April 6, 2019
Hello, I arrive in KL on 12 June at 10:20 if we have a chance to catch the last ferry to Tioman from Mersing or this day will not fall? Who can, please share the information: airport-bus station TBS ( kind of transport (number, if possible, platform), journey time, cost), four of Us,Yes Luggage, so metro is not an option.
bus station TBS-Mersing (bus number , travel time, cost)
ferry (journey time, cost)
Tekek - Juara (travel time, cost) I would be grateful for information, because we are many, you need a budget to mark up! ...
admin 7 April, 2019

It seems to me impossible to catch. Here is the schedule of the ferry found, you obviously won't have time I. e. theoretically it seems that it is possible to catch the last ferry, so will be eating on your date of arrival, but just in practice I know that everything always turns out longer than expected. Ie judge for yourself. After arrival you need about an hour at the airport, through security, to Luggage, to navigate, to find transportation. To get another hour and a half, so the station will not before 13:00. There, too, until Orient and buy tickets, another 30 minutes pass....
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admin 7 April, 2019
Yes, and here is the schedule of buses from TBS to Mersing - ...
Faces September 2, 2019
Good afternoon. Tell me fly to Klia2 and depart in the same terminal . Never found info about transit if I have two hours until the next departure and the Luggage was of course right to point of landing is possible not to pass the passport control and go through the transit area or do I need to first go through passport control to register again, and so forth . Where to find the transit area ? ...
admin September 2, 2019

Hello! It all depends on which flight arrive and depart. If the international transit, no passport control, no, just on arrival go aboard and go to the correct gate for departure. All the details of how it's done, now I can't remember, flew so last year, forgotten. But just do not remember, so everything was just, the signs most likely to go, and all. ...