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Johor Bahru (Johor Bahru, Johor Bahru, often pronounced as J. B. or J. B.) – the largest city and state capital of Johor in southern peninsular Malaysia (a city on the interactive map of Malaysia). The city is the main transit point from Malaysia to Singapore, as there are bridges connecting the mainland with the island of Singapore. It is the second largest city in the country (with a population of more than half a million people), second only to Kuala Lumpur.

Interestingly, the Johor Bahco was only in 1993, after which he very rapidly developed. The name of the state of Johor (Johor) comes from the Arabic word meaning "precious stone".

Johor Bahru is one of the most developed and modern cities of Malaysia. It is very visited by tourists primarily due to the fact that is the main gateway to Singapore from the mainland. Tourists from Malaysia and Thailand, travelling to Singapore by land, necessarily passing through the city. The same city serves as a major gateway to the Eastern resort of Malaysia Desaru (Desaru).

Леголэнд в Джохор, Малайзия

Although the city is a popular resort, it is filled with many interesting and entertaining places. Moreover, interesting is not so much the city itself as the state of Johor, on which are scattered a lot of attractions and resort areas. The town acts as a base for their inspection. Among the activities and excursions, you get here: trekking in the national Park Endau-Rompina, diving on the Islands of Sibu, a trip to the Park, Gunung Ledang, a beach holiday on the beach Lido Beach resort Danga, the journey on the river Lebam to the colonies of fireflies and much more. Here opened Legoland theme Park.

In addition to the attractions, the town is popular as a place for shopping, especially the residents of Singapore. They constantly travel to Johor for affordable buying as close to Singapore prices are very high. Go shopping in modern malls and in many markets.

Weather, seasons in Johor Bahru

Seasons in Johor Bahru is not determined by the temperature (it is always high), and rainfall.

Traditionally high season and the best time is may-October. At this time the least amount of precipitation.

Low season is from November to April. While January and February are relatively molodoye, so these months can also be quite comfortable to visit Johor.

Seasons in Johor Bahru by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

How to get to Johor Bahru

Close to the city (35 km) international airport is Senai International Airport (also Sultan Ismail International Airport). However, it accepts international flights only from neighboring Asian countries, domestic flights from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu.

From the airport to reach the city easily by bus Causeway Link (white). The cost of the Express (45 min) – 8 ringgit. A simple bus (333, 1 h 30 min) – 3.5 ringgit. A taxi from the airport can be reached in 30 minutes and 45 ringgit.

Johor Bahru is a transport hub, and you can reach it from other cities of Malaysia by land will not be difficult. Here is lots of buses from the big cities of the country. Also it is easy to get there by bus from Singapore. In addition, go trains on the Western railway of Malaysia, which starts from Bangkok, passes through the southern part of Thailand and finishes in Singapore. Accordingly, on the train it can be reached from at least: Bangkok, Hua hin, Chumphon, Krabi in Thailand; Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca (Malaysia) and Singapore.

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Transport, than to move on

The city has a good public transport system. All the information about the routes can be obtained here

The best travel option in Johor Bahru is to rent a car. For self-hire transport in Malaysia you need an international driving permit (IDP). Is such a law, made in the form of booklets in several languages that are issued in addition to the regular national rights. They act only when presented together with your national (domestic) rights, so don't forget to take a trip to Malaysia. To get an IDP is not required to write any exams, you only need to pay a fee. To make it easier for website public services.of the Russian Federation. The cost of any discount through the website services will be 1120 rubles.

The cost of renting a car in Johor Bahru starts from $ 30 per day. You can rent a car in the city or the airport and in the airport of Kuala Lumpur, to immediately upon arrival in the country to go here by car. By the way, airport car rental KL will cost even a bit cheaper. It is best to search and book a car rental through the Internet using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

Find car rental in Johor Bahru

Can also refer to the website of the most popular city carrier company Causeway Link -

Attractions, what to see

Resort Johor Bahru offers its visitors a very diverse program. The first thing you can take a tour and get acquainted with the city. One of those places that is worth a visit is the mosque of Sultan Abu Bakar. This Holy place is located on top of a hill from which you can admire the beauty of the Strait of Johor channel.

Near the mosque is the Great Palace, or as it is called here, the Istana besar. The Palace serves as a Museum dedicated to the great Sultan. In its collections are stored various items belonging to the Sultan's family, including those collected by Abu Bakar. In the Northern part of the Grand Palace is the throne room, which hosts a variety of events, banquets and receptions. Outside the Palace is decorated with magnificent gardens, created in Japanese style.

Another attractive landmark of the city is a Hindu temple With Sri Rajakaliamman. This temple is the only temple in Malaysia that are created of glass. The entire outer part of the Shrine is covered with glass mosaic of blue, red, white, purple and green.

Continuing my walk around the city, is also worth visiting the main square Johor Bahru Dataran, Bandaraya. On the territory of the square stand the clock tower, a minaret and a fountain. Here like to spend evenings both tourists and locals. In the immediate vicinity of the square is another popular place in the city – City Park of rest. In total, the Park covers an area of over 13 hectares. In the area is a tropical forest, seven lakes, Jogging and Hiking, fountains and small sitting areas, Orchid Park and Playground. In addition, here you will have the unique opportunity to see the traditional houses of the Malays, each of which refers to a particular state of Malaysia.

In addition to these places in Johor Bahru, you can visit the leisure Park Danga Bay, the local zoo, the building of Sultan Ibrahim, the Chinese temple and the Palace of the ruling Sultan.

Dilute your guided holiday, and more modern entertainment. For this you need to go to the so-called Jogorku area. Here you will find all the hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers. Especially popular among tourists is a five-storey shopping complex and a floating restaurant with a night club.

Whichever program you choose, entertainment in Johor Bahru you don't have to. There is always something to do.

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