Prices in Malaysia for tourists

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Рынок в Куала-Лумпуре

By Asian standards, Malaysia is quite expensive country. Compared to one of the standards of cheap holidays in the region, with Thailand, the prices here are slightly higher. However, despite this, and the official position of the Ministry of culture, arts and tourism of Malaysia that focus on the development of tourism in the country for wealthy tourists, it still is a great place for budget travelers.

High prices on tours to Malaysia, sold the Russian tour operators could not be justified by the prices of hotels, transport and food in the country, and therefore it is one of those places that is much more profitable to visit on your own than as tourists. Our experience (of the authors) shows that the minimum price we found the tour in Malaysia 110 000 rubles for two people for 7 days in 3 star hotel, self drive in the same hotel considering the cost of tickets, accommodation and all necessary transfers by taxi will cost not more than 75 000 rubles. At the same time, the longer the duration of stay and more complex the route, the stronger the benefit of independent travel. So before you buy a tour package to Malaysia, we recommend you to consider the question of the organization of independent travel. All the necessary information for this we have the section on Malaysia.

Prices for hotels in Malaysia

Prices for hotels in Malaysia, of course, vary from resort to resort and seasons, but, in General, it can be argued that these prices are about one and a half times higher than in Thailand, when compared to placing the same quality.

The minimum cost for a double room in the Guesthouse with air conditioning and an EN Suite bathroom in the popular resorts of Malaysia starts from 70 ringgit (about 22 dollars or 800 rubles, see the exchange rate of the currency of Malaysia). But in most cases it will be a tiny room with no Windows. Find a room with fan and shared bathroom on the floor from 40 ringgit.

Prices are more or less spacious room with a window and maybe even a balcony can be found in Malaysia starts from 100 ringgit. Prices on hotels with swimming pool start from 120 Ringgits. But Malaysia, along with Thailand, is the country with the cheapest five-star hotels. "Five" in the popular resorts here can be found from 450 ringgit per night (about $ 140), and in the capital and all for 200 ringgit (about $ 62). If you don't believe me, look, for instance, are these hotels: Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The results:

  • Double room in the Guesthouse with no air conditioning and with shared bathroom from 40 ringgit ($12)
  • Double room in the Guesthouse with air conditioning – from 70 ringgit ($22)
  • Double room in the Guesthouse with air conditioning, large square Windows from 100 ringgit ($31)
  • Double room the air-conditioned hotel – from 120 Ringgits ($37)
  • Double room in a five star hotel – from 200 ringgit ($62)

Prices for transport in Malaysia

As the price of transport, then it can be said that Malaysia is not more expensive than Thailand, and in some cases even cheaper.

The main tourist transport is a flagship of Malaysia's budget airline AirAsia. If you did not know, the famous AirAsia is a Malaysian airline. Prices for flights for Malaysia and neighbouring countries is prohibitively low. For example, scheduling your route in advance and purchasing tickets ahead of time AirAsia, you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi island for 90 ringgit (1000 rubles). A two-hour international flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok you can "catch" for 150 ringgit (1,600 rubles).

Also, the country has a well-developed system of intercity bus transport, and the prices can not but rejoice. Again, for example, a night trip from Penang to Melaka, it is 500 kilometres and 8 hours, costs 50 ringgit (about 540 rubles). A three-hour crossing from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur is only 10 ringgit. Approximately the same situation with rail transport in Malaysia: comfortable and inexpensive.

As for public transport, it is also well developed and is inexpensive. There is even a special free tourist bus system (MPPP in Penang and in Kuala Lumpur GO KL). Taxis are more expensive than in Thailand, but not by much.

Transport rental is also very affordable, especially at the Malaysian fuel prices. In Malaysia, in principle, at the pump, you will not find gasoline below 95, and is 1 liter 2.1 ringgit (in rubles is about 23 rubles) compared to the current 32 rubles in Russia! The price of renting a motorbike for the day from 25 ringgit (if you try, you can be found for 20), a small car can be rented from 80 ringgit.

The results:

  • Motorbike rental for 1 day – 25 ringgit ($8)
  • Rent a car for 1 day – 80 ringgit ($25)
  • 1 litre petrol and 2.1 ringgit (23 dollars)
  • Air travel within the country – from 60 ringgit ($19)
  • Moving on intercity buses from 10 ringgit (110 rubles)
  • The public transport (buses, metro) – from 1.4 ringgit per trip (15 rubles, depending on distance)

Gasoline prices

Заправка в Малайзии

Petrol prices in Malaysia is lower than in Russia. 92 1 liter of gasoline costs 2 ringgit, equivalent to about 25 rubles.

To find a car for rent in Kuala Lumpur

The prices for food/food and beverage in Malaysia

If the food in Malaysia is all right and the prices are not higher than in Thailand, the drink situation is not as pleasant.

For some reason all non-alcoholic beverages here, from drinking water to juices in half to two times more expensive than in Thailand. For example, a 1.5 liter bottle of water is most often 2-3 ringgit (21-32 rubles). And the cost of alcoholic beverages is generally a nightmare alcoholic or backpacker–beer drinker. Malaysia is a Muslim country, and therefore all alcohol and cigarettes there is levied a huge tax. As a result, find a small bottle of beer for less than 10 ringgit (about 110 rubles) is practically impossible. The only exception is the island of Langkawi and Labuan are duty-free area, and then Vice versa alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are cheaper than in Thailand.

The fruit in Malaysia is not cheap. The difference compared to Thailand again about half.

As for power, on the one hand, prices in supermarkets are higher than Thai (or rather you can compare prices in supermarkets with the Russian, but something is more expensive), but to eat in local eateries, cafes and restaurants, costing not much more than Thailand. On average, the budget for local school need to count to 10 ringgit for dinner without drinks. About the drinks we already wrote above, wherein, in the cafes and restaurants on them pretty much "wind" prices.

The results:

  • To eat in cheap local cafes – 10 ringgit per person (110 rubles)
  • Eat at the cafe tourists oriented – 20 ringgit per person (220 rubles)
  • Eat at the cafe tourists oriented + a bottle of beer – 35 ringgit per person (380 rubles)
  • The Tom yum soup in the café from 5 ringgit (weird, but it's almost two times cheaper than Thailand!!!)
  • Dishes nasi goreng (fried rice with chicken) nasi lemak – 4 ringgit (43 rubles)
  • Dish murtabak – from 6 ringgit (65 rubles)
  • Fruit shake or a fresh juice – 3 ringgit (32 rubles)
  • A bottle of beer in the store – at least 10 ringgit (110 rubles), Langkawi from 3.5 ringgit
  • Cigarettes – from 12 ringgit (130 rubles)
  • Energy Red Bull, M-150 – 3 ringgit (32 rubles)
  • A Bottle Of Coca-Cola. Sprite, etc 0.5 l – 2.4 ringgit (26 rubles)
  • A Bottle Of Coca-Cola. Sprite, etc 1.5 l – 4.4 ringgit (48 rubles)
  • Bottle of water 1,5 l – 2 ringgit (22 rubles)
  • Fresh coconut – 4 ringgit (44 rubles)
  • Mango 1 kg - 10 ringgit (110 rubles)
  • Mangosteen 1 kg - 10 ringgit (110 rubles)
  • Lychee 1 kg - 12 ringgit (122 rubles)
  • Rambutan 1 kg - 10 ringgit (110 rubles)

The cost of the gifts in Malaysia

Hardly the Souvenirs will be a large part of your budget, nevertheless, not to mention the price is impossible. Souvenirs in Malaysia also cheap as in Thailand. Well, maybe only slightly more expensive. 100 ringgit you will be able to buy all sorts of magnets and figurines for your family and yourself. However, you should remember one thing: markets to purchase Souvenirs (as, indeed, everything else) should be traded.

The results:

  • Souvenir magnets – 1 piece – 4 ringgit, 3 magnet for 10 ringgit
  • Figures of the Petronas towers from 6 ringgit for the smallest
  • Key rings - from 1 ringgit
  • Souvenir plate from 10 ringgit

Shopping and stuff

The prices for articles of daily use, clothes in Malaysia is slightly higher than in Thailand. Roughly we can say that they are higher by about 20 percent.

  • Visa to Malaysia for free (or rather, not required up to 30 days for citizens of Russia)
  • The entrances to the museums in the state 1 to 3 ringgit, 20 ringgit private
  • The rise of the Petronas towers – 80 ringgit
  • Tours – from 35 ringgit
  • T-shirts – 10-15 ringgit

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