Nong Hao

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General information, recreation, infrastructure

Hau Nong (Nong Khiaw, is also found in the writing of Nong Khuay, Nong Khiaw or Nongkhiaw) is a small town in the North of Laos 140 kilometers from Luang Prabang on the banks of the river or the Nam Ou (Nong Hao on the map of Laos). The city's population is only about 4,000 people, and for a long time it was just a transit point on the way from Central Laos and Luang Prabang to the North and back, but now he has become an independent tourist destination.

Actually Nong Hao hardly be called a town, it's more of a village only a couple of streets. However, the infrastructure for tourism is well-developed to be able to spend a few days, and will meet in provincial Laos, it is not so crowded with tourists Luang Prabang. To the city there are a couple of banks (exchange money) and ATMs, with a dozen guesthouses with simple accommodation, restaurants, cafes and bars, several small shops and even an electronics store, market, bus station and Marina.

Нонг Хьяу Center Nong Hau, main street

Hotels in Nong Hau you can book at the following sites:

Sights and activities in Nong Hao

To do in Nong Hao nothing in particular, sites not too much, but the atmosphere is peaceful Lao village is a great base types do their thing. Many tourists say that such as with the local bridge across the river was Laos, and partly it is true, on the bridge, you can stand and admire for hours:

No worse than the views and mountainous surroundings Nong Hau. Winding roads lead to little-known human settlements, and on foot you can go to the real trekking adventure. Travel agencies offer tours trekkingovye for a few days on the trails along the river towards the tourist village of Muang Nga New (Muang Ngoi Neua) and beyond to the town of Muang khua; walk to Luang Prabang; walking the trails to nearby ethnic villages of the Hmong with an overnight stay in the village, and others. Unfortunately, because mass tourism is not very developed, the cost of these private tours is quite high, and to reserve them in advance is better. This can be done on the sites and, or at Delilahs in the Guesthouse, where you can buy tours from laos-adventure.

You can also drive around the neighborhood on a rented motorbike or Bicycle, but be careful: the roads are very winding and treacherous. Another form of entertainment and travel – kayaks. There are tours down the river or down the river to Nong Hau of Muang Nga New, where you first take on the boat.

There are in the town and a few places that can be visited independently on foot:

  • On the North Bank of the river, easy Hiking trail with several lookout points and to the top of the mountain Nang None. To do it without problems on their own, you need only comfortable walking shoes and water. The entire route can be done in 2 hours. The entrance to the trail is on the main road 1C in the city centre opposite the Hive bar Bar (start of the route on the map), and well marked with information boards. The entrance to the trail is worth 15 000 Kip (126.25 RUB, see money Laos and the exchange rate). You can go up and back the same road, and you can do the ring road and exit at kilometre from town on the road 1C, and return on foot.
  • Another viewpoint Viewpoint Nong Khiaw is on the other side of the river (viewing the map). Types of there's still "cooler", and lifting heavier. To go all the way up will have about an hour and the same back. Admission to the observation costs 20,000 Kip (168.34 RUB), you can find it as easily at the signs in front of the cafe Coconut Hill Garden (entrance on the map).
  • Two kilometers down the road 1C East is a network of Tham Pha Tok caves, and leisurely walk you can reach the center in 40 minutes (the cave on the map). The caves are very near the road, there is a pointer. They are famous for the fact that during the US war with Vietnam took refuge here from the American bombing, local residents and even the administration of local government. Pay a visit to 15 000 Kip (126.25 RUB). Inside there is lighting, but you can rent a lantern at the checkout for 5000 Kip.
  • Another cave, Pha Kuang Cave is two kilometers from town on highway 1C to the West (cave on the map). The cave is large but unequipped and without lighting. In principle, nothing special, it will not surprise you, but if you like caves, it is possible to visit it. Entrance fee of 15,000 Kip (126.25 RUB). To find her, too, just on the road there are signs for landmark cafe Pha kuang kham Restaurant.

How to get to Nong Hao

In Nong Hau can be reached by boat along the river from the town of Muang khua and the village of Muang Nga Nua, as well as on the bus from Luang Prabang, Oudomsay (Oudomxay) and Luang Namtha (Luang Namtha).

  • On the boat

    Marina Nong Hao is located in the center of town (the pier on the map), from there to any place easily reached on foot.

    Shuttle boat on the river (Nam Ou) departs daily from the town of Hua Muang (Muang khua then) at 10:00, tickets cost from 110 000 Kip depending on the number of passengers, on the road 6-7 hours. The path will change boats due to the hydroelectric dams on the river. From Hau in Nong Muang khua ticket costs from 150 000 Kip (1262.53 RUB). Departs at 10:30. You can hire a private boat for a boat 1 500 000 Kip.

    From the village of Muang Nga New (Muang Ngoi Neua) the boat leaves at 09:00 and around 14:00 (this is going from Muang khua), costs 25 00 Kip (210.42 RUB), in the way a little more than an hour. Their Nong Hao the boat leaves at 10:30 and 14:30.

    On websites and in guidebooks you can find the information that there is a boat to Luang Prabang. As of November 2018 this is not true.

  • By bus

    The bus station is on the outskirts of the city (the station is on the map). But if you arrive by boat to the pier, by this time there you will have to wait for tuk-tuks with a proposal to take to the station for 10 000 Kip. Walk to station to go a mile or 20 to 25 minutes.

    • Luang Prabang

      Buses from Nong Haw depart at 09:00, 11:00 and 12:30 at the Northern bus station of Luang Prabang for 40,000 Kip (336.67 RUB). At 11:00 and 13:00 at South bus station of Luang Prabang, the price is 50 000. In about 3 hours.

      From Luang Prabang options to get much more. Can be reached from the bus stations for the same 40 and 50 thousand Kip, departs 09:00, 11:00 and 14:00. But for tourists it is sometimes easier to buy a ready transfer to hotels or travel agencies is a little more expensive, but right from the hotel door than to get to the bus station. These tickets cost between 75 000 Kip.

    • Oudomxai

      Buses from Nong Hao go 11:00, cost 100 000 Kip (841.69 RUB).

    • Louang Namtha

      Buses from Nong Hao in Louang Namtha depart 11:00, cost 100 000 Kip.

Map Of Nong Hao

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