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Crime in Laos

Laos is a pretty safe country. The crime rate in Laos is low, the population friendly. Serious crimes almost never happens, however, important to petty theft and fraud through higher prices and requirements to pay for anything, including, for example, to pass on a pedestrian bridge. In General, tourism can be described as "voluntary-vymogatelya", and that bad a price for something you already used, you can declare afterwards. But if you refuse or fail to pay for the service imposed on you, you can be beaten, call the police and "fined" or even arrested.

Laos is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Extortion of tourists starts right on the border, when tourists require payment for each print, and other fictitious services.

Mines and unexploded ordnance

During the Vietnam war, as well as during the so-called "secret war" between 1964 and 1972, the United States dropped on Laos, more than 2.5 million tons of bombs. About half a million tons of old bombs never exploded. The US bombers flew over Laos after the military operations for landing at the airport u-Tapao (near Pattaya), and not to sit down with ammunition, just dropped bombs on Laos indiscriminately. Also Laos bomb and created a minefield purposefully as he passed through the main road to supply Vietnamese guerrillas with weapons.

As a result, now the explosions annually killed up to 200 people. Tourists should also be careful, especially in remote areas, because not all places even polucheny as minefields. In any case do not pass through the fields, marked by signs and red flags. The surest way to protect yourself from a meeting with a mine or a bomb – never leave the paths and roads.


According to the Lao laws to use drugs and purchase prohibited. Violators are usually waiting for a pretty high fine, imprisonment, and for a particularly large party of the death penalty.

Despite this, Laos has for many years been one of the popular places for tourism. The laws against drugs here are bad, and even in some "special" cafe you can buy something from the "special" menu. However, the cases when tourists are caught for buying drugs, happen quite often. Sellers often work together with the police, to then "roll out" a hapless tourist on a lot of money. And certainly in no case do not try to take drugs in one of the neighbouring countries, where you can wait for it the death penalty.

Health and medicine in Laos

To travel to Laos are no mandatory vaccinations.

High and real chance of Contracting malaria or Dengue fever. It is necessary to take preventive measures, which primarily is to protect from insect bites (mosquitoes). Be sure to slather the exposed areas of the body with the repellent, and not only in the evening but during the day. It is recommended to use repellents with the contents of diethyltoluamide (DEET) at least 25%. At night to protect the room mosquito nets. If you go for a long time, it is necessary to drink a course of anti-malarial drugs, for example, "Doxycycline" (standing in the pharmacy from 5 rubles for 10 tablets and is very prevalent in Russian pharmacies), "Lariam", etc.

Water should drink only bottled, sold everywhere.

Medicine in Laos is very poorly developed, major hospitals no. In the case of serious illnesses will have to go to a neighboring country, the best in Thailand.

In this regard, it is highly recommended to have insurance cover, including transport costs.

Useful tips and traditions in Laos

  • Travel without document certifying the identity in Laos will entail a fine in the amount of 100 thousand Kip (currency of Laos, the exchange rate). You must always bring your passport or its copy.
  • Do not criticize the political system and the government of Laos, due to the fact you could be in serious trouble.
  • When visiting temples and other religious buildings, dress appropriately: shoulders must be covered, shorts and skirts must reach the knees.
  • Do not touch the head of Lao Buddhists believe that the soul of man is in the head.
  • It is not necessary to show at someone with your foot, aim at people or to show my feet.
  • Women cannot touch monks.
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