Rent a motorbike (motorcycle) and car in Laos

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On the old forums and websites in the Internet still you can find the information that rent a motorbike or car in Laos is impossible, and that no local law also do not apply here. But many in Laos have changed and today you can easily rent a low-powered scooter, powerful motorcycle and car, and all of it legally.

Аренда мотоцикла в Луанг Прабанге

What rights need to Charter transport in Laos

Laos has acceded to the Geneva Convention on road traffic and shall recognize international driving licence (IDP). The IDP is a such law in the form of booklets in different languages that are issued in addition to the normal Russian rights, or any other national rights. Do not confuse the IDP with the usual national rights that have international format and are recognized by many countries, but particularly in Laos do not apply (see the whole truth about driver's license abroad).

IDPs are issued by the traffic police on the basis of existing national rights. For getting a fee 1600 rubles, when applying through the website Services fee 1120 rubles. To retake the exams is not required. But, of course, to manage a powerful motorbike or motorcycle should be a corresponding category.

In practice, the police in Laos on the road almost there, so many tourists go at all without a license, according to the national without an IDP or Thai rights, either officially get in Thailand or just buy a fake ID at the Khao San road in Bangkok and other places. As tourists say in the reviews, they were just fined for driving without a license for about $ 6 on the spot.

Так выглядит международное водительское удостоверение It looks like the IDP

Where to rent a car in Laos

Rent motorbikes in Laos every year it becomes more affordable. A few years ago, rental prices were much higher than neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam, now they are almost equal. So, rent a scooter machine from 80 000 Kip (588.27 RUB), and the machine is even cheaper. However, the prices may vary from city to city and between distributors, but generally not more than 120 000 Kip (882.4 RUB).

Rent a motorbike is far from all tourist places, but only in a more or less popular cities: Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Pakse, Savannakhet, Louang Namtha , etc.. In these areas to rent a low-power scooters are available in hotels, travel agencies and rental cars on the street. In small towns the official rental may not be at all, but you can always try using local residents to find someone willing to take your transport. Find powerful bike very difficult.

Мотобайки в аренду в Лаосе

Find car rental in Laos is more difficult, but possible in large cities and airports. It is best to search and book online through the world's rental office. Basically the point of getting the car are in the airports of Vientiane, Laung of Prabang, Pakse:

Find car rental worldwide

Where and how to refuel

Made in Laos and in the world at the pump. Meet a traditional Asian bottles of petrol along the road, but it is better to pour gasoline on a normal stationary gas stations, besides they are cheaper.

Varieties of fuel here are a few: Regular, Premium, Diesel. Motorbike fuelled by Regular or Premium, but not all of fuels that are signed in English, so trust tankers.

The cost of fuel is different everywhere, but on average:

АЗС в Лаосе

Renting a motorbike

In rental cars as collateral are asked to leave your passport and is usually a written contract. At the hotel where you live, sometimes can do without collateral. With a bike are issued a helmet and a lock for the wheels or the cable.

In the city to Park the motorbike in the afternoon without problems in any place, and at night it is better to leave under the supervision of the hotels Parking, which is usually free. Near some attractions outside the city Parking surcharge, please 2-5 thousand Kip. You can't Park along the curbs, painted stripes in red Zebra.

Features of the road in Laos

The road is in generally good roads, but worse than in Thailand. A lot expensive is serpentine through the mountains.

Traffic almost all over the country is very quiet, little transport. A lot of transport only in Vientiane, there are even small tubes. However, this is not a reason to relax as on the roads a lot of bad drivers and pedestrians. Driving experience the locals in the whole country is very weak: almost no one uses turn signals, rear view mirrors, don't know the rules at all. A lot of the old transport without lights and marker lights moved in the dark. Therefore, you should be very careful.

Police on the roads a little, but then the rest can be months to go and not to meet any traffic police, and can be bumped immediately. If you ride a motorbike wearing a helmet, the police you do not pay attention. Drivers in cars don't touch, if there are no rough violations of traffic regulations.

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