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Ubud Sights

Ubud has a lot of different attractions to explore with which it is necessary to allocate at least a week. Visitors here just two or three days, will not have the full understanding that it represents the cultural capital of Bali. Key historical sites are located outside the city, some up to 20 km, so it appears advisable to book a tour to visit them. Places such as Goa Hai, Gunung kawi, Pura of Kehen and Tirta Empul it is advisable to visit with a guide. There is no doubt that you will appreciate the beauty of these places, but their cultural and spiritual significance may be unsolved without an experienced guide.

Hai Goa (Goa Gajah – elephant Cave)

Убуд Goa Gajah – Пещера слона

Hai Goa (Goa Gajah – elephant Cave) located in the village Bedulu just 2 km South-East of Ubud. The Central attraction here is from the 11th century the cave, the entrance to which is embellished with the engraved face of a demon. Inside it are preserved the remains of statues of lingam and Yoni (phallus and vagina), as well as a statue of Ganesha (God of wisdom and prosperity in Hinduism). Engraved image of the guards stand around pools near the entrance, a footpath leads to the waterfall, rice fields. A number of relics convincing evidence that a place has features of the Hindu past. Entrance fee, is open daily from 8.00 am to 16:00. 19 October 1995 the cave was in the preliminary list of UNESCO world heritage in the category of Culture.

Nearby are much less known rock carvings of Yeh Pulu. They date from the 14th or 15th century and located in very beautiful place among the rice fields. From a Goy Hai walk through the rice fields you can go to Yeh Pulu. As cave paintings are considered to be saints present here the priest will be happy to bless you with spring water. Yeh Pulu is little visited, but very interesting place, it is highly recommended to see him.

Gunung Kawi (Gunung Kawi The Poet Mountain)


Gunung Kawi (Gunung Kawi The Poet Mountain). Dating from the eleventh-century Gunung kawi is the presumed burial complex of king Anak Wungsu and his many wives. The complex is located in a very picturesque place, the valley surrounded by rice fields. The smaller complex on the South side of the river, believed to have been built for the wives of the king, and the larger, serves as a haven for the king himself, and perhaps his concubines. You must remove your shoes before entering the Central part of the complex. About 1 km downstream is another tombstone grave.

Temple Kehen

Temple Kehen is located at a distance of 30 minutes drive North-East of Ubud. This is one of the most attractive temples throughout Bali. Original and interesting, the temple is visited by relatively few visitors. It was built in 1206, though the place was used for worship long before that. The temple is situated in a beautiful location on the surrounding hills and trees. The temple is open from 08:00 to 17:00 daily.

Royal Palace Puri Saren Agung (Puri Saren Agung)

Royal Palace Puri Saren Agung (Puri Saren Agung), a beautiful old Palace, thoroughly well maintained, with old stone gates and statues, dressed in tartan robes. Puri Saren Agung is located in the heart of the city and is known under the name of Palace of Ubud. Since the late 19th century to mid-1940-ies, Puri Saren Ubud was the seat of the local ruler, and some Royal descendants live there today. The Palace consists of several elegant and well-preserved rooms, decorated with furniture of the colonial era. Part of the complex is closed to visitors, but most of it is free. This place is perfect for a traditional dance show held in the courtyard of the Palace every night.

The Tirta Empul Temple

For over a thousand years, Balinese believers make a pilgrimage to the temple of Tirta Empul (Tirta Empul) and the Holy spring which is said to have been created by Indra (king of gods in Hinduism) and has medicinal properties. A thousand years of tradition remains almost unchanged at the temple today.

Legend has it that when the soldiers of king Indra were poisoned Mayadanawa, he pierced the earth to create a source of immortality to revive them. The inscription dates the founding of the temple - 926 a year, but much of what you will see is a modern replica. The Balinese come to bathe in its sacred waters for healing and spiritual dignity.

The main attraction is a long rectangular pool, in which water flows from 12 fountains. Believers, first make a sacrifice in the temple, and then go to the pool to bathe and pray. Many people collect Holy water in bottles to take home. Nearby there are two smaller pools fed by the springs.

The temple of Tirta Empul is located in tampak siring (Tampak Siring), it is easily accessible by public transport from Ubud. The temple is open from 08:00 to 16:00.

Museums Of Ubud

Ubud known as the art center of Bali. Basically this was the reason why in recent time it has evolved from a little known town in a popular tourist center. There are a number of excellent art galleries and museums. One of the best places to visit is the Museum Puri Lukisan, known as the "Palace of art" Ubud. Opened in 1954, it became the first private Museum in Bali. The Museum shows paintings, sculptures, carvings, depicting the beauty of the island, the culture and style of local residents. The neka Museum is another interesting place to visit. This Museum contains the food if not the most valuable art collection in Bali. The Museum displays many contemporary works created by local artisans or those who spent some time on the island. There are a number of other art museums and galleries, also contain interesting objects of art. Throughout the year, organizes various exhibitions that take place both inside and outside museums and galleries. They demonstrate the beauty and charm of the island so well that it is necessary to see own eyes, to understand and appreciate.

Performing arts

Ubud is a great place to experience with different kinds of Balinese dance. Interestingly, of course, to look for some photos or a short video clip. But nothing can compare to personally look at performing skills of the participants. Incredibly beautiful girls dancing in bright colorful costumes, headdresses decorated with flowers. Gestures, movements, eye movement is what you need to see firsthand to really understand and appreciate all this beauty. Balinese dancing is very attractive. Evening Balinese dance you can see the Palace of Ubud, other places you can look for other types of dancing.

Shopping and cuisine

The most attractive Ubud? Hard to answer this question. Ubud is a great place for shopping and to enjoy fine cuisine. There is a wide choice of restaurants, second only to Seminyak (near Kuta), in terms of quality and variety of food. Here are some of the cheap and delicious cafes and restaurants in Bali.

Along the streets of Monkey forest (Monkey Forest) and Dewi SITA (Dewi Sita) you will find a number of good shops selling Souvenirs, paintings, clothes. The Ubud market is a two-story building and has a lot of products with wood carvings, batik shirt (batik — hand painting on fabric), sarongs (Indonesian national clothes), and all sorts of other Souvenirs aimed at tourists. When purchasing a product, it is necessary to bargain, the cost can be reduced in two times of the original price. Most of the merchants on the ground floor lose interest if you are trying to significantly reduce the price. It is better to shop on the second floor, where for the same goods please lower prices.

The road from Ubud to Sanur passes through a series of small settlements, specializing in the production of objects of arts and Handicrafts: stone carving in Batubulan and Singakerta (Batubulan / Singakerta), silver ornaments, Cheluk (Celuk), painting in Batuan (Batuan), wood carving in Mas (Mas). This whole area is sometimes called "craft villages" of Bali, although the number living in them hard to call them villages.

Other attractions in Ubud

  • Rafting on the Ayung river. There are several operators in Bali that offer this tour. Taking advantage of the tours, you can look at the very picturesque gorge of the Ayung river. The rapids are class II and class III (for those who know what a rapid stream of foamy water), and the best rafting in the rainy season, during the dry season from June to September, the water level in the river drops significantly.
  • Monkey forest (Ubud, The Ubud Monkey Forest) is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud. It has approximately 340 monkeys and is a popular tourist attraction of the city. There are several temples, monthly it is visited by over 10,000 tourists. In the Monkey forest is full of hungry monkeys, so it is advisable not to bring any food, so as not to provoke the monkeys anything you pull off (see how to behave with monkeys, precautions).
  • The Botanical garden is located just 1 kilometre from the centre of Ubud, a perfect place for tourists and residents. Located on the territory of five hectares of natural gullies and ravines, it includes an Orchid Garden, a huge collection of ferns, palms, bamboos and tropical trees, an Islamic garden and other features.
  • The Bali bird Park is near Ubud and is a 40-minute taxi ride from Kuta. You will need at least half a day to look around and explore the Park. He has more than 250 species of birds, many of which are found within the cells. There is a restaurant and gift shop.
  • Every night from 15 000 to 20 000 white herons fly in for the night in petulu village, a ten minute drive North of Ubud. A very beautiful sight when these large, elegant birds fly in huge groups and fight among themselves for the most suitable place for the night. Every morning at dawn they massively leave the area in search of food. Some of them produce offspring in the area, their nests can be seen in roadside trees.
  • The area around Ubud is characterized by hilly terrain with rice fields, and this creates the impression of a green, quite a beautiful sight. This is especially true of areas to the South and South-East of the city. Going to stop and appreciate the beauty of the local area. The North-Eastern part is more hilly, a good place to review the classic rice terraces of Bali.
  • Fishing in the river or in the creeks around the rice fields, which is found in acne
  • The Botanical garden is located near the village of petulu near Ubud.
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