Indonesia can not be called perfect country. It is not a country without problems – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, terrorism, civil strife, plane crashes, corruption and crime – all this country has experienced or is experiencing Indonesia.

However, guests who come to the country to relax, rarely face serious problems. The local population is for the most part welcoming and friendly (with the exception of street traders-fetched).

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has included Indonesia in the list of countries not recommended for visit. This is due, mainly, to the fact that in recent years in different parts of the country - Maluku, in the state of Irian Jaya (the Western part of the island of Papua New Guinea), Northern Sumatra (Aceh) clashes between local Christians and Muslims. It is sluggish current conflicts, recurrent or fading.


Indonesia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

The overall crime rate in Indonesia is quite low – violent crimes such as murder and rape, are rare.

In the tourist areas are often recorded cases of theft, pickpocketing, and sometimes robberies and frauds. There are thefts from hotel rooms. Crime is common on local and long distance public transport (buses, aircraft, ships). Try to observe General safety precautions: don't carry money, documents, valuables, jewelry, cell phones, etc., especially in the dark or in crowded places; do not take drinks from unknown persons. be careful when choosing a taxi, use taxi from the hotel; keep your money and documents in the hotel safe; close the hotel room door on the latch; do not leave valuables unattended.

Keep in mind that the crimes you can commit not only to local residents. You may even suffer from the actions of their compatriots. For example, on the streets of Bali you will often stop street touts and offer to fill in a questionnaire, then participate in a demonstration of the hotel etc. And in the end you will "sell timeshare" Russian consultants.

Traditional rules of conduct

There are many traditional rules that should be followed to avoid unnecessary trouble:

  • the human head is sacred, so beware to touch somebody's head, and stand next to sitting on the ground;
  • passionate kissing in public, hugging and other violent displays of affection are considered offensive to others;
  • items should be fed and receive the right hand; the left hand is considered "unclean";
  • to point at anything should the thumb of the right hand, the elbow should be pushed to the side; in any case it is impossible to point to any foot;
  • no shirt or in a swimsuit should appear only on the beach;
  • sunbathing in the Nude is indecent and illegal;
  • there is a ban on the appearance in the temple people on the body which is bleeding of any origin. This taboo is imposed not for the purpose of discrimination against women and applies to followers of all faiths. Operates in all the churches; temples in Bali is virtually free; the only requirement is to wear a sarong, hide the exposed parts of the body, which can be here to hire;
  • when visiting a mosque, women should be covering their head and not have naked body parts; before entering, it is customary to take your shoes off.

Prohibited by law

The country's laws forbid it:

  • To import, purchase, acquire, or distribute drugs. Punishment – the death penalty (for foreigners possible commutation of sentence only 20 years in prison).
  • You cannot stay in Indonesia for longer than the specified in the passport. If there is such a need (e.g., illness) are required to obtain a medical certificate about state of health and to enlist the support of the diplomatic services.
  • Foreigners are allowed to stay overnight in hotels and guest houses having licenses from the authorities. The owners of these establishments are obliged to register clients to the police.
  • Introduced quite strict laws regarding Smoking on the street and in public places (applies mainly to Jakarta).

Health, vaccinations

Indonesia you will be able to find any disease that is known to mankind.

Before the trip is recommended to make vaccination against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, malaria if you travel to small Islands and remote corners of the country. If you go to the capital of Indonesia is Jakarta on the island of Bali or Java, vaccination is not mandatory.

As a malaria prophylaxis is recommended and proguanil chloroquine or mefloquine.

It is recommended to use repellents in the areas where corals to swim in rubber flip-flops (coral inflict very painful wounds that can get infected). Impairment of health may apply a very hot sun – always use sunscreen and wear a hat even in the shade, otherwise the probability of sunburn and heat stroke increases significantly.

Drinking tap water is not! Bottled drinking water is recommended buy "in the supermarket". Wash and brush your teeth using tap water.

To worry about the quality of food is not necessary – all that is served in restaurants and cafes, is carefully checked and processed. The only thing you need to watch, to pieces of ice served in soft drinks, had the correct square shape means that the ice in this case it was purified water and not tap. Shouldn't buy drinks on the streets, especially by glass – you can earn an intestinal infection.

Medical insurance when entering Indonesia as the probability of small health problems is quite large.

On the Islands of Bali, Java, Lombok developed medical care, there are hospitals and pharmacies in every hotel, if necessary, call doctor.

In a non-touristy parts of the country the level of medical care even for simple diseases is quite low. Indonesians who can afford it, go for medical care in neighboring Singapore.

There is a 24-hour medical assistance SOS Indonesia (24-hour emergency line +62-21-7506001), which specializiruetsya to help foreigners, but the prices are pretty decent. In Indonesia the low prevalence of HIV and AIDS but other sexually transmitted diseases, are pretty common.


Traffic in Indonesia drives on the left.

Road accidents are the main cause of mortality in Indonesia by unnatural causes, because the rules, even if they are, are observed very rarely. It is also possible the appearance of wild animals on the roads. You should be very careful while driving (it is recommended to rent a car with driver).

Useful phone numbers

Emergency numbers in Bali: ambulance: 118; police -110; fire service - 113; help Desk - 108.

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31 Oct 2017, 04:13
Assessing the scale of the disaster, and to be more precise, the size of the island, I realized that it is easier to live in different places for a few days, than each time to spend half a day on the road to dobirat where necessary. The solution was not quite correct because worn out to pack your bags every 4 days. But it was possible to identify the optimal place to stay.
All the same, the area Seminyak the most comfortable. But it is better he stays not in Seminyak, but a little above it, that is. There is chudestny village with very affordable housing and to Seminyak's doorstep, no more than 7 minutes on the bike. The biggest plus that this location allows partly to avoid the Balinese traffic jams during rush hour and saves a lot of time on the road, in whatever direction you are moving. And the place is calm, there are inexpensive, non-touristy, restaurants. Shops with nice local not tourist prices. And, of course, the district of Seminyak and Kuta are close enough that it was absolutely not boring neither day nor night. And Jimbaran is not something that would be right so far with location. 30-40 minutes maybe.
The truth is this location is suitable only for those who have already settled in Asia and is not afraid to ride a bike.

But if more and Northern part of the island you want to visit - it is necessary for a few days to stay in Ubud. All the same, road to Bali because of the traffic and exhaust fumes of hell. It is better to optimize the logistics and less time to spend on the road. ...