Prambanan on Java island, Indonesia

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General information, history and architecture

Prambanan (Prambanan) is a large complex Hindu or Buddhist temples 8-10 centuries near the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia (Prambanan on the map). Along with Borobudur temple is the most popular historical and cultural attractions of the island of Java and Indonesia in General. Included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Prambanan – a large complex, it is much bigger than Borobudur. Also in the area around it is still a lot of small temples, which although technically are not part of the architectural Park of Prambanan, but connected with it historically and culturally, and visited with him. Visit to Prambanan and temples around independently or with a guided tour from Yogyakarta and other resorts, including the island of Bali. To visit along with the nearby temples to set aside a full day. Entrance fee for foreigners is 350 000 rupees (1633.34 RUB) or 630 000 rupees (2940.01 RUB.) single ticket to Borobudur or Ratu Boko Palace. Working 06:00 – 17:15, seven days a week. After a tour of Prambanan you can meet the sunset in Ratu Boko Palace, from open until 18:00.

Read more about all the visits, see the bottom of the page.

Прамбанан Prambanan

This is a very interesting and surprising place is often lost in the shadow of much more famous and the world's largest Buddhist temple Borobudur, located near Yogyakarta. However, in our opinion, the temples of Prambanan are much more diverse and interesting than even the Borobudur, and are definitely worth a visit. If time permits, be sure to visit it, especially since the visit of both complexes is possible by a single ticket that is cheaper than their separate visits. It is, however to say that their visit can be quite expensive, entrance fees for foreign tourists are very expensive.

There are many versions of the appearance of this temple complex, which combines both the religion and its subsequent oblivion for many centuries. One of the most plausible versions, in the 8th century the Kingdom of Mataram on the island of Java was divided into two dynasties, each of which professed their religion. At the end of the 9th century of the dynasty intermarried, and then to the original Hindu temple complex was erected many temples mixed. Two centuries later, the temples were completely abandoned, and the capital of the Kingdom moved to the East of the island. According to one version, it happened because of the eruption of the Merapi volcano. In the 16th century, the temples were severely damaged in the earthquake and in subsequent centuries understood by the locals for building materials. Only in the 20th century the complex was restored and today most of the monuments – restored replica, only in the basis consisting of the original stones. Another blow Prambanan received in 2006, during another strong earthquake. Some of the victims then the temples are still under restoration.

How to visit, what to see, tips on inspection

Prambanan refers to the many churches in the territory within a radius of approximately 5 kilometers. Some of them paid (this is the most exciting place), and some free (not very interesting, mostly ruins). You can pay a visit to each of the temples/complexes separately, and it is possible to buy combination tickets, will be cheaper. A summary table of all prices to visit below.

Tour groups and most of the tourists visit only the main complex, and if you are a passionate lover of history and antiquities, all the other surrounding temples can be skipped. If you decide to explore everything, you should plan it at least a whole day provided that you will travel from temple to temple transport.

Visit Prambanan preferably early in the morning (opening at 6 a.m.), or evening (18:00). In the middle of the day complex "Packed" group of tourists, so it's hard to take photos. Generally, it is considered. That Borobudur is a temple to meet the dawn, and Ramban, and especially the Palace of Ratu Boko for sunset.

So, here is what is in the temple complex of Prambanan, how and what is worth seeing, and an interactive map:

  • The Prambanan temple (the main complex)

    This is the main complex, which often refers to the entire Prambanan. Most group tours bring tourists here, not even mention the existence of other temples around. If you get here by yourself, from the bus stop Prambana Terminal to the entrance to the main complex will have to walk a mile (see sign in Prambanan on the map).

    Прамбанан Prambanan
    Прамбанан Prambanan
    Прамбанан Prambanan

    Here on fenced site approximately 500 meters to two kilometers are the most beautiful and best restored monuments. The best preserved of the temples 8, which are located in the center of the territory, the most interesting of them: Candi Vishnu, Candi Sewu, Candi Shiva, Candi Brahma. In some temples you can go. Altogether, there were 224 buildings, most of which are now ruins, but their restoration is carried out, and you can see it in remote parts of the complex. There is also a Museum, admission to which is included in the total price. In the farthest temple Candi Sewu dark, need a flashlight. And inside it a lot of giant cockroaches and mosquitoes

    Прамбанан Prambanan

    When purchasing tickets you will receive a good booklet guide (in English, in Russian we didn't) at the main temple, there is and a map with marked her temples at the site, so that the orientation won't be a problem. Navigate to the main complex on foot, it is not so great (from the entrance to the outer temple are less than two kilometers), or you can use a special tram. Visiting all the temples, especially the main complex, theoretically there is a dress code, because it is a sacred place: you can't visit in shorts, miniskirts, bare shoulders. In practice this rule for tourists is not observed (given the huge size of the entrance fee, it seems, close my eyes), but it is not necessary to do so. As tourists pay an entrance fee ten times more than local, there is a separate office for foreigners, in a great place for locals to get up is not necessary. Given that you have a lot under the scorching sun, bring drinking water, wear a hat, use protective sunscreen.

    The entrance to the main complex alone (without visiting other churches) is:

    • Adults – 350 000 rupees (1633.34 RUB / USD 25)
    • Children 3-10 years 210 000 rupees (980 rubles / $ 15)
    Прамбанан Prambanan
  • The Palace Of Ratu Boko

    Kraton Ratu Boko is the remains of the family Palace of the dynasty of the Hindu Kingdom of Mataram, built in the 9th century. The Palace can be visited separately or together with the main complex by a single ticket that would be cheaper.

    The Palace is three kilometers from the main complex and a 20-minute walk from the bus stop to Prambanan Terminal (Palace on the map).

    Tourists often visit the Palace to meet the sunset here, as the ruins themselves do not cause tremendous interest. Until 2017 there was a special cheaper ticket to meet the sunset, but now the price is on par with normal, and normal was increased in two times. Given this, the Palace can miss or visit it on the General ticket to the main complex, so it will be cheaper. When buying a single ticket also provides free shipping on callbase the temples.

    The entrance to the Palace Ratu Boko is a separately:

    • Adults – 350 000 rupees (1633.34 RUB / USD 25)
    • Children 3-10 years 210 000 rupees (980 rubles / $ 15)
    Дворец Ratu Boko в Джокьякарте The Palace Of Ratu Boko
  • Candi Sojiwan Temple

    It is the ruins of a detached Buddhist temple of the 9th century. While that is one of the few monuments that can be visited for free. The inspection will take no more than 10 minutes, but here, too, you can meet a beautiful sunset. Located within walking distance from the main complex and a bus stop (Church on the map).

    Храм Candi Sojiwan в Джокьякарте Candi Sojiwan Temple
  • The Temple Of Candi Sambisari

    Sambisari temple (or Candi Sambisari Sambisari Temple) – amazing and unusual temple in the vicinity of Yogyakarta and near the temple complex of Prambanan, usually visit them together in one trip. It is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, built approximately in the IX century. For a long time he was neglected and unknown, and was rediscovered by a local farmer only in 1966. obecnosci of the temple is that it is below about 5 meters above ground level in a smooth square hole. Read more about sambisari temple here...

    Храм Самбисари в Джокьякарте Sambisari Temple
  • The group of temples of Plaosan Temple

    These are two groups of temples: the Northern (Plaosan Lor) and South (Plaosan Kidul). It is believed that they gave the Princess the Prince when the Royal family intermarried. The temples are very beautiful and worth to get into them, especially since the visit is worth just RS 3,000. They are next to each other and three kilometers from the main complex (the temple on the map).

    Храм Plaosan Temple в Джокьякарте Temple Plaosan Temple
  • The Temple Of Candi Kalasan

    This is one of the oldest Buddhist temple dates back to 778 year. It is very beautiful, decorated with detailed stone carvings, as was customary in Hindu temples. One of the reasons for this call what Kalasan was built by the Hindus to Buddhists. Definitely worth a visit. Located near the main road on the way to Prambanan from Yogyakarta, just 3 kilometers (temple map). Entrance fee is 10,000 rupees.

    Храм Candi Kalasan в Джокьякарте The Temple Of Candi Kalasan
  • Temple Candi Sari

    Built around the same time as Candi Kalasan, is a more traditional Buddhist temple, built by Buddhist monks. The temple is two-storied, each floor with three rooms. You can get inside. Located close to the Prambanan near the road (the temple on the map). Entry fee – 5000 RS.

    Храм Чанди Сари в Джокьякарте The Temple Of Chandi Sari
  • Other temples and ruins

    Except as described above, temples in the surrounding area there is still a huge number of various small ruins and ancient temples that you can visit completely free of charge. Much sense in this, because after watching the main complex you will almost certainly fed up with temples and ruins. But if you still want to do it, you can use Google-map or GPS to find them. Here are the largest: Candi Ijo, Candi Barong, Candi Banyunibo, Candi Sambisari, Candi Kedulan. To move between them in a rented vehicle, as they are scattered over a large area, and walking under the scorching sun – fun unpleasant and even dangerous for health.

  • Theatrical performance

    On the ground near the main temple complex on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 19.30 is the traditional view, the so-called ballet Ramayana (Ramayana Ballet). This is a very beautiful shows from the Indian epic Ramayana. If time allows, it is worth seeing, moreover, his view can be combined with sightseeing of temples after sunset to stay on the show. The ticket price from 50 000 to 400 000 rupiah depending on location. Duration – 2 hours.

How to see Borobudur and Prambanan on the same ticket

To visit both attractions offers a special single ticket that allows you to save $ 10. These tickets can be purchased at the box office, here and there, but their sale does not advertise, so you need to ask the cashier "Ticket Package Borobudur – Prambanan". When shopping on the visits to the two sites given two days including the day of purchase, but each ticket is only a single entrance.

Read more about Borobudur and how to get it here...

Working time of Prambanan

From 06:00 to 18:00, seven days a week.

Ramayana Ballet performance from 19:30 to 21:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Entrance fee

Below are the entrance fee as of 2020. Prices are pegged to the dollar and are changed every six months, check the prices on the official website

Temple Adult (above 10 years) Children (3-10 years)
The Prambanan temple (the main complex) 350 000 rupees (1633.34 RUB / USD 25) 210 000 rupees (980 rubles / $ 15)
The Palace Of Ratu Boko 350 000 rupees (1633.34 RUB / USD 25) 210 000 rupees (980 rubles / $ 15)
The Prambanan temple (the main complex) + the Palace of Ratu Boko 630 000 rupees (2940.01 RUB ./ $ 40) 378 000 rupees (1764 RUB / USD 25)
The Prambanan temple (the main complex) + Borobudur 630 000 rupees (2940.01 RUB ./ $ 40) 378 000 rupees (1764 RUB / USD 25)
The Prambanan temple (the main complex) + Plaosan + Sojiwan 420 000 rupees (1960 RUB ./ $ 30) 280 000 rupees (1306.67 RUB / 20 USD)
Guide (optional) 70 000 (326.67 RUB) -

For foreigners there is a separate office with a small place, in General a great place for local tourists to get up is not necessary. Payment can be made in cash in rupees or by credit card, dollars are not accepted.

How to see Borobudur and Prambanan on the same ticket

To visit both attractions offers a special single ticket that allows you to save about $ 10. These tickets can be purchased at the box office, here and there, but their sale does not advertise, so you need to ask the cashier "Ticket Package Borobudur – Prambanan". When shopping on the visits to the two sites given two days including the day of purchase, but each ticket is only a single entrance.

Read more about Borobudur and how to get it here...

How to visit Prambanan for free

We recommend you to visit the main complex of Prambanan for free, but there is a way. Its territory is fenced on all sides with a two-meter metal fence that is fairly easy to overcome, using as a support planted trees along it. But almost everywhere along the fence is a busy highway so unnoticed can be reached only early in the morning, or from the field on the North side, where the road passes. The ticket control inside is not possible. But once again, it is not advised to use this method, still it is a violation of the law.

How to get

Prambanan is located 17 kilometers from the tourist area of Yogyakarta (Prambanan on the map). It can be visited as from Yogyakarta and Surakarta (Solo), but it is more convenient and nearer from Yogyakarta. To reach the property from Yogyakarta one of the following:

  • Tours

    Buy a group or individual tour at any travel Agency on the street of Yogyakarta and in other cities of the island of Java and in Bali. Guided tours of the outlying resorts include an overnight stay in Yogyakarta and additionally visit Borobudur.

    Buy tours in travel agencies in resort, or online at one of these trusted sites search and compare tours:

    Find tours online (with reviews)

  • By bus

    You can get there cheaper by bus 1A. These buses use the South district, the main touristic street Jalan Malioboro, past the railway station and through the airport. The fare is 3600 rupees, and run every 10-15 minutes between 06:00 and 21:00. From the center to go for about 40 minutes. Finish the movement at the bus stop Prambana Terminal (stop on the map), where the entrance to the main complex will have to go a mile, or catch a taxi. To other temples in the vicinity you can also walk or catch a taxi or motorcycle taxi.

  • By taxi

    The taxi ride moving between temples and the return trip will cost 250,000 rupees one-way from 80 000. It is recommended to take a taxi in both directions with the expectation, because to find the car near the temple is hard to find.

  • For leased vehicles

    This is the most comfortable way to explore the temples, because you'll also be able to quickly explore the temples in the area, which are located within a radius of 5 kilometers from the main complex, and on different sides. It is best to rent a car or motorcycle (see transport Yogyakarta, than to move on), but you can do this route on the bike.

    The entrance to the booths on his truck going through an automatic car Park barriers (for free), built on the principle of the airport getting a ticket at the entrance and surrender upon departure.

Map Of Prambanan

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