The Currency Of Indonesia (Bali). The rate of exchange. Credit cards, checks

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Exchange rate Indonesian rupiah

The average cost of one ruble is equal to 250 rupees. For quick conversions in mind the amount in rupees to rubles just multiply the amount of thousands of rupees 4.6 (or rather by 4.58). Example: 10 thousand rupees * 4,6 = 46 rubles.

The exchange rate (Indonesian rupiah) today ()

100 000 rupiah (IDR) = 443,70 rubles (RUB)
100 rubles (RUB) = 22 537,80 IDR
1 United States dollar (USD) = 13 757,20 IDR
1 Euro (EUR) = 15 298,00 IDR
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The Currency Of Indonesia

Купюры Индонезии Photo of banknotes of Indonesia

Monetary unit - Indonesian rupiah (Indonesia Rupiah, code IDR). On the price tags, banknotes and coins is denoted as Rp.

1 Indonesian rupiah = 100 senam

International designation : IDR, within the country - Rp.

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000 and 100,000 rupees.

The value of coins in circulation 500, 100, 50, 25, 10.

What currency to take to Bali?

Монеты Индонезии Coins Of Indonesia

In tourist areas you can pay in US dollars, but will take them from you for not quite the best exchange rate, so it is always better to have a local currency. Preference is given hundred dollar bills issue after 2000, but a hundred-dollar bill series AB and CB of issue 2001 are practically not taken, and series CA, CD and CF (2001) as well as DX and DH (2003) are accepted at significantly less favourable exchange rate (for fear to get a fake). On the banknotes with a value of less than $ 50, or having the traces of long use, the rate is also considerably lower than new banknotes. It is most advantageous to carry with them 50 or 100 dollars or euros, because the rates on them are more profitable than "trifle".

The Euro and refuse to accept (but not to the exchange). Exchange currency everywhere, as well as dollars.

Where to change currency in Bali?

Problems to exchange dollars or euros in Bali and in other tourist areas of Indonesia will not occur. The exchange offered by banks, official exchange offices, as well as an informal exchange in any shops.

The most favorable real exchange rate (without cheating) in cans. Banks are usually open from 08:00 to 15:00. Not to be deceived (or, rather, to reduce the probability of fraud to a minimum), we recommend you change money at a Bank or official exchange offices, working at or from banks.

A very popular exchange in the official or unofficial exchange offices which can be found at almost every step. But in such places there is always a chance to be deceived, and he is very big. If you change money in the exchanger informal, you are there almost certainly try to cheat. Prerequisites to the hype is inflated exchange rate. Usually in such overvaluation include a Commission that can reach 30%, but it is not advertised to tourists, as your money will not be in the hands of the money-changers. Then cancel it and get your money back is almost impossible. But even if you make sure that there are no hidden fees in the exchange rate no, you try to cheat during the process of transferring money. Here popular the traditional "folding" money, and sometimes there are even calculators that consider wrong, of course, in favor of the money-changers.

To keep cheating to a minimum in exchange, never give your money up front, even for supposedly checking for falsity, count the money in front of money changers right on the table, double check the amount of exchange on your calculator.

Each exchange office should give you a check. If not given, ask. A check will need when leaving for a reverse exchange.

Bank card

Before you travel to Indonesia you need to notify your Bank that you will use the card in Indonesia, otherwise it may not work or will be blocked after the first operation. Notify the Bank by phone of a hot line shown on the map, or by visiting the office.

Plastic credit cards American Express, Visa, Diners, Visa Electron, Master Card, JCB are used widely. They take hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. Money when the card is redeemed without a fee.

Withdrawing money from a plastic card at the "advantage" is not much inferior to exchange cash dollars or euros if you withdraw cash from ATMs in banks, but a small fee most often you will lose from 15 000 to 100 000 rupees will keep the Bank that owns the ATM + will be charged a fee your Bank for cash withdrawals at third party Bank. Ideally you should withdraw money from ATM of international Bank issued cards, such as Citibank. In this case, the Commission will not do. Also in the ATMs of Citibank the small Commission when removed from other cards. The list and addresses of the ATMs of Citibank - Still good ATM, where the Commission is minimal or absent in General: Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Bank Central Asia (BCA).

ATMs are quite common (especially in larger cities and on Bali), but still better to use the ATM in the office of a large international Bank. In the ATM small and unknown Bank money it is better not to remove, as you can get to the extortionate Commission. Usually in a single operation you can remove from 1 500 000 to 3 000 000 rupees. It is advantageous to remove the maximum amount of as the Commission charged for ATM transaction and not the amount.

Traveler's checks

Traveler's checks are quite common and you can use them on the trip, especially in tourist areas, including Bali. The most common, American Express, are accepted almost everywhere. Chickens on them a little less profitable than the exchange of cash, but more secure.


Officially, in Indonesia no tip and service charge is almost always included in the bill. But traditionally, if a service you like, it is customary to tip and thank the staff, leave a little extra over the bill in a café or restaurant, leave a reward to the taxi driver.

Usually in restaurants, the tip can range from 5 to 10 percent of the total bill, but do not leave more than 3 dollars. The porter can give 500 - 2000 rupees, the driver 3000 rupees, guide 4000 - 5000 rupees. In a taxi with the trip meter can round the cost up to thousands in a big way.

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As is the situation with availability of train tickets? What is the optimal time to buy? What class of train was moving?
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In Yogyakarta especially nothing to watch. From all that I looked at, and it's several museums, the Sultan's Palace, water castle, Fort, more or less I did not like the water castle, Taman Sari, since it is a fairly large attraction. And the Palace... Well, look, of course it is, but really there is nothing to watch, it is more local interesting. Generally, in Joke a lot of local tourists, Europeans more nemnogo.
Prambanan and Borobudur visited on a motorbike. Very much local, just like ants, all doing a selfie. Left a mixed impression. On the one hand, like such important attractions, famous all over the world, and on the other the price matches the ticket to Angkor for three days, and to do in Borobudur more than 30 minutes nothing. The same is true about the noise. Honestly, I was more interesting to look at other small churches in the surrounding area of Prambanan, than his.
Train tickets are definitely worth buying in advance. The price of the train is very high. In principle, I have a link with the trains already gave you where everything is, nothing has changed.
To Bromo traveled with the tour from Yogyakarta, so it was cheaper and the money and time, than to go by train and then connect with all sorts of grifters.
With the ferry to Bali as always: working around the clock, something worth about 5,000 rupees (do not remember exactly, then the guide will give pasapasa), goes often.
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As for is it dangerous.... For me it was not dangerous, quietly went. But the traffic everywhere is pretty dense, even far from Yogyakarta, so be careful. The route will prompt any Navigator and a bunch of signs on the road, easy access.
Keep in mind that to visit both temples cheaper for a single ticket and not separate, on the two temples 40 dollars worth in rupees of course. This ticket is valid for two days, i.e. you can just split the visit to the temple on the day. For access to meet the dawn you need to pay extra. In General, almost all about Borobudur here already painted - about Prambanan here ...
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