The island of Lombok (Indonesia): how to get to the island, transportation

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On the plane

In October 2011, Lombok started to operate the international airport Lombok International Airport (Bandara Internasional Lombok). The airport is located near the city of Praia (Praya) is approximately 55 kilometers from the main tourist area of the island is Senggigi. See the position of the airport on the map.

The airport receives daily domestic flights from Bali and Java. International flights connect the island to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur. Find and buy tickets to Bali via the airfare search form below. Search for tickets to Lombok is not yet available.

Bali is made up to eight daily flights to Lombok with a duration of about 25 minutes. The cost of flight Bali-Lombok is 300 000-500 000 rupees (30-55 dollars) one way. Online tickets Bali – Lombok find and buy quite difficult (even if you find most likely will not be able to pay the Indonesian credit card), and is therefore best to buy them at the airport or in any travel Agency in Bali. These flights, though a regular, can easily be transported or even canceled, if you do not get enough number of passengers, but this usually happens in low season. If you buy advance ticket of airline "Merpati", the day before departure you should confirm on the phone about his intention to fly.

When departing from the airport you will need to pay an airport tax of 30,000 rupees (a little more than 3 dollars) for a domestic flight and 100 000 rupees ($11) for international. For passengers of some airlines, at least AirAsia, the fee is already included in the ticket price.

Check out the prices on cheap flights to and from Russia to Lombok:

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How to get from/to airport Lombok

On the bus. The most inexpensive way to get to your hotel on Lombok from the new airport on a special bus. The bus goes to the bus station in the capital of the island is Mataram (Mataram''s Mandalika Bus Terminal) every hour and costs 15 000 rupees ($1.6). The resort Senggigi (Senggigi) bus departs every half hour and costs 25 000 rupees, a journey time of about two hours.

Taxi. It is best to use official taxis, among which Airport Taksi, taxi Bluebird or Express taxi. All machines are equipped with meters (taximeter), and to negotiate or agree on a fixed price makes no sense. The drive from the airport to the resort area the Senggigi will cost 125 000-155 000 rupees, in Mataram – 75 000-100 000 rupees. In addition to the cost of the trip an official taxi you will have to pay additional airport service charge in the amount of 17 500. The service fee is paid prior to travel at the front "Taxi Service" at the arrival hall of the airport. Charges you will receive a receipt which can already go to the taxi stand.

By boat/ferry

Bali to Lombok by ferry. The most popular and frequent route is by ferry from Bali. Besides, this is the cheapest way to get from Bali to Lombok. Instead of 300 000 rupees for a 25 minute flight from Bali, by ferry you can reach us in only for 36,000 rupees.

Ferries from Bali depart from the pier in Padang Bai around the clock every hour and followed by about 4-5 hours. Ferries can not be called comfortable, but everything you need is there. There is another problem: the ferries are often delayed, in bad weather it is generally cancelled, so there is a chance to arrive in Padang Bai and stay there to wait for good weather.

A comprehensive ferry service can be bought in travel agencies in Bali (it includes delivery to the Marina in Bali and shipping jetty on Lombok to the final destination) is about 130 000 rupees, but you can come to the jetty, Padang Bai and to buy tickets directly at the box office. Be careful and do not purchase tickets even if they bid less than the official: this is a fake ticket and you may not be allowed on Board.

On Lombok ferry arrives to the docks at Lembar (Lembar Harbour), 22 km from the island's capital Mataram. See Lembar Harbour Marina on the map, Lombok.

Jetty Lembar you can get by minibus (BEMO) to Mataram for 5,000 rupees on a taxi to Kuta is about 250 000 rupees on a taxi to Senggigi for 50,000 rupees or jetty Bangsal Harbour (to get to the Gili Islands) from 100,000 rupees.

By speed boat

Private companies in Bali offer Shuttle service directly to the island of Gili Trawangan Teluk Kode or (a small Bay near Bangsal jetty) by speed boat. Which is good, even boats leave from the tourist areas of Bali, and the price of the ticket is often included transfer to the pier sending. Also you don't need to spend time to get to the airport, time for check-in and out of the airport take a taxi to the jetty Bangsal Harbour and then by boat to Gili Islands. A boat in 3 hours. But what is bad, the ticket price is comparable and even higher than the cost of airfare (from 400 000 to 600 000 rupiah),. Tickets for the speed boats can be purchased in local travel agencies in Bali or on the websites, You can also zabronirovat tickets for a speed boat on the website www.easygili.comand, if you when ordering specify that you came from the website will receive a 5% discount from the cost of tickets.

How to get to Gili Islands?

From Lombok to Gili Islands can be reached by boats that leave from the jetty Bangsal Harbour. Pier, in turn, can be reached by taxi or taxi-BEMO (Bemo) of the main tourist attractions of the island. See the position of the jetty Bangsal Harbour on the map. From there you can go to a cheap Public Boat (price 8/9/10 thousand rupees depending on the island), or on the more expensive tourist boats or passing trading boats that constantly await tourists on the pier.

If you decide to take Public Boat, buy your tickets only at the box office the pier, and in no case with it, as if cheap you did not offer them. Boats leave primarily in the morning and as filling. In the late afternoon, when the wind and waves increase, the boats travel very rarely and traveling on them can be dangerous. The journey time is about an hour depending on the island.

If all the Public Boat left, and soon sending is not expected, in the same offices, you can get a tourist Charter boat. We recommend you to use this opportunity to hire a boat, but you can find some companions in a boat of tourists right here on the pier. The cost of renting Charter boats about 180 thousand rupees to the remote island of Gili Trawangan.

Still at the Marina constantly "on duty" the spring and summer, which pick up passengers and arrange them on a passing cargo boats towards Islands. If you will not disdain to take advantage of this offer, then get to Gili Islands from Bangsal harbour, you can quickly and almost any time, as the boat constantly cruising between the Islands. The fare is in the same boat varies from case to case, but on average, expect 60 thousand rupees per person one way.

From Senggigi, you can also reach the Islands on a tourist boat, departing directly from the resort. To buy tickets for these boats can be in local tourist agencies.

From Bali to the Gili Islands is easiest to reach by speed boat, what is written above. The most expensive option is to make a route on the ferry from Bali to Lombok, and then from the pier Lembar to Bangsal Harbour where Public Boat already, but it will take you almost the whole day. Another multiple destinations – from Bali to Lombok by plane, then by taxi to Bangsal Harbour where Public Boat to Gili will take a lot of time and money will be cheaper than the speed boat.

Transport, how to travel around the island


The most common and inexpensive way to travel around the island of Lombok is a taxi, or the so-called BEMO (Bemo). This vans converted for passenger transport, like in the photo. The cost of the trip varies depending on distance and starts from 5,000 RS. You can rent a BEMO for a private trip, but this trip will cost more than a taxi for the same distance and will be beneficial only if you are travelling in a group. At BEMO, you can move not only within one city or tourist area on Lombok, but also between them, to get from the airport and the marinas Islands.

Moving by taxi is also not less popular, but more expensive, although cheaper for the order than neighbouring Bali. But with taxi the problem is that it is not everywhere and always possible to find, in this case, you should enlist the help of hotel staff, and order it through them.

Another popular island is an exotic form of transport like a cart pulled by horses, the so-called cidomo. The cost of the trip on them is negotiable, and usually not more than 10 000 rupiah for a short trip, but negotiate the price beforehand. This, incidentally, is the only form of transport available on the Gili Islands.

Rent of transport on Lombok are possible, and in the tourist areas will not be difficult to find a rental motorbike or car:

Renting a bike will cost from 35 000 rupees (about four dollars) a day. Always wear a helmet and turn on the motorcycle headlight, otherwise will be fined. Also keep in mind that, by law, to manage a full motorcycle only if you have the rights permitted them to manage. Ie permission to drive the car does not give you the automatic right to drive a motorcycle.

Renting a car will cost 150,000 rupees ($16) per day for the average transport. This amount includes a restricted mileage, but for all that to roll over the limit, will have to pay. Fuel your. You can rent a car with driver 325 000 rupees per day.

How to control the car and the motorcycle, you must have the right (driver's license) international standard and the domestic Russian rights! In the car with you, their maybe no one to ask, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be. When meeting on the road with the police for the lack of rights will require a "fine" of $ 15.

Read more about transport rentals on Lombok read here.

Find car rental in Indonesia

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