Attractions Lombok (Indonesia), what to see

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On Lombok there is a sufficient number of natural and man-made attractions, so that you will not be bored during your vacation on the island. Although it is necessary to warn in advance sophisticated travelers that not all attractions can cause wild. Honestly, they are modest, but still have the character of "dilatasti" and "neosvoennost" numerous tourists.

Attractions scattered around the island (you can see them on the interactive map Lombok) and visit them yourself either by hired transport or by taxi. Easier and cheaper just to use one of the group tours, which in large quantities are available at travel agencies on the streets of the tourist areas of the island. You can also use the services of an experienced guide guide, which is quite in the same agencies, and to plan the itinerary for a private tour on your own. We have prepared an overview of the main attractions of Lombok, which will help you choose interesting tour, to make a route with a guide or independently to visit interesting places.

Гора Ринджани

The main attraction of the island is mount rinjani (Mount Rinjani), part of the volcano and the location of the huge volcanic lake. For uphill very popular trekking trips. It should be restrained by the sleeve rushing into battle seasoned travelers wanting to conquer the summit: categorically should not do this on their own. Though the climb on mount rinjani is quite shallow and requires no special training, is not the same that to climb pjatisotmetrovyj mound. The height of the top – 3726 meters, and lifting it will take at least one day, but after all and will have to spend the night, and then go down. That's why everywhere on Lombok offers trekking a trekking guide and porters for two or three days. The program of hikes varies: from c up to the edge of the crater to a height of 2700 meters with admiring the beauty and finishing with the climb up to the crater rim, swimming in the lake and hot springs, and then rise to the highest point of the mountain. The cost of participation in this campaign – from 1000 rupees (about $ 111) up to 2,000 rupees. For the money, but the guide and porters you will receive a tent, sleeping bags and food. But don't forget to bring warm clothes: at the top the temperature even during the day rarely rise above zero.

Next attraction is the Gili Islands. A wonderful coral island with beautiful beaches and an interesting underwater world. Most popular – Trawangan, Meno and air, and they are all next to each other and not far from the coast of Lombok. They can enjoy diving, snorkeling and doing nothing. Even if you don't decide to stay at one of the hotels on the Gili Islands (there are really quite boring to spend many days in a row), then visit one of the Islands as a tourist attraction is a must. Read more about the Gili Islands here.

Still worth a visit on Lombok "Water Park Narmada" (Narmada water park, also Taman Narmada). It's not an amusement Park as you possibly can immediately think of. In the past, this water Park was used by members of the Royal family, especially in the dry season. The Park was built in the early 19th century by the king Anak Agung Gede Karang Asem Kingdom of Mataram Lombok.

In "the Narmada Water Park" is a Hindu temple Pura Kalasa, a swimming pool, "fountain of youth" water which prolongs youth, if you drink and wash her. The many lakes and springs in the Park take their water from mount Rinjani (Mount Rinjani). And in the Park there is a small old rest house, where spent his time, the king, when he wanted to rest and retire. The Park is very well maintained and beautiful. Many locals visit this place to relax. Park entry fee: 10 000 rupees (just over $ 1).

Водный дворец Маюра

Another "water attraction of the island" - mayura water Palace (Mayura Water Palace). Note that this attraction is in quotes. This Palace was built in 1744 and was formerly the Palace of justice Bali Kingdom. In 1894, took place here a fierce battle between the Dutch and the Balinese people as a result of which the Palace was seriously damaged. Now here is a lake surrounded by a Park with statues, altars and guns. It is a favorite place of recreation for residents of Mataram. Access to the Park is open from 07:00 to 19:30, entrance fee.

On the island there are several traditional villages, each of which is more inherent to their specific craft. What else is good, visiting this village, you will be able to purchase crafts handmade products at significantly lower prices than in the resort areas.

So, traditional village, Sukarara (Sukarare Village) the most well-known textile Handicrafts. The village is even called the "village of weavers". Visiting the village, you can not only plunge into the atmosphere of a traditional village in Lombok, but also be able to observe the process on old looms. The village Pregasina (Pringgasela) is famous for its national clothes, also manufactured by hand. And in the village of Suranadi (Suradadi) artisans weave palm leaf baskets, bags, and more. Another village Getap famous blacksmith artists who in their work are still using the most primitive tools. In the village of Penujak (Penujak) from the red clay made utensils that are fired in traditional kilns.

Discover the sights of Lombok will be incomplete if not to visit one of the many temples of the island, including the two most important:

Храм Пура Меру

The Pura Meru temple (Pura Meru) – the largest temple on Lombok. This Hindu temple built in 1720. In the outer court of the temple there are huge wooden drums, the sound of which invites believers at the ceremony. The courtyard is located 33 small shrines to the gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The temple is open from 08:00 to 17:00.

Another temple, or rather a temple complex of Pura Lingsar (Lingsar Pura), built in 1714 – the most sacred place in Lombok. The temple complex serves two religions: Balinese Hinduism and Islam three three "vectors of the Body" (Wektu Body), each of which on the territory built his temple. The complex is open from 08:00 to 18:00.

The entrance to most temples in Lombok free (including two described), but donations are very welcome.

Also in the vicinity of Lombok recommend you to visit the waterfalls, the most famous of which are:

The Sindang Gila waterfall (Sindang Gila), which is located approximately at the height of 600 m above sea level. Waterfall Kelep Tiu (Tiu Kelep), which is quite difficult to reach, but at the foot of which is a deep natural water pool where you can swim.

The falls of the Betar Linlang (Betara Lenjang) can see only trained climbers with the necessary equipment accompanied by a local guide.

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