Bali - Kuta, Legian, Seminyak

Three of the resort town of the "island of gods"Bali - Kuta, Legian, Seminyak stretching the chain tightly adhered to each other on the beach, washed by the waters of the Indian ocean, in the southern part of the island. These resorts are well located, literally next adjacent to the international airport of the island. The boundaries between cities are erased, and are only defined conditional split, which takes you through the streets.

A former fishing village, Kuta was one of the first towns in Bali, began to develop tourism, and today this resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Indonesia. It is famous far beyond the country's borders with its long sandy beach, lots of restaurants and bars, and also received recognition from the surfers of the whole world. The town is a popular holiday destination among tourists with low income and Australians, who often visit her on weekends and public holidays.

Some believe that the city is a den of sin, with its many bars, transvestite show, and the so called “Kuta cowboys”, young and slender Balinese gigolo seduces a wealthy foreign women who showered them with gifts and give them a taste of the good life. For many years the city grew steadily, transforming from a small fishing village along the beach in the vibrant resort with plenty of nightlife. Kuta by and large attracts young people seeking entertainment. After sunset, the city plunges into the atmosphere of the nightlife.

At the end of the Second world war, the government of Indonesia has come to the conclusion that Kuta can become a popular tourist destination and bring more profit. By the end of 1960-ies, she was listed among the popular destinations in Southeast Asia among the fans of eco tourism and the hippie from Australia and Europe. By the early 1970s, surfers began increasingly to visit the then small fishing village. Tourism has developed slowly until the 1980s, and with it gradually grew restaurants and hotels. In those years spoke of three To Kathmandu in Nepal, street Khoasan road in Bangkok and Kuta on the island of Bali - a popular hippie route many countries of the world at the time. In the 1990s, the rampant commercialization of Kuta has spawned a number of environmental problems associated with frequent congestion and waste management issues, as well as the influx of illegal immigrants and Intrusive street vendors. Most affected farmers are forced to sell their fields in connection with an expanding construction. Those who were unwilling to sell their agricultural plots, has not had the opportunity to engage in farming in connection with the termination of water supply. So came the end of the agrarian era Kuta, marking its transformation into one of the most developed areas in Bali.

Surfing, beach holidays, shopping and evening entertainment are the main occupations and leisure in Kuta, and interesting attractions are virtually absent. The beach is very nice but almost always crowded. Kuta has received special recognition among surfers. Long sandy beach with a lack of dangerous rocks or coral, makes it especially attractive for beginners. Large, Western-style shopping centres are virtually absent in Bali, but the best ones are located in the Kuta area. Here you can taste many dishes of international and local cuisine. Restaurants are usually either very cheap or medium price range. Exclusive restaurants a bit, but they are there. The most prestigious restaurants in nearby Seminyak. All the bars and restaurants serve alcohol freely.

In connection with the growing popularity of Bali, Kuta is continually developing, having, thus, unsightly, poorly planned buildings, often chaotic and oversaturated. Some streets with potholes on the road and the rules of the road do not mean much for its members. Most of the roads are crowded with scooters, taxis and private cars. Local motorists beeps during overtaking or when squeezed into the limited space on the road between other vehicles. Drivers often fold the side mirrors of their car, maneuvering on a narrow strip of the road amongst parked cars. However, this disorder does not repel tourists, and each year hundreds of thousands of visitors choose the place of your stay.

Today, tourists enjoy free access to WiFi in local shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Dealers aggressively trying to sell to tourists while walking on the streets or sitting in restaurants.

Пляжи Куты

Five kilometers sandy strip along the Kuta considered the best beach on the island of Bali. The beach is safe for swimming, partially clean, and constantly maintained the utilities in good condition, although the beach vendors constantly annoyed by a great desire to offer you a massage, a haircut, to sell cigarettes or to rent a surfboard. A long wide stretch of sand is often crowded sunbathers and although most experienced surfers practiced in other places, many people still surf on the main beach of Kuta, especially in the peak tourist season. As you move along the coast to Legian and Seminyak, the beach becomes less crowded.

In the morning you can see how the residents of Kuta make donations (usually rice and other food), throwing food in the sea or just left on the beach. Especially often such picture can be seen when approaching NIPI Bali holiday "day of Silence”. The time of its celebration is selected by the Lunar calendar, and the next day celebrated the Hindu New year. In "Day of Silence”the people of Bali (Hindus) keep quiet, not eat, meditate, and any entertainment on the island is prohibited. Although it is a Hindu celebration, other residents (not Hindus) and tourists adhere to generally accepted rules of observance of silence out of respect to Hindu believers.

Kuta is a very convenient tourist destination in Indonesia. It is located a few kilometers from Ngurah Rai international airport, often referred to as the international Bali airport, second largest airport of Indonesia, and 10 km from Denpasar. Almost all speak basic English, there is a huge choice of accommodation options, delicious food, the opportunity to make a good shopping and beautiful beach attracts very many.

Kuta stretches along the beachfront all the way from Bali international airport to Legian, and a narrow branch roads from the beach are drawn in a densely populated area. Legian and Seminyak are a short walk from Kuta. Legian is North of Kuta with the same large number of shops and bars, but the atmosphere here is more relaxed and less chaotic. Legian a small town, but despite its small size there is a good hotel, and the beach is less crowded.

The next town North of Legian, Seminyak has the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and bars. The atmosphere is much more relaxed than Kuta. Seminyak has a large number of spas and is considered the shopping capital of Bali. This area is very famous residence, prices, among the highest on the island. Due to the high density of trendy boutiques in combination with expensive restaurants, he quickly became one of the most famous tourist areas on the island.

It is hard to imagine that only fifteen years ago, Seminyak was a small village. Its transformation into a tourist centre occurred just before the eyes, absorbing all available space, which previously separated Seminyak from Legian. Currently it is almost impossible to determine where Seminyak ends and Legian begins or where it ends and Legian begins Kuta. The whole area is saturated with buildings.

Some special attractions in Kuta there. But still I would like to highlight two places.

Hotel Hard Rock Wanted

Hotel Hard Rock Wanted (Hard Rock Hotel) is sort of a tourist attraction, and its definitely worth a look. Located opposite the famous beach of Kuta just in the retail center, the Hard Rock Wanted is the first in Asia by the hotel's musical theme.

The walls are adorned with images, memorabilia and illustrations of famous musicians of the 1950s and the 1990s. the Hotel is a place where visitors plunge into the atmosphere of the culture of rock ' n ' roll in the early 1950s to the late 1990s! Music lovers can test their vocal skills in a designated Studio to this location. It offers tourists a huge pool, Spa, sauna, steam room, gym. The restaurant offers a wide variety of local and international cuisine.

Memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack in Bali

Мемориал жертвам теракта Бали

In the attack on 12 October 2002 in the night club "Sari"and “ paddy's Pub ”was killed 202 people of which 164 were foreigners. Two years later, at the site of the destroyed paddy's Pub on Legian street street memorial was unveiled in memory of the victims of that tragic day. The memorial is made of hewn stone, to which is attached a memorial plaque with the names and nationalities of all the victims. The memorial was opened on 12 October 2004, the second anniversary of the tragic events.

Terrorist acts 2002 and 2005 caused the interruption of the flow of tourists (the headlines were full of the names of "Paradise Lost"). A few years later, despite the real threat of terrorism, tourists gradually began to return to Kuta.

Located in the tropics near the equator the Indonesian island of Bali is almost always hot and humid climate. From April to October, usually the dry season. Precipitation in this period are virtually absent. The rainy season lasts from November to March. Unfortunately, after the rain, streams of water wash away at sea a lot of abandoned plastic bottles and other debris. The peak tourist season in Bali falls for the summer, but tourists come here throughout the year, in order to enjoy the sea and the beautiful beach.

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