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Курорты Индонезии

Planning a vacation in some exotic Asian country and considering as an option Indonesia, many people automatically opt for such well-known resort, Bali. Bali has long been, as they say the most hyped and popular tourist destination for travelers. Here vacationers find themselves stunning sea, luxury hotels, interesting excursions. Bali really all made for tourism and recreation here is carefree and comfortable in nature. However, Indonesia is a huge country, and it is not limited to only one in Bali. Therefore I propose to make a virtual tour of other resorts. Moreover, we will visit the resorts where you can relax on the beach or lakes, rivers and relax in the lap of pristine nature.

Take, for example, the island of Sumatra. The name alone is fascinating! To get to that coveted place, it is necessary to fly to Jakarta and then by plane to fly to the capital of the island of Sumatra - Medan. In Medan we are not going to stop and do basically nothing. But because of it, all roads lead to a nice place called Bohorok. Bohorok is a real Paradise for those who are tempted by eco-tourism. That is a holiday where the pure air, wild nature, real culture and lifestyle of local residents without fake gloss, designed for tourists. River, jungle, hotels, bungalows, rooms are not luxury, but has a unique Indonesian flavor. Just imagine: a four-poster bed-mosquito net, shower, located practically on the street. Take a shower, I look up and see the starry sky overhead. Wash, as around fragrant exotic herbs, plants and flowers planted in a bathroom. Well, where you will meet even such Exotica! Himself Bohorok pretty peaceful place. Facilities here except that the musical performances by local groups who arrange concerts in some hotels. Tourists come here for the quiet and peaceful environment.

And since you were in Bohorok, definitely take a tour with local guides through the wild jungle. A guide will lead you through the impassable jungle, where easily from branch to branch jumps Gibbons, where orangutans with kids in the back cross you, and various insects shouting to each other in their own way. Very storage journey: the lush undergrowth, the huge tree roots that crawled out and intertwined in the form of natural steps. Refreshing river, in the cool water which you can swim and get a charge of vivacity and energy.

Пляж на Суматре

As for the cuisine, of course here you will find delicacies and gourmet dishes. But to soak up local lifestyle and taste what Indonesians usually eat: sweet pancake with banana filling, rice with egg, fried fish, thin noodles.

A five-hour drive by mini bus from Bohorok is the port which has a ferry to Samosir island, where there is the largest lake in Sumatra called Toba. It stretches so that looks like the sea. Along the lake are lined with many hotels, bungalows, even with very good infrastructure. Unlike the hotels on Bohorok, Samosir there are rooms for discerning travelers. What attracts tourists Samosir? Of course the vast lake. Look at it this way and I want a running jump into the dark expanse of Toba. What tourists actually do. Here you can swim. Some hotels even have special places for the so-called beach holiday with alluvial sand and sun beds with umbrellas. That's just keep in mind, in Sumatra often even in the midst of a season of rains. But in bad weather you can find something to their liking. For example, to go on a tour of the island. Here, in addition to beautiful nature, picturesque rice fields, waterfall, village locals, where the old traditions and culture. Interesting to see how the women of the tribe of Batak weaving shawls. Very interesting look at home of the Batak, they resemble fairy hut, only chicken legs is not enough! Such houses are called jabu, and to go inside, have to bend double so the low door of the home. Worth a visit in the village of cannibals. No, now they are no longer there, so you can without fear walk through the village, go to their homes and listen to the tour guide, who will tell in paint how cannibals were torturing their victims.

By the way, the tourist slogan says a lot about this resort on the shores of lake Toba, Parapat. Early may he was one of the best in Sumatra, Samosir but its what they say, surpassed, and eventually conquered positions, the most popular resort on the lake.

Very picturesque and colorful place in Sumatra – the town of Bukittinggi. There is also a volcanic lake, let not such a huge, like Toba, but the depth is the same (up to 450 meters). Here the stunning landscapes, majestic volcanoes, rice fields, caves with stalactites and stalagmites. You can not even take a guide and independently explore the colorful corners of this amazing city. In addition to the natural beauty, impressive and tunnels carved into the mountains by the Japanese during the Second world war. You can also get acquainted with the life and culture of such people as the Minangkabau. By the way they still preserved matriarchy! Very interesting sight are the villages of these peoples with their traditional houses, roofs with openwork, decorated with horns of bulls.

By the way, in this area, you may be lucky enough to see one of the famous flowers in Indonesia, the rafflesia. It is the largest flower in the world, which reaches up to one meter in diameter. Only it blooms from August to September, keep in mind!

Another resort on the island of Sumatra, which is worth a visit is the island of Nias. However appreciate it is what the surfers, as it is at Nias the best waves. And while lying on the Board, the athlete catches a wave, it can observe in the water column in the ocean sport fish and sea turtles - an exciting spectacle.

Infrastructure on the island is undeveloped. But they come here for. Namely, the nature and waves. By the way, the locals here are not as friendly as in Bali or the same Samosir. This is due to the fact that in 2004 and 2005, there have been tsunamis and earthquakes. Rebuilding is not as rapidly as we would like local. So don't be surprised if you will be treated like a bag of money and beg for financial help, or try to "breed" for money.

Курорты Индонезии, храм Боробудур

There is in Indonesia and least known island of Java. On the North is a mountain resort Bandung. And although there is no ocean or lakes, like the Toba, but there are a lot of picturesque places that impress by its beauty and primeval. Is the difference between this resort and the fact that it is possible to visit an active tangkuban perahu volcano. And, until the crater is accessible either by car or on foot - the choice of the traveler.

To get to this resort you need to fly to Jakarta, and from there on any plane or on the bus, the car for three hours to reach Bandung. By the way, the hotels and the architecture is presented in the style of art Deco. After all, once the resort has been popular among the European rich, and that local residents have tried to satisfy the taste of the nouveaux riches at the expense of the rich facades of buildings.

But those who still can't live without water procedures, you can go to the resort Sari ater hotel near Bandung. There are thermal springs, where you can correct health.

Famous island in Indonesia called Sulawesi. Huge, green, colourful, rich in culture. Get on it, you can fly to the capital of the island - Makassar. Day here to stay, the city has several interesting attractions. For example, the Fort, the Museum, the Palace and tomb of the kings, and waterfalls.

However, as a resort, it is better to choose a place called Utara is in the Northern part of the island of Sulawesi. A Paradise for those who spend hours ready to observe marine animals. Here all conditions for snorkeling and diving. And apart from corals, various species of colorful fish, you can meet predators such as shark or Stingray. Some rather seek to tickle your nerves and such, albeit a dangerous meeting only excites tourists. Of course, experienced dive instructor will tell you where it is possible to face with a shark and insure you from her sudden attacks.

Of the island, where picturesque sea bottom, are the names of Bunaken and Manado Tua.

The southern part of Sulawesi hardly claim to resort. However, it will be interesting to those who want to touch the milestones of history and to learn more about local traditions, to learn, to tell the country from within. The place is called Selatan. Here the local tribes still maintain the cult of ancestors, as expressed in the conduct of funerals. Very interesting to see how the islanders score Buffalo and celebrate the death of a tribesman, arranging a feast. Burial takes place in the caves, and small children are buried in the hollows of trees. Yes, of course a long time to be in the southern part of the island, would not want, but to get acquainted with the traditions of the Indonesian people is very interesting.

Of course, the above resorts Indonesia does not compare to the luxury resorts of Bali. But this is their highlight. Where else but in the provinces one can see the ancient traditions of the tribes, swim in volcanic lakes, climb to the crater of an active volcano and see the underwater world, faced with the storm of the ocean - the shark. Such trips and memorable, leaving a bright mark on the road of the traveler, the adventurous and intense rounds.

Author: Anna Miller

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Lisa0212 7 June, 2018
In Yogyakarta that are worth a look? The zoo was? Prambanan and Borobudur attended? How was the trip?
As is the situation with availability of train tickets? What is the optimal time to buy? What class of train was moving?
How to get to Bromo? Where we stayed - which town?
As with the ferry from Java to Bali working time, the cost? How to get to the tourist centre: Denpasar or Kuta - what?
What to see in Lovina and Sanur, except the dolphins and waterfalls? What is the cost of petrol and rent a bike in Bali? Maybe about a rental car will tell: where, how much it costs, if you take one city, can drop it off at another? ...
admin 7 June, 2018

In Yogyakarta especially nothing to watch. From all that I looked at, and it's several museums, the Sultan's Palace, water castle, Fort, more or less I did not like the water castle, Taman Sari, since it is a fairly large attraction. And the Palace... Well, look, of course it is, but really there is nothing to watch, it is more local interesting. Generally, in Joke a lot of local tourists, Europeans more nemnogo.
Prambanan and Borobudur visited on a motorbike. Very much local, just like ants, all doing a selfie. Left a mixed impression. On the one hand, like such important attractions, famous all over the world, and on the other the price matches the ticket to Angkor for three days, and to do in Borobudur more than 30 minutes nothing. The same is true about the noise. Honestly, I was more interesting to look at other small churches in the surrounding area of Prambanan, than his.
Train tickets are definitely worth buying in advance. The price of the train is very high. In principle, I have a link with the trains already gave you where everything is, nothing has changed.
To Bromo traveled with the tour from Yogyakarta, so it was cheaper and the money and time, than to go by train and then connect with all sorts of grifters.
With the ferry to Bali as always: working around the clock, something worth about 5,000 rupees (do not remember exactly, then the guide will give pasapasa), goes often.
From Gilimanuk did not go to Kuta and Lavinna local bus. From there buses depart to Denpasar. Are in the occupancy, of course only during the day. But there be ready to divorce, will try to take five times more, you have to haggle. But before that we need to Wake up more to fend off the pile pestered with taks ...
Lisa0212 June 8, 2018
Please tell us more about how and where he took a tour to Bromo from Yogyakarta
Can keep the contacts or address of the Agency?
What is the cost?
The tour bus? ...
admin June 8, 2018

In Yogyakarta on the main touristic street of Malioboro and Jalan Sosrowijayan many turagentsva, there and sold. I moved a few agentsvr bought at the tourist information centre - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/indonesia/yogyakarta-karta?group=others&name=info&zoom=17. Price not remember exactly, but something in the region of 600 thousand rupees for the tour Bromo + Ijen. It includes two nights accommodation in guesthouses, transport (including jeep to Bromo), tour guide services. Entrance fee and meals extra. Tour options in General a lot of there there in a jeep, there are foot, separately Bromo, Ijen separately, with wusata in Goku or with landing on the jetty in Bali, or option bus to Denpasar. Tours are by bus and train. Those that train more. ...
Lisa0212 9 June, 2018

Tell me, please, one day is enough for the exam?
Not dangerous on the roads on the bike?
Maps.me, for example, shows the route to these temples? ...
admin 9 June, 2018

Enough for one day, but honestly if you have the opportunity, I would suggest two days. Just because of the road and the heat will be tired in Borobudur, and the Prambanan inspection will not have to experience. In General, Borobudur is best visited at dawn, for this there are special tours. Or try at least to the opening to arrive, then even more less less local tourists and Chinese. After 10 hours already it's Packed like an ant hill. But keep in mind that the road will take at least 2 hours. Generally when you move a motorbike in Indonesia expect that will not cover more than 25 kilometers per hour, no matter how careful. And don't forget near Borobudur two more churches to see.
As for is it dangerous.... For me it was not dangerous, quietly went. But the traffic everywhere is pretty dense, even far from Yogyakarta, so be careful. The route will prompt any Navigator and a bunch of signs on the road, easy access.
Keep in mind that to visit both temples cheaper for a single ticket and not separate, on the two temples 40 dollars worth in rupees of course. This ticket is valid for two days, i.e. you can just split the visit to the temple on the day. For access to meet the dawn you need to pay extra. In General, almost all about Borobudur here already painted - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/indonesia/borobudur about Prambanan here https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/indonesia/prambanan. ...
Lisa0212 9 June, 2018

Rights issues no decorated international, which are valid in Indonesia.
Maybe you know the sites where you can book and rent a car? ...
admin 10 June, 2018

PS why not register for the forum, also it will be easier to receive notification of replies ...
IgorS Jun 11, 2018

It seems to me that the Asker is interested in a beach vacation (otherwise I would not from Indonesia chose Bali).
What about a beach holiday, I would choose Bali, because there is the ocean, the waves beautiful.
If I'm wrong and the Asker is interested in the attractions, I agree, Thailand is certainly better.
And if you are interested in nature is best for Indonesia as a whole - and there are volcanoes, jungles and coral. ...
admin Jun 11, 2018

And I think you signed up just to leave your link, and was deleted along with another message. ...