Beach resort Jimbaran

Jimbaran is located not far from Kuta, and famous for its large number of fresh seafood restaurants scattered along the beach. When he was a tiny fishing village, but things began to change in the 1980s. this period began the construction of luxury villas, resorts and hotels, many of which have five stars. Bali called "Bali Beverly hills" or "Number of millionaires" (the informal name of the exclusive residential areas). From the title you can guess that the resort caters for families with high incomes. Despite the development of lockjaw, the town still looks like a fishing village, with small eateries, which offer some of the best fish dishes on the island.

Jimbaran has a very nice sandy beach, one of the best on the island of Bali. Fine and white sand, clear water, no waves make it a safe place for a family holiday. The beach along its entire length makes a very pleasant impression. Rows of restaurants on the beach are the main tourist attraction of the city, where in the evening you can see the beautiful sunset. This is one of the best places in Bali to witness the beautiful sunset and dinner on the beach.

Fish restaurants on Jimbaran beach

Seafood restaurants on Jimbaran beach are the main attraction during your vacation at this resort. Along the beach there are approximately 50 restaurants serving grilled fresh seafood for its visitors. Each of the restaurants as like as two peas similar to each other, and they are divided into three main groups. The most popular is the group of restaurants closest to the Four Seasons resort.

Один из ресторанов на песке (Джимбран, Бали)

The tables are set right on the sand, and those who sit closest to the water at high tide can even soak your feet. Fresh sea breeze, beautiful sunsets, candle light after dark, creating a special atmosphere and attracts tourists.

Visitors just approach the tanks with fresh seafood, choose required quantity of crabs, crayfish, oysters and the like, pay by weight and the products the hour start to cook in the heat, as a rule, coconut shell, not charcoal. You can certainly make an order the usual way via the menu, but where else will you be able to order a dinner in a restaurant this way?

The prices are quite reasonable by Western standards and dinner for two with the most popular local Bintang beer or soft drinks will cost in the range of 150,000-300,000 Indonesian rupiahs, depending on the number and type of the selected seafood, but if you know how to bargain, you can bring down the price in two or even three times. All offer seafood freshly caught in the sea (Jimbaran is still a fishing village). The combination of nice atmosphere and a good dinner made this place a popular attraction.

Even if you are staying for a weekend in Jimbaran and other tourist area of the island, visit one of the restaurants of Jimbaran, preferably in the company of the sunset, be sure to include in its programme of stay on the island. To get to the restaurants is easiest by taxi. From Kuta, for example, a taxi ride takes 20 minutes and cost approximately 100,000 Indonesian rupiahs (about 300 rubles).

Another attraction can be called cafe Rock Bar Ayana resort Resort. The cafe itself is built on a cliff with a height of 14 m, washed by the waves of the Indian ocean. Often called "the best bar in Bali", the Rock Bar is located along the 1.3 km coastline of AYANA resort and Spa Bali Resort. The cafe is located 8 km from the centre of Jimbaran.

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