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Movement in Jakarta is a real challenge for tourists, so be prepared in advance to difficulties at the stage of selecting a location for the hotel. From try to choose a location to be as close as possible to destinations and attractions, or to transportation nodes. Read more about the choice of location for a hotel in Jakarta here.

The city is considered one of the busiest in the world, traffic jams everywhere and always, so always put more time on the trip, especially during peak hours from 16:30 to 20:00 on weekdays. If you want to get faster, it is better to use a motorcycle taxi: it is faster than cars twice, and two times cheaper. For travel by taxi or motorcycle taxi to connect to the mobile web (see mobile communications and the Internet in Indonesia), and install the Uber app Go-Jek or Grab. The most popular app Go-Jek is available to download for free, but only works on the latest versions of the mobile OS, and the old one somehow doesn't support, so better still at home to try to install it. After installation to register and use the application, sure you need a SIM card with a local number is +62.

You can also travel by ordinary taxi, city trains, buses. Read more about every way to move to Jakarta see below, about how to get from Jakarta airport to city, see here.


Conditions for foot travel in Jakarta no, it's all built up and partitioned, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings is very small. Where there are sidewalks, they are covered with shops of merchants, or motorcycles, and to pass, you still have to go on the roadway. More or less adapted for walking pedestrians, the area is centered around Independence Square. On Sundays from 06:00 to 11:00 p.m. the city center is closed to automotive traffic.

Улица в Джакарте

Taxis and motorcycle taxis

Car taxis in the city is very spread out and is inexpensive. Most of the machines working on the counter, but check with health meter before the trip, not to be deceived. Most machines without meters "prey" on tourists at the airport, railway stations and near tourist attractions. Trip without a meter will always cost you more. To learn, will take you on the counters or not, ask before planting a question to the driver "Argo?", and if the answer is "No" or "Tidak", better look for another car.

Prices for reference are as follows: planting and first mile from 6500 rupees (that's about half dollar see currency of Indonesia and the exchange rate) and then by 4000 rupees per kilometer. Ie drive 3 kilometers, for example, will cost one dollar.

The most popular and decent shipping company – Blue Bird and her daughter Pusaka (blue car) also checked taxi Silver Bird (black), and cab Ekspress Group. But there are counterfeits of them, very similar in coloring and the color of the car, but they are easy to spot if you look closely at the spelling of the name on the car.

From Blue Bird is a mobile app My Blue Bird for the ordering of machines, and you can specify from the point where you need, then you will know the cost. If the application set is not want, you can make an order on the website Can also use Uber, or install on a smartphone application from the local carriers GoJek or Grab.

Motorcycle taxis in Jakarta called Ojerk. The trip on them is quite extreme and unsafe, so use them in extreme cases when you urgently need to get to something. Are cheaper than a trip by car, but at a fixed price. Price please inquire in advance, and can be a bit of a bargain, as foreigners call prices are higher than local. For reference, remember that avtotaks on the counter for 3 kilometers will cost about 15,000 rupees, or one dollar.

In addition, there are motorcycle taxi with pay at the counter, and it's cheaper. But to use them you need to have a smartphone with Internet connection. The website

Такси в Джакарте


Three-wheeled cars are referred to as Bajaj (Bajai), but recently called and Thai style tuk-tuk. Suitable for a comfortable trip two people, but can get up to five. Prices for tourists overstate, as entertainment. Local pay for a short trip of 4,000 rupee (less than half a dollar). Price should be negotiated before the trip.

Тук-тук в Джакарте


The city has a system of bus routes Transjakarta Busway, regular buses, and special tourist buses.

  • Transjakarta Busway

    It is a modern system with a new air-conditioned buses, which move in dedicated lanes. The system is based on the metro: you enter the area, take the buses that move through the corridors (similar to metro lines), transferring from bus to bus if needed, and only need you to get out of the zone. Payment is fixed for the whole trip is only 2000 rupees from 5 am to 19 PM, and 3500 from 19:00 to 23:00. To travel you must first purchase an electronic card for 40,000 rupees, of which 20,000 can use for travel.

  • City buses

    These buses moving in dedicated lanes, and like the rest of the transport gridlocked. There are large buses, air conditioned and no minibuses. The fare is 4,000 to 10,000 rupees per trip regardless of distance. Payment is made to the conductor or the driver. To understand the intricacies of their routes is very difficult, there are hundreds of them, so much sense tourists use this transport, especially to all locations can be reached by other modes of transport.

  • Tourist buses

    To attract tourists to Jakarta running a special tourist bus, still free. This two-storey air-conditioned buses and reporting system in English. You can totally free to get on these buses at the places they stop to get wherever you need to explore, and then sit on them. Trails can be found next to the main city attractions.

Автобус в Джакарте


Instead of a subway in Jakarta until the system ground suburban trains, similar to our trains. Called KRL Commuterline or. It's not a very convenient way to travel around the city, but can be useful if you need to move from one end of town to another, for example.

Trains do not stop at the main railway station in Gambir Central. If you stay in this area, you need a station Gondangdia or Juanda. The city is still quite a lot of stations, but the most useful for tourists:

  • Gondangdia, code - GDD (station on the map) is the closest station to Jl Jaksa (the area with cheap hostels)
  • Juanda code - JUA (the station on the map) is the closest station to the city's main Gambir station and in the city centre
  • JakartaKota code - all jakk (station on the map) is located in the historical area of Kota
  • Bogor, code - BOO (the station on the map) – is located in the city of Bogor, famous for its Botanical garden.
  • Cawang Station (the station on the map) – Nearest to airport Halim Perdanakusuma. Convenient to save on a taxi, i.e. to get first to her and then with her to the airport by taxi, or, in the opposite direction as well.

Interactive map of commuter trains linked to Google maps

The fare depends on the number of stations and starts from 2000 rupees for the first three stations (about $ 0.15), and more 500 for every three stations. E-tickets need to pass through the turnstile at the entrance, and then on the way out. When you buy a ticket you need to indicate to which station to go, and if you try to go to another, will be fined. But it should be said that to enter the correct station is not so easy, because they are not always marked, and the names are declared only in the Indonesian language. Better option to track them by number of stops during the movement.

There is a single ticket for the trip (THB) and the map on a few trips (KMT). To the cost of a single ticket is added Deposit of 10,000 rupees, which is returned in cash after the trip in exchange for the used ticket.

Пригородный поезд в Джакарте


Metro Jakarta is missing, but under construction. The timing of its opening is constantly postponed, is now rescheduled for 2019.

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