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Jakarta (Jakarta) – the capital of Indonesia, with its political and economic center, and one of the world's largest cities. Located near the North-Western coast of the island of Java (Jakarta on the map), in the southern hemisphere. Populous Metropolitan area of Jakarta is ranked second in the world, with over 30 million residents.

Stay in Jakarta

It's noisy, polluted and always standing in traffic jams in the metropolis. Jakarta is not very attractive for tourists, however, often visited by tourists and travelers because it is the main international airport of the island of Java, and most flights from other countries is done here, and this is the cheapest way to get from Russia and other CIS countries to Indonesia. Further from the capital, travelers go to more attractive places in Java island such as the cultural capital of Yogyakarta, the world's largest Buddhist temple Borobudur, numerous volcanoes, national parks etc. on land and by boat from here to get to the island of Bali. To Jakarta also include beach resorts on the nearby archipelago of the "thousand Islands", but still they should be considered as an independent tourist destination, and not part of Jakarta, because you can get quite far and expensive.

However, in the capital there, what to see and do, especially the experienced and the curious tourists. The city has a rich history of the colonial period, and there remained a historic district Kota, filled with ancient buildings built by Europeans. There is a Chinatown with a traditional full of life and trade in narrow streets. You can spend more than one day trips to museums and galleries, to meet modern architectural landmarks.

New areas of the city built modern shopping centers of the world level, with the most modern discos. Yes, surprisingly, but Jakarta is one of the centers of the most modern electronic club scene in Asia, here are constantly on tour the best DJs on the planet. Will be in the city a place for adult entertainment: girls you can find in the red light district in Chinatown, also in the Central area near major shopping centers and luxury hotels.

On some sites in the Internet you can find an outdated description of the city, which indicated that Jakarta is absolutely not suited for life, and that it is dirty and grey ant city. But over the last 5-10 years the city has changed significantly. The capital rapidly transformed and richer, building new skyscrapers, developing transport. Today it is impossible to say that it is inconvenient for the tourists: hotels are very much there was even somewhat of a tourist district; there's inexpensive public transport (no metro but it is in the work); there are travel agencies, restaurants, cafés, a lot of modern shopping centers. Yet in some areas of the city still crumbling slums, which contrast with the modern skyscrapers, but they are gradually yielding clean sterile areas, and possibly within the next 3-5 years nothing will remain. So if you want to see today's contrasting Jakarta, you better hurry.

Weather in Jakarta, the tourist seasons

In Jakarta warm all year round, you can visit at any time. However, from December to March is the rainy season. And if it rains you can easily wait, though they are abundant but short-lived, the flood can not do anything. Heavy rains cause flooding of certain districts of the city, mainly the Northern part, coastal areas. Even flooded the highway to the airport, making it difficult, and sometimes even completely blocking transport communication with him.

Seasons in Jakarta by months*

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Weather in Jakarta and forecast

Time in Jakarta

Time difference between Moscow and Indonesia (and its capital) +4 hours. Current time in Jakarta (Indonesia):

Helpful information

  • Security in Jakarta. Jakarta in General is a safe city for tourists. But do not relax, because property crimes happen frequently. We are talking about petty theft from hotels, pocket theft, ripping bags. And in no case do not mess with drugs, as it is for the death penalty.
  • A Smoking ban. In Jakarta, the law, according to which you can be fined for Smoking in a public place, including on the street, at $ 5,000! Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. This law doesn't work, smoke even in public transport, but in full view of the police it is better not to smoke.
  • The Internet. For permanent connection to the Internet it is best to buy a local SIM card (see mobile telephony and the Internet in Indonesia). Free Wi-Fi is not in all hotels, some provide access only in the lobby near the reception. Free Wi-Fi is in most major shopping centers (password on request), a network of restaurants of fast food.
  • Currency exchange. Currency on arrival it is better to not change at the airport, there is a course not the most profitable. Can exchange a small amount to get to the city, and then look for exchange offices on the streets (it is in Chinatown, on tourist street Jalan Jaksa, see Jakarta, where to choose a hotel) or in shopping malls. Also acceptable exchange rate in the banks, but lower than in exchange offices.
  • Output in museums. When planning your trip, please note that in all the city's museums and galleries on Monday, a day off.

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