Indonesia: General information, weather, seasons, time

Indonesia is the largest insular country in the world and the largest country in Southeast Asia.

It is a mysterious country, where You will find everything you need for a wonderful and exciting leisure: mild tropical climate and untouched nature, in remote villages where lifestyles have not changed for the last centuries, the beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, luxury hotels, buried in verdure of gardens. Resting in Indonesia, you can feel in several epochs. Here is preserved prehistoric rites and rituals, some of the Islands are home to tribes whose languages are still not studied by scientists. The nature of Indonesia is remarkably diverse. Here you can find jungle and majestic mountains, beautiful lagoons and perfect sandy beaches.

As a rule, Indonesia visit for seasoned tourists and travelers, which was not the first to visit the exotic countries of Southeast Asia and are now seeking for the odd and the even more exotic. Indonesia justifies itself and doesn't disappoint even those travelers.

The main tourist center of Indonesia - Bali. A separate category of local tourists - the couple arrived on the island of Bali for a honeymoon, to spend a traditional Balinese wedding ceremony. For outdoor enthusiasts there is also plenty to do on an entire generation of surfers has grown up on the coast of Indonesia. Numerous diving centers, sailing, Hiking in the mountains, a Safari Park diversify stay for the most demanding tourists.

Weather, tourist seasons

In Indonesia it is hot throughout the whole year but the best time to visit is considered the dry season, usually April-October. November to March is the monsoon season (the months of January and February the wettest).

In Indonesia distinguish between Equatorial and subequatorial marine climates. On the southern and Eastern Islands in the year, in terms of sub-Equatorial climate, there are two seasons: rainy (November-February) and dry (March to October). The rainy season is characterized by a short morning or night thunderstorm showers.

It is worth noting that in Indonesia quite humid in the rainy season the relative humidity reaches 90%, and in the rest of the year - 80%. In General, the year it drops about 3000 mm of precipitation, mostly in the foothills.

Weather and climate on Bali island

To visit Bali is possible and necessary throughout the year. The temperature throughout the year varies slightly and day temperature always keeps in the range of 20-33 degrees. In the ocean year-round temperature below 26 degrees. On the island even on the hottest days of constant light breeze blows, and the heat is transferred easily.

Remember that Bali is in the southern hemisphere (the equator), and respectively the hot and cool seasons we have on the island opposite: when we have winter, Bali hot; when we have summer, Bali is cool.

High season and best time for tourist visits Bali island is the period from July to August. It was during this period on the island arrive large crowds of tourists, and the increase in prices begins in early may, as soon as it becomes dry, but still relatively cool.

The rainy season in Bali (December to March) is the peak arrival of Russian tourists. The humidity in this period reaches 95%. Most often, the rainfall comes in the night, and the rains only an hour or two and falls out locally, all the while the sun shines. In the daytime the sky can sometimes be overcast or clouds, but because of the constant winds, the clouds are fast moving and the situation is changing very quickly. However, even under a cloud covered sky it's hot and you can get a sunburn. It is worth to note that during the rainy season, sometimes you may have problems with transport links, and for lovers of mountain tours and scuba diving it is better to choose the dry season (unlike resort areas, where it is warm year round, mountains in winter, cool weather).

In the dry season from April to October, the sky is cloudless almost every day, and the weather is clear.

Current weather in Bali (Kuta) and forecast

The time in Indonesia

In Indonesia there are several time zones: Sumatra and Java time ahead of Moscow for 3 hours in winter and summer, Bali and Sulawesi — ahead of Moscow time +5 hours.

General information about the country

A country in South-East Asia, located on 17 508 Islands (according to other sources 18 110 Islands) the world's largest Malay archipelago and the Western part of New Guinea. Land area of 1.9 million sq. km Controlled by marine waters (inland sea, territorial and archipelagic waters, the exclusive economic zone) - 7.9 million sq. km.

The population is about 240 million people (4th largest in the world).

Major religions: Islam 85 percent of the population; Protestantism and Catholicism - 10%; Buddhism, Hinduism, animism, Confucianism, and so on.

Administrative divisions: 33 administrative units (31 provinces, 2 special administrative region – Jakarta and Jogjakarta). Capital: Jakarta (Java island) with a population of over 10 million.

National holiday – Day of proclamation of independence August 17, 1945

The official language is Indonesian, which is a branch of the Malay language.

The system of government. Unitary Republic presidential type. The President is the head of state and they formed the government, the Supreme commander of the armed forces. Is elected by direct popular vote for a term of 4 years. October 2004 – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (reelected in July 2009). Vice-President Boediono. Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa.

The Supreme body of representative power – the people's consultative Assembly (MPR) consisting of the Council of people's representatives (HPR), which performs the role of a permanent Parliament (550 members), and Council of regional representatives (SPR), which has mainly Advisory functions on issues of relations between the Center and regions (128 members). The competence of the NCC in full strength includes modifying and making additions to the Constitution, as well as a formal introduction to the office of President and Vice-President and the rendering of impeachment in the case of legally proved committing crimes or "conflict of interest". The members of both houses are elected by direct vote for a term of 4 years. The Chairman of the IAC – Taufik Kemas. The Chairman of the SNP – Marzuki Ali. Chairman of SPR – Irman Gusman.

In April 2009, parliamentary elections were held, which resulted in the SNP were nine parties. The largest representation received the Democratic party (148 seats, 26%), Golkar party to be the party (108 seats, 19%), the Democratic party of struggle of Indonesia (93 seats, 17%). In addition, the Parliament presented four Muslim political organizations (Party of justice and prosperity Party, national mandate Party of unity and development and the national revival Party) and two secular parties – Gerindra ("Movement for the Great Indonesia") and Hanura ("Party of people's conscience").


Indonesia is an agrarian - industrial country with a developed mining industry. The GDP structure is formed on 36% at the expense of industry, 16,3% - agriculture and fisheries, 10% construction, electricity, gas and water supply – of 0.8%, 6.3% - transport and communications. The service sector accounts for about 10.3 percent, Finance and real estate - 7%, retail trade and restaurant and hotel business and 13.3% of GDP.

In 2009, the GDP amounted to 600.6 billion.U.S. economic growth is 4.5%. The inflation rate is 2.7%.

Average annual income per capita – $ 2590.USA. Unemployment is 9% (the lowest indicator over the last 10 years.). Poverty affected 42% of the population, of which 11.4% is in poverty.

The volume of foreign trade in 2009 was 213, 4 billion.USA (exports – $ 116.5 billion. U.S. imports was 96.9 billion.USA). The volume of exports fell by 15% and imports by 25% in comparison with indicators of 2008 In 2009 in terms of the GFK investment climate in Indonesia remains attractive to investors, the total amount of foreign investment of 10.82 billion. USA, inner-realised investments – $ 4.2 billion.USA.

The country's external debt grew to 149 billion.USA.

The volume of crude oil production rose slightly, to 980 thousand barrels per day. In connection with the preservation of the status of net importer of oil, Indonesia announced its withdrawal from OPEC composition as of January 2009

In 2008, Indonesia was the first to return to the main self-sufficiency for the local population with staple food – rice.

Main trading partners have traditionally been Japan, Singapore, USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the EU.

The political situation

The political situation in Indonesia is relatively stable. The government of S. B. Yudhoyono manages to keep control of what is happening in the country.

Observed improvement of the socio-economic situation, largely overcome many of the crises. Continuing an uncompromising fight against corruption in all echelons of power. Within this struggle the arrest of a number of high-ranking officials.

Ongoing peace process in Aceh. In the province was six local political parties. Returned after 30 years of exile the former leader of "Movement for a free Aceh" Hasan di Tiro confirmed that no alternative course of reconciliation of former separatists and the Centre. In addition, the continuing activity of some separatist groups in the province. Papua and Western.Papua, located in the Western part of New Guinea.

In the framework of a coherent anti-terrorism efforts is being offensive on the terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiyah, which is considered the "Deputy" al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia. Despite the efforts of the authorities to eliminate turgrupp, disruption of underground and reducing its financial support, the terrorist network continues to exist, creating a serious security threat, including for foreigners. July 17, 2009, there were explosions in hotels in Jakarta "MARRIOTT" and "Ritz-Carlton" in which nine people were killed and 50 were injured.

Foreign policy

In recent years, Indonesia has demonstrated high activity in the international arena, primarily due to its participation in the work of the UN security Council in the period 2006-2008 as a non-permanent member, as well as an invitation to the "Group of twenty" the largest economies in the world.

Indonesia is pursuing an active and independent foreign policy. The main effort of Jakarta aimed at creating favorable external conditions for maintaining a high rate of economic development and the completion of democratic reforms, promoting the building of a multipolar world, a firm defense of national interests, the formation of a positive image of Indonesia as a moderate Muslim country, demonstrating the compatibility of the values of democracy and Islam.

In recent years, the diplomatic efforts of the Jakarta special emphasis on the issue of combating global climate change. The Indonesians are trying to play a more active role in resolving key international conflicts. Taken course for diversification of bilateral relations with key external partners, primarily for the purposes of attracting a larger number of investments.

As an acknowledged leader of ASEAN, Jakarta pays serious attention to development of cooperation in the framework of this Association, whose main objective remains the creation of the ASEAN Community by 2015.

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