The Volcano Bromo

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The Bromo volcano and the national Park Bromo-Tengger-Semetu National Park is one of the brightest and most popular attractions of the island of Java and Indonesia as a whole (the volcano Bromo on the map). It attracts a fantastic, unearthly landscapes which are considered to be similar to lunar or Martian. Indeed, a huge Caldera with a diameter of almost 8 kilometers, the landscape which formed the volcanic ash of an active volcano like no one place on our planet. And every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here to meet the amazing sunrise, and then climb to the crater of the volcano, despite the very high price of the excursion and difficulties that await here independent tourists, decided to get to this place independently and more economically. But about all under the order:

Вулкан Бромо

General information on the plateau and the volcano of Bromo, and helpful tips

  • To visit Bromo the best from the village At Lawang, and from there everything can be explored on foot.
  • Best time to visit is June-September.
  • Around the routes on which tourists get to the volcano, to spin a huge number of fraudsters. Carefully read the section "How to reach Bromo volcano" below.
  • At night it is very cold and even during the day the temperature does not rise above 20 degrees. Bring warm clothes, or at least on the spot rental offer jackets from 30 000 rupees.
  • For night Hiking up to an observation deck be sure to bring a flashlight, headlamp better.
  • Access to the observation deck is free, you pay only the direct entrance to the area of the Caldera Tengger 220 000 rupees per day ($16) and 320 000 on the weekend ($23).
  • Probolinggo no more rent a motorbike, rent it only in Malang or Surabaya.
  • The bottom of the crater is very dusty, will not hurt to take a bandage covering his face.
  • This is a very dangerous place at any time possible eruption of the volcano, so be sure to insure. To arrange medical travel insurance, visit one of the price comparison websites for insurance:,,,

What to see in a national Park and the volcano Bromo

Before heading to Bromo national Park, especially if you are self drive, you need to understand the geography of this place. Best of all, if you are examining the description of the volcano, and at the same time to view the map.

The national Park covers a huge area, 502 square kilometers, or about 25 to 30 kilometers. There is several peaks, some of which are active volcanoes. The whole Park can distinguish two popular tourist route/place:

  • The Tengger Caldera, the Bromo volcano and the "sea of sand", all together referred to simply as "Bromo"
  • Mountain Gunung Semeru
  • The Tengger Caldera, the Bromo volcano and the "sea of sand"

    The most visited place is the huge Caldera (crater) Tengger uneven shape with a diameter of almost 8 kilometers. Inside there are three more mountains:

    The bottom of the Caldera Tengger volcanic ash and is called "sea of sand" (Sea of Sand or Laotian Pasir). Thanks to "sea of sand", the landscapes here have a kind of unearthly, while outside Tengger national Park is covered with green forests and looks like any other national Park in these latitudes. There is also a Hindu temple Pura Luhur Poten or just Poten temple (the temple on the map). It can also be seen, but you can only get into in rare days when it is open for pilgrims.

    Traditional tourist itinerary includes a meeting of sunrise on one of the viewing points, which offer views of the entire Tengger crater, then down into the "sea of sand", visit the temple and climb to the Bromo Carter to a height of 2392 meters, where you will be able to see the insides of a volcano spewing gas and ash. The upgrade is very simple, runs along the slope, equipped with stone steps. It is worth noting that the sunrise on one of the viewing platforms is not so necessary a point of the route an independent visit. Yes, species are wonderful for photographing conditions is just great. But the sunrise was so hyped effect that during the weekend people here want to see it so much that not all have enough space because the most popular viewing platform clog batch of tourists "to the eyeballs." If you do not get the sunrise, you can visit the observation deck during the day, and even better at sunset, if weather permits.

    For more detail about how to go this route, read below on this page under "getting there".

  • Mountain Gunung Semeru

    This is the highest mountain (3676 meters) and one of the most active volcanoes in Java (Gunung Semeru on the map). To climb it is only for experienced tourists, accompanied by guides. The ascent takes 2-3 days, which requires registration at the headquarters of the Park and medical health certificate (you can get it here). Most often, the routes on mount Semeru start from Malang, because there is the headquarters of the Park at the address: Jl Raden Intan No6, Malang.

Panorama of the crater of Bromo

How to get to Bromo volcano

Further detailed information on how to get to the Caldera Tengger, Bromo volcano and the "sea of sand". As for climbing the mountain Gunung Semeru, it is best to come to Malang (Malang), and there is contact the travel Agency or directly at the headquarters of the Park at Jl Raden Intan No6, Malang. There will need to register and you will receive all the necessary instructions.

So, if you have no experience of independent travel, it is best to entrust the job to deliver you to the volcano to professionals, i.e. to contact a travel Agency. Of course, you decent overpay, but will get there with comfort and without any problems. Excursions better to buy in proven travel agencies for reviews or to book over the Internet. Tours to Bromo are available both separately and in conjunction with a visit to the volcano and the Ijen plateau, which is of course worth it. You can buy them in the resorts of Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Banyuwangi. By the time they take two days and one night and with a visit to Idzhena three days and two nights. But there is the opportunity to save on trips, which you need to independently get to Probolinggo or Malang, and from there to buy a tour. The cost of the tour from Bali to Bromo will be about $ 250, with a visit to Bromo and Ijen will have to pay for about $ 380.

If you finished the entire route to be done independently, here's detailed instructions:

To Bromo mountain can be reached by three different roads, the most popular and convenient of which is through Probolinggo and At Lawang, the only thing you can get on a rented vehicle. If you are willing to rent a motorbike or car, you will approach and other roads, depending on where you will start:

  • The Route Probolinggo (Probolinggo) - At Lawang (Cemoro Lawang)

    The village At Lawang (Cemoro Lawang) is located at the edge of the Tengger Caldera, and it is up to the viewing platforms and the volcano can be reached on foot, without resorting at all to the help guides without hiring drivers, off-road, or a taxi (center At Lawang on the map). The village has several hotels and guesthouses with the most basic amenities and inflated two to three times the price, but you'll have to sleep here only one night. The route in General will look like this:

    1. To get to the city of Probolinggo by train or bus. This can be done from Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya or Banyuwangi. From Denpasar in Bali is a direct bus to Probolinggo cost from 125,000 rupees (about US $ 9). (see more on how to get to Probolinggo).

    2. From Probolinggo you need to take a taxi, taxi or motorcycle taxi to At Lawang. It is cheaper by taxi, here called "bison". They go to Jalan Raya Bromo near the bus station Probolinggo Bayuangga (station on the map). If you come to Probolinggo by bus, then you just have to go to the bus station and find the bus, if you arrive by train, you need to get to it by taxi (yellow vans) for 5000 rupees.

      These taxis are not a regular flight departs for occupancy, most often in the first half of the day, and after 16 hours they do, you can go only if you pay the full cost for empty space. The price is not fixed and is called the driver depends on the number of passengers and tourists especially take an increased cost. Usual price 35 000 rupees, after lunch can reach up to 50 000. In the path of one and a half hours.

      Just on this route operates the largest number of fraud, distribution of tourists on rides at inflated prices on taxis, or conning to acquire jeep tours. What is bad, in all these frauds secretly involved in almost all the local residents and the drivers: they watched in silence as tourists are deceived, are silent and rarely helpful, even when they seek help with the search of the vehicle or verify the present price. To cheat tourists, at least in these ways, although there are many others:

      • Fake station. Buses arriving from other cities, including minivans from Cemoro Lawang, and also a fake bus with a railway station not dovozili passengers to the bus terminal to probolinggo Bayuangga, and drop you at the travel Agency with a fake sign. If you go to this place, you will be offered tickets for the minivan at a higher price, or "solder" rent a jeep with driver. So before you get off the bus, make sure that you have arrived indeed at the bus station. Information on other buses, or using the Navigator.
      • At this bus station tourists meet the "helpers" and impose a rental jeep with driver, deceiving that minivans in At Lawang no longer go. Do not pay attention to them, and go themselves to look for buses. They are waiting for passengers in Jalan Raya Bromo, and did not tout. Even when you find the van, do not rush to pay, because here you will have to plant. Fake drivers and conductors will be required to pay the fare, and then disappear when there is a real driver. Remember to pay the fare necessary only in the hands of the driver when the bus starts to move.
      • Be careful upon arrival in Cemoro Lawanag and try to check on the Navigator that you were brought into the centre of the village, as on this route tourists are often imported to affiliated guesthouses or travel agencies that are far away from the village and the volcano.
    3. Of At Lawang visit the observation deck and the volcano. Be careful, tourist wiring does not end here, and this occupied almost all the population of the village.

      If you got in At Lawang, it is not difficult to explore independently on foot; you can rent a bike; or to agree to Intrusive suggestions to hire a SUV or join another group. Sense agree on the SUV is really not if you just really don't want to walk. But remember that it will be very difficult to get rid of the Intrusive proposals, be prepared to all kinds of deceptions.

      The area is equipped with several observation areas, which often greeted the dawn, but there are unequipped, they happen a lot less people. They are all free. If you are determined to see the sunrise and make it your own, it is best earlier in the day to walk the trail and look after the place because the night for the first time, it will be difficult to navigate. Night be sure to bring a flashlight. If you're on a rented motorbike, to some lookout can be reached by transport, and some significantly reduce the Hiking path, partly after. Here are the most popular viewpoints and their position on the map. If you want a more private setting to meet the dawn, look for the trail around them, leading to such places:

      • Seruni Point II – the most accessible platform, it is possible to walk or ride, from the city center is just 3 km away and 250 meters to the top (viewing the map). On foot ascent will take about an hour.
      • King Kong Hill – one of the best places: fewer people, better. She will have to walk with Seruni Point II a total of 20 minutes (viewing the map)
      • Seruni Point – the highest point (viewing the map). Here bring tourists on jeeps, but the road leads through the crater, and you will have to pay at the checkpoint for the entrance, but then able to climb to the crater of Bromo for the same ticket, no extra cost is not necessary. To it can also be reached on foot from King Kong Hill in about 40 minutes, but a lot of sense in this, because King Kong Hill the views are not worse.
      • There are other lookout points on the road on the way to Seruni Point.

      After visiting the observation deck you can go directly to Bromo mountain, the temple and the "sea of sand". They are inside a huge crater of Tengger, and all this territory is paid. To get to it, you need PPC to buy a ticket to the national Park (220 000 rupees on weekdays and 320 000 on the weekend). The checkpoint is located in the centre of the village (the checkpoint on the map). From here walk to the temple and Bromo 3 kilometers, or 40 minute walk, which you will overcome through the "sea of sand". If to walk do not want here to employ the official transport of the Park, which will cost two times cheaper than the offered excursions and intermediaries in a village or hire a motorcycle taxi that is even cheaper. Be around a lot of "help", speculating on the official prices. Ignore them and communicate only with authorized sellers of the national Park.

      The culmination of the route is the climb to the crater of the volcano Bromo. It can only be done from 07:00 to 17:00. The upgrade is very simple, because the slope paved with stone stairs. Upstairs you can peer into a volcano, but the lava you will see only clubs sulfur smoke and ash. You can walk along the edge of the crater, but be very careful. This is a dangerous area, and at any moment it may be closed due to volcano activity, as it was in 2011.

      Pull up close to the lift, even if you will be on your tour or transport forbidden: access is restricted by fence, which will have to go on foot. Here you will offer is a plot on horseback for 100 000 rupees there and back. This is a very high price for such a short trip, it is necessary to agree, only if you want to ride a horse. Will also offer support guides, or you can try to take the money for the entrance. Do not, tickets are not check.

      How to visit Bromo for free

      In the village there is a trail where you can descend into the crater of Tengger and all there is to see, for free. This entrance is next to hotel Cemara Indah (pass the map), and marked with a sign, that the entry of foreigners is strictly prohibited. If the nerve can pass through this entrance, but keep in mind that sometimes there are Park Rangers, and you can expand at the bottom, and back will have to return on foot.

      There are other places where you can go for free, but further from the village. The fence is nowhere, and the entrance is limited only by the natural descent of the crater.

      Don't forget mandatory before visiting Bromo to acquire travel insurance policy. If you come to Indonesia under the permit, the insurance, which is included in the tour package in most cases will not work during a visit to the volcano on the tour, not purchased from a tour operator, so you'll have to issue an additional insurance policy with the option "active sports" or "sporting activity." And to save, can make insurance expire just for a few days or even for one day, it will cost just a few dollars.

      If you travel to Indonesia alone, making insurance better to do for the entire period. To check and compare the cost of insurance from different companies, and place it online through these trusted sites:

    4. Check out from the hotel and drive back to Probolinggo.
  • The Route Pasuruan (Pasuruan) – Tosari (Aloha) – Wonokitri (Wonokitri)

    This road takes you to the crater of the Tengger in an SUV, or if you do well you drive a motorbike, and it. The road throughout is good and paved, but very winding and steep on the descents and climbs, so be careful. At the entrance to the crater the road forks and goes left to an observation deck to meet the dawn, and to the right to descend into the Caldera. By the way, this road out of the crater rise excursion SUVs to an observation deck. After viewing platforms can descend into the Caldera, drive to the temple and leave the bike/car in the Parking lot, and climb to Bromo. Theoretically, it is possible to overcome the route, and on the car, but you will not be able to drive on the "sea of sand".
  • The Route Malang (Malang) – Tumpang (Tumpang)

    This is the shortest route from Malang, 50 kilometers. He passes on the broken asphalt and concrete road, nevertheless it is easy to overcome on a motorbike or SUV.

    The entrance to the Caldera occurs on the southern side of the Tengger crater, and have to drive another 8 kilometers to the Bromo and 10 kilometers to the viewing platforms at the bottom of the Tengger through the "sea of sand". On the way to the crater you can also stop by the lookout point, Bukit Teletubbies Bromo and Pasir Berbisik.

When is the best time to climb Bromo, work time

The best time to visit Bromo is the dry season from June to September. And business not so much in the rain, how much cloud cover, which will not allow to fully enjoy the views outside of the dry season.

Seasons to Bromo by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

The weather on the volcano Bromo (in Probolinggo) and forecast

During the day you can visit the crater at any time, but the climb to Bromo is possible from 07:00 to 17:00 for security purposes. The lookout point is open around the clock. To meet the dawn will have to get in At Lawang approximately 3-4 hours of the night, guided by the sunrise:

The exact time of sunrise on Bromo for today: 05:06

Where to stay before climbing to Bromo hotels

As we mentioned above, visiting Bromo is best done from the village At Lawang. There are about a dozen hotels and guesthouses with the most basic amenities and inflated two to three times the price. In General, this is not a problem, because staying here will have only one night, but if you want to save money, you can stay in other places along the road from Probolinggo, but in this case, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to get to the volcano on foot.

Also accommodation can be found in the villages of Tosari and Wonokitri on the way from Pasuruan.

Find and book hotels around Bromo instructions:

Map of Bromo hotels

☞ to display the map

The cost of visiting, entrance fee

In addition to payment for transport and sightseeing, you will have to pay an entrance fee to the national Park twice. The first payment is made at the entrance to the village of Cemoro Lawang – 10 000 rupees. After that you will be able to stay in the village and even walking distance to the viewing platforms, they are free. But when you will descend into the crater of Tengger to walk/ride on the "sea of sand", to watch the temple and climbing to the crater of Bromo, you have to pay again 220 000 rupees per day ($16) and 320 000 on the weekend ($23).

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