Borobudur on Java island, Indonesia

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General information, history and architecture

Borobudur temple (Borobudur) – Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia on the island of Java near Yogyakarta (Borobudur on the map). This is the most famous and popular historical attraction in Indonesia.

Borobudur can be visited independently or with a guided tour, together with Prambanan temple or separately (cheaper together). Entrance fee for foreigners is 350 000 rupees (1758.69 RUB) or 630 000 rupees (3165.65 RUB) together with Prambanan. The ticket to Borobudur (the main complex)+Prambanan is valid for two days only in Borobudur 1 day. Ticket/tour to meet the dawn costs 500 000 rupees (2512.42 RUB). Working 06:00 – 17:15, seven days a week. The temple is located 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta, and this is the best starting point to visit. From Yogyakarta and other resorts, including Bali tours, but you can drive yourself in a rented or public transportation.

Read more about all the visits, see the end of the article.

Боробудур, Индонезия

The temple was built in the period from 750 to 850 years BC ruling the sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram. Some time after the construction of Borobudur, as with all other temples and cities in Central Java, was abandoned for centuries. The exact cause of this is unknown, but according to the most plausible version of it happened because of the activity of the deadly volcano mount Merapi, in the shadow temple is located. This is confirmed by the fact that the capital of the Kingdom of Mataram was also moved to the East of the island.

Borobudur awarded the status of world's largest Buddhist temple, although strictly speaking is not really a temple but rather a monument or stupa, without the inherent traditional Buddhist temples of attributes and functions. It is built from two million stone blocks, and the building of about 55 000 cubic metres. The size of the Foundation - 118 118 meters. For comparison, the length of a football field is 108 meters. The numbers are staggering, but if you have to think about what each of the two million stones were given a special form, then the magnitude of the construction, of course, amazing.

Боробудур, Индонезия

The monument has the shape of vomeracea stupa with a square base, and the top three tiers round shape. The most interesting layer – the top. There are 72 small stupas and one big. Inside the stupas are 504 Buddha statues, and perimeters at different levels of the 1460 bas-reliefs on religious subjects. For believers it is still a sacred place, used for pilgrimage and prayers. The pilgrims have to walk seven times in a clockwise direction on each of the levels, and touching each of the Buddha stupas on the top tier brings happiness.

Re-Borobudur was discovered by Europeans only in 1815 and the restoration work began only at the beginning of the last century. In 1991 it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and since then its popularity has grown rapidly. Today it is the most visited attraction in Indonesia.

Боробудур, Индонезия

What to see in Borobudur, tips on inspection

Despite the prominence and importance of Borobudur is quite simple and not very ambitious of the attractions that can be explored in a couple of hours, because in addition to the monument and two small museums here nothing more. However, excursions from distant places, such as Bali island, time can take two to three days, depending on the mode of transport.

Borobudur is usually visited by tour or independently of Yogyakarta, at least from Surakarta (Solo) or Semarang. If you want to come here from distant places, such as Bali, it is best as a base for the night to use the city. Better yet, buy ready-made tour in Bali, see below in the section "how to get". If you wish you can also stay at the hotels directly next to Borobudur, but apart from the hotels there is no tourism infrastructure, while in Yogyakarta is a tourist area, many restaurants, night markets and attractions (see the guide to Yogyakarta). To settle directly next to Borobudur makes sense only in the case if you want to see the sunrise in the temple, which, of course, worth it. How to do it, see below. View and book hotels near Borobudur (in Magelang) are at the following sites:

Traditional day trip or an independent trip to Borobudur from Yogyakarta will take half of the day. It is advisable to start as early as possible (when independent travel) to avoid large tour groups that start to arrive around 8 hours. Ideally you should arrive here at 6 o'clock, but from Yogyakarta this is possible only by rented transport or taxi. Drive about a half hour (40 kilometers), a motorbike will take two hours. After 8 hours there are so many tourists, mainly local, that is simply not going to make a photo without a crowd in the frame.

Боробудур, Индонезия Borobudur in the middle of the day

If you're on a rented vehicle, it is possible in one day and see Borobudur and Prambanan. Another option independent route to make the trip from Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau with a stop at Borobudur, but this will be a route in one direction only, back in the day in no time.

Боробудур, Индонезия

The area around the temple is surrounded by a fence (the so-called archaeological Park), the entrance to which is made when you purchase a ticket. A ticket entitles a single pass, with the exception of multiple tickets valid for several days, but for tourists these tickets are completely useless. During the inspection you can climb the monument through all the levels to the top, to photograph and to touch. Internal space (premises) at Borobudur no, inspection only from the outside. Also, the price of the ticket includes visits to two museums: the Museum of the history of the temple (Museum map) and ship Museum (Museum map). And even in the courtyard of the Museum there is a small pond with fish that make the so-called fish massage or fish Spa. You can sit by the pond, lowering his feet into the water in just 5000 rupees for 15 minutes.

After seeing the museums and a temple to go you will be on the other side, not where they came. After the exit you will pass through the market with Souvenirs and local cafes where you can eat cheaply or to drink icy drinks.

Музей в Боробудуре, Индонезия Museum in Borobudur

What else to watch next

Of course, the scenery that you will see on the way to Borobudur from Yogyakarta, fascinating. The road passes through endless rice fields, and in the distance see the mountains, including active volcano of mount Merapi. And reverse route can build through Magelang and the road between the volcano Merapi (Gunung Merapi) and mount merbabu (Merbabu), but this will have a route length of 110 kilometres, although it is certainly worth it.

Near by Borobudur has two small ancient temples, which are believed to be directly connected to him. This is Candi Pawon and Candi Pawon. All three temples are located strictly on one line, although the reason why this is done and the connection between the temples of historians and archaeologists can't figure out yet. Pawon Temple and Candi Pawon can be visited separately for a small additional fee, or when buying a single ticket to visit three attractions. But in fact, when you purchase this ticket you will overpay, so it is better to pay for entrance to these two temples separately, and they both postauto one ticket cost 3,500 rupees (17.59 RUB, the currency of Indonesia, the exchange rate).

  • Candi Pawon

    The ruins of Candi Pawon located 3.5 miles from the entrance to Borobudur (temple map). Entrance fee is 3,500 rupees, or free with the purchase of a single ticket. Next to him is a Buddhist monastery with a beautiful green area. Read more about Candi Pawon is here...

    Руины храма Канди Мендут, Боробудур The Temple Of Kandy Mendut
    Руины храма Канди Мендут, Боробудур Sitting Buddha in Kandy Mendut, photos
  • Candi Pawon

    Is closer to a mile (the temple on the map). The entrance fee is also 3500 rupees. Very tiny, looks like a reduced copy of Candi Pawon. Read more about Candi Pawon is here...

    Руины храма Канди Павон, Боробудур The Temple Of Kandy Pavone

How to see the sunrise or sunset at Borobudur

The exact time of sunrise in Borobudur today: 05:46
The exact time of sunset in Borobudur today: 17:51

The meeting of sunset and sunrise in Borobudur is an unusual route, which even officially is not provided for sale. Officially, the access to Borobudur opens at 06:00, after sunset, and closes at 18:00, too early for sunset. To pass earlier or to stay, you need to purchase tickets for the tour through the archaeological Park associated with the hotel Manohara Hotel. This hotel is within the territory, and it at desire it is possible even to stop, however, it is not cheap:

If you want to see the sunrise, it is not necessary to stay in this hotel, but you need cash to buy a tour ticket from Manohara Hotel for 500,000 rupees (2512.42 RUB / $ 37). In the morning it is better to be at the entrance to the hotel as early as 04:20, when open the till to get a good seat, since wanting very much. After meeting dawn, you can stay in the archaeological Park, and see everything as a guest. The easiest way to get ready Borobudur Sunrise tours to meet the dawn in travel agencies on the street of Yogyakarta or online, will be even more profitable than to travel at night by taxi or to rent a car.

Find tours online (with reviews)

To meet the sunset can be purchased from the ticket for the sunset also over 450 000 rupees, or to buy a regular ticket and then pay.

Боробудур, Индонезия

While working Borobudur

06:00 – 17:15, seven days a week. How to meet the sunset or sunrise, see above.

Entrance fee to Borobudur

Below are the entrance fee as of 2020. The ticket price is pegged to the dollar and changing almost every six months. Check prices on the official website But the site is not working, sometimes you need to use a proxy server to open it.

Temple Adult (above 10 years) Children (3-10 years)
Borobudur temple (the main complex) 350 000 rupees (1758.69 RUB / USD 25) 210 000 rupees (1055.22 RUB / $ 15)
Borobudur temple (the main complex) + Prambanan 630 000 rupees (3165.65 RUB ./ $ 40) 378 000 rupees (1899.39 RUB / USD 25)
Borobudur temple (the main complex) + the Palace of Ratu Boko 630 000 rupees (3165.65 RUB / USD 40) 378 000 rupees (1899.39 RUB / USD 25)
Dawn at Borobudur 500,000 rupees (2512.42 RUB / $ 37) -
Guide (optional) 90 000 (452.24 RUB) -

For foreigners there is a separate office with a small place, in General a great place for local tourists to get up is not necessary. Payment can be made in cash in rupees or by credit card, dollars are not accepted.

How to see Borobudur and Prambanan on the same ticket

To visit both attractions offers a special single ticket that allows you to save about $ 10. These tickets can be purchased at the box office, here and there, but their sale does not advertise, so you need to ask the cashier "Ticket Package Borobudur – Prambanan". When shopping on the visits to the two sites given two days including the day of purchase, but each ticket is only a single entrance.

Read more about Prambanan and how to get it here...

How to get to Borobudur

Borobudur is located 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta, this city is the best base point for the visit (Borobudur on the map). It is also possible to visit with guided tours or independently from other towns and resorts on the island of Java and Bali. Details about how to get to Yogyakarta, see here...

To get to Borobudur in the following ways:

  • Tours

    Excursions to Borobudur are available from all popular tourist cities on the island of Java and from Bali. Bali tours are offered on the ground (2-3 days with an overnight stay in Yogyakarta) or by plane (one day). Much cheaper than you can get to Yogyakarta (see how and what to get to Yogyakarta), where to buy tour, but in any case will have to stay in the city. Tour price starts from 100,000 rupees (502.48 RUB) excluding entrance fees, and there are more expensive options with visits to other temples in the surrounding area and mount Merapi.

    Tours in Borobudur travel agencies in resort, or online at one of these trusted sites search and compare tours:

    Find tours online (with reviews)

  • By bus

    The bus journey involves several changes and will take at least 2 hours one way. In General the route to do just this, the buses run frequently, but end up moving after 16 hours.

    First you need to get to the bus station Jombor (station on the map) on the city bus 2A (from the railway station and Malioboro street) or 2V (from the Palace Kraton) for 3600 rupees. The station will need to catch the bus in the direction of Magelang for 25,000 rupees, but you need to go to the station Muntilan Bus Terminal in the village of Muntilan. All the drivers know where the tourists go, and usually are planted here, but better just in case to remind them not to drive. At this station you can take the Shuttle bus directly to Borobudur. In Borobudur bus stop a few hundred meters from the main entrance and box office.

  • Vans

    Travel agencies on the streets of Yogyakarta tourist minibuses are available in Brodeur and Prambanan. This is a very convenient and inexpensive way, but keep in mind that you are almost certainly on the way, will bring the factory of batik, which will "spin" on the purchase. Not necessarily to buy, but a waste of time. The cost of these trips from 80 000 rupees.

  • For leased vehicles

    This is the most comfortable way to explore the temples, since you can quickly explore the temples in the area, which are located within a radius of 5 kilometers from the main complex, and on different sides. It is best to rent a car or motorcycle (see transport Yogyakarta, than to move on), but you can do this route on the bike.

    When you arrive, you will have to pay 5000 rupees for Parking, and walk to the checkout. The Parking is very large, and leave you on the other side of the Church, so, remember a Parking spot, and even better, mark it in the Navigator, otherwise you will long to find your own transport.

The Map Of Borobudur

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