Resorts where to go in Bali

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Resorts where to go in Bali

It is customary to divide the island into southern, Central, Northern, Western, Eastern, and South-East of the island. The main resort and tourist places located in the southern and Central parts.

South Bali

The most popular tourist part of the island. Most of the Russian tourists is here, visiting other areas in the city. Here there are settlements Denpasar (Denpasar), Kuta (Kuta), Legian (Legian), Seminyak (Seminyak), Nusa Dua (Nusa Dua), Jimbaran (Jimbaran), Sanur (Sanur). Here is the international Ngurah Rai airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport). Geographically, the borders between the cities by and large are almost there, and starting from your hotel in Kuta, you can suddenly be in Seminyak.

  • Вот такое море почти всегда на пляжах Куты

    Kut. Once a quiet fishing village, Kuta has become one of the most popular and well-appointed resorts in Indonesia. It is a modern urban area with many hotels and restaurants for every taste and purse, large shopping centers. On the streets and on the beach annoying retailers make their living at the expense of Intrusive marketing their products to tourists and dishonest dealers earn their living by selling timeshares and tours at inflated prices. Very convenient location of the town – he almost bumps into the runway of Ngurah Rai airport.

    Kuta is a popular destination among tourists with low income surfers and "descendants of hippies". This is the perfect place in Bali for young people seeking entertainment. After sunset, the city plunges into the atmosphere of the nightlife and debauchery, although Pattayais, of course, still very far away.

    Interesting sights here, almost there, but surfing, beaches, shopping and evening entertainment and festivities of the abdomen rife. The beach is very nice and clean, despite the fact that almost always crowded. For beginners this is the perfect place - a sandy beach with no dangerous rocks or coral and regular moderate waves. If you do decided to join on the Board long surf instructors here, you will not have to search, just appear on the beach.

    As for the beach and ocean, there is always a wave. Constantly blowing wind, on the one hand, creates favorable climate, not giving to die from the heat, and on the other hand the waves are never-ending during the year. Only in the evenings when the wind dies down, you can more or less comfortably swim in the ocean. During the day the beaches of Kuta is a Paradise for surfers. The strongest waves are observed in summer, while in winter they are a little weaker. The tides do not greatly alter the appearance of the beach, just the water goes on.

    In Kuta you can find the most affordable hotels for the budget traveler, and a luxury five-star hotels.

  • Закат и отлив на Легиане

    Legian. Legian, as well as Kuta and Seminyak, located along the sandy beach between them. As already mentioned, the boundaries between the three cities, located in a chain from North to South almost wiped out, as almost erased and the differences between them.

    Legian is the same as Kuta, only a little quieter. Just a little bit. The music is a bit loud, people in the evenings on the street a little smaller. Surfers on the beach is a little less crazy. But everything else is the same. To know you are in Kuta or Legian, you can only either ask someone on the street, or if you know exactly what street is the border between the two cities.

    As well as Kuta - Legian is a great place for the young and energetic, if you don't have enough space in your hotel in Kuta, or you just mixed up two of the town.

    As for the beach and ocean, it is exactly the same as in Kuta - wavy and filled with surfers.

    As in Kuta, it is quite easy to pick up a cheap hotel for your stay.

  • Seminyak. Moving further North from Kuta to Legian, Legian to... get to Seminyak. Similarly, walking along the beach or along the main street in the opposite direction to Kuta, Legian you will go to Seminyak without even noticing. The picture is changing gradually and imperceptibly, becoming quieter and quieter, the traffic on the street is almost there. If so, then most likely you are already in Seminyak – a peaceful, quiet beach town.

    In Seminyak are a bit more expensive and comfortable hotels, sometimes located alone and with its beach. The stay here is serene and peaceful, as in the boarding house. In the evenings on the street you will find cafes and restaurants with you for grabbing the sleeves of the waiters at the entrance. And tourists on the street is almost there. The impression is that all the tourists were hiding in their rooms have air-conditioning.

    In General, if you are looking for a quiet and secluded getaway that you will not get it – then welcome to Seminyak. Just keep in mind that the sea here is the same as in Kuta: almost the entire year turbulent and wavy.

  • Sanur. Sanur is another quiet and peaceful town lying on the shores of the ocean. Sanur is the oldest beach resort of the island of Bali and one of the largest cities on the island.

    The accommodation here is more expensive than Kuta, but a bit cheaper than Nusa Dua. Great beaches with water sports and hotels, lots of greenery and fruit orchards, restaurants and modern entertainment centers are complemented by traditional Bali Bali theatrical performances and dances, allowing you to get a glimpse of the real Balinese culture and way of life of local residents. To recommend this place to families with children or Mature couples. A great combination of value, relaxation, and quality.

    Another plus in favor of this place, a calm ocean. This is one of the few places in Bali where at any time of the year you can swim and swim. The surfers have nothing to do here. However during low tide the water goes away, leaving mountains of algae. Therefore, choosing this place to stay, consider the time of the tides so the tides had on the night and the tides for the day.

    In the Russian travel bloggercom space there is a misconception that the tides depend on the time of day. Actually it is not, and never it is impossible to say, for example, that a particular resort there are tides in the morning and evening tides. To determine the level of the tides in Bali, algorithms are used based on the basis of statistical data.

    Schedule of the tides in Bali
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    Schedule of the tides on the island of Bali in detail ⧉
  • Jimbaran. Jimbaran is near Kuta, on the opposite side of the airport, and got its fame due to the large number of fresh seafood restaurants located along the beach. Like most local tourist towns, when he was a tiny fishing village, which is in fact now, if only to move hotels.

    In addition to great restaurants, Jimbaran has a very nice sandy beach, one of the best in Bali. A feature of the beach is that he seems to be located in a small Bay, obrazovannoi the southern tip of the island. And as a result, clear water and no waves. This makes Jimbaran is a good and safe place for families with children. And chain restaurants on the beach, from which in the evening offers stunning views of the sunset, completes the idyllic picture of the resort.

    The resort caters for families with high incomes, but even if you can't afford staying in a hotel Jimbaran, you should definitely spend at one of the local restaurants one evening, catching the sunset. Restaurant prices are not so bite. The main thing – to be able to bargain.

  • Denpasar. Denpasar – capital of Bali. The former name of the city Palace. This is a fairly large and busy city, located approximately 8 kilometers from the coast.

    On vacation here to think and not worth it. Here are few popular tourist attractions, but a lot of temples and museums that are worth a visit. The city is a great place for shopping, and a wide variety of shops will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    The city is its multinational composition, and therefore it is a great place to visit restaurants specializing in different regional and ethnic Indonesian cuisine.

    The main attraction of the town is the pasar Badung is the largest and liveliest on the island. The market is open daily, from early morning until late at night, and a must visit if you're in the city.

    The cost of living in the city is very low, and therefore, linger for a day or two in the city can afford the budget traveler. But perhaps the best choice would be to stay in one of the other cities in South Bali and Denpasar to attend a RAID or with a tour.

  • Nusa Dua Beach. Nusa Dua means two Islands. In the past this place was a mangrove swamp, and today, along the most luxurious and pristine beaches are the most luxurious hotels of the island.

    The peculiarity of this place is its isolation from the inhabitants of the island and the solitude, silence, high level of security and the high cost of hotels. As a result, no entertainment and the isolation from the real culture of the island. While staying here you will not be able to feel the spirit of Bali and explore the natural hospitality of its inhabitants. Many people compare this place with the nursing home, so if you are young and not rich, then you have nothing to do here.

    But just like in Sanur, here at any time of the year you can enjoy the quiet calm of the ocean. Only during low tide coming off a not very beautiful landscape of underwater algae, and the water level is so low that it is impossible to swim. Therefore, choosing this place to stay, consider the time of the tides so the tides had on the night and the tides for the day. To calculate the tides you can use the program downloaded from here or you can see online schedule of tides tides for the next seven days here

Central Bali

The Central part is mostly mountainous, with active volcanoes and volcanic lakes, temples, settlements, and famous for its Handicrafts and artwork. There are many interesting natural and man-made attractions: mountain lake Bedugul (Bedugul lake) and the temple of Ulun Danu Bratan next to him; fruit plantations and rice terraces, the monkey forest in Ubud, the village of woodcarvers of Mas (Mas); celuk village (Celuk) famous for their jewellery, mainly from silver, etc.

Tourists from Russia usually offer one or two nights in the cultural heart of Bali – Ubud, and it's worth it.

  • Ubud. Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. It is the center of decorative arts of the island. Much of the city consists of shops and galleries of artists, craftsmen carving wood and stone.

    Major shopping centres, lively bars and entertainment you will not find here. The beach here is not in sight. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in a hotel room without a TV, because it's a place where you can rest from the benefits of civilization, deeply absorbed in himself. Of course you'll find on the street, a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy local dishes, but is unlikely to find a bustling bar with blaring music and a crowd of drunk young people.

    In the same way as in most other tourist areas, you will be able to find budget accommodation and very comfortable and expensive. And here you can find a really cheap and quite comfortable and clean accommodation.

    Read more about Ubud and its attractions here.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Leo January 9, 2017
About Kuta, a very correct information. My wife after a visit to Bali (Nusadua) came to the conclusion that settles need in Kuta. First, there is the beach and surfing. Secondly, cheap hotels with normal food. Thirdly, lots of cafes and shops. In addition, Kuta is much closer than Nusadua to all attractions. Generally Nusadua Indonesians call themselves a resort for the rich. Kuta is more practical for all reasons. ...
Marina.Krasnova January 16, 2017
I was way too interested in this issue. Where in Bali is the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in November are going there. ...
October 31, 2017
Assessing the scale of the disaster, and to be more precise, the size of the island, I realized that it is easier to live in different places for a few days, than each time to spend half a day on the road to dobirat where necessary. The solution was not quite correct because worn out to pack your bags every 4 days. But it was possible to identify the optimal place to stay.
All the same, the area Seminyak the most comfortable. But it is better he stays not in Seminyak, but a little above it, that is. There is chudestny village with very affordable housing and to Seminyak's doorstep, no more than 7 minutes on the bike. The biggest plus that this location allows partly to avoid the Balinese traffic jams during rush hour and saves a lot of time on the road, in whatever direction you are moving. And the place is calm, there are inexpensive, non-touristy, restaurants. Shops with nice local not tourist prices. And, of course, the district of Seminyak and Kuta are close enough that it was absolutely not boring neither day nor night. And Jimbaran is not something that would be right so far with location. 30-40 minutes maybe.
The truth is this location is suitable only for those who have already settled in Asia and is not afraid to ride a bike.
But if more and Northern part of the island you want to visit - it is necessary for a few days to stay in Ubud. All the same, road to Bali because of the traffic and exhaust fumes of hell. It is better to optimize the logistics and less time to spend on the road. ...
Katerina1 20 January, 2018
now it's brutal what's going on.. I think better not to go there now.. ...
minister 25 July, 2018
Nusa Dua – the most luxurious resort in Bali, the hallmark of which is the abundance of hotels of high category.
It covers an area located in the southern part of the island, and walking through it, you can meet world famous name hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton or Hayatt.
For this reason the resort is considered one of the most popular places among fans of prestigious guests.
Nusa Dua is located 25 kilometers from Bali's capital city, but despite this, it's very secluded place, closed off from the rest of the world. The resort originated in the 80-ies, and in its basis the idea was to isolate the fans a relaxing and leisurely holiday from locals, tourists surrounding green lawns, clean sidewalks, smooth roads and no noise.
Tourists relaxing at private and municipal beaches of Nusa Dua, not bothering merchants and hotels working staff with perfect English. Instead of varungu (cafe with cheap food) everywhere three-star restaurants and Parking. The local beaches are the best on the island, and a modern infrastructure are the envy of any other "Paradise" resort.
Of the advantages of staying in Nusa Dua include:
Pristine beaches without a hint of debris.
Availability of sun loungers and parasols;
A variety of water sports;
Souvenir shops;
Hotels with swimming pools, gyms, spas.
On the vast territory of Nusa Dua, not just what is in the rest of the island – noisy clubs, discos, pesky salesmen and merry tourists, but an abundance of beautiful natural scenery and solitude. From entertainment the resort includes a Golf course, a private surfing-TSE ...
admin July 25, 2018
minister, on that website, from where you have copied the information about Nusa Dua, painted all the charms of the resort, but for some reason I forgot to write that this kind of "travel reservation". Well, it is understandable, they also sell tours, so the description as is. In fact, the passage and the passage to the territory of Nusa Dua, going through the checkpoint with security, and on-site Parking paid at check-in time. Ie stopping in Nusa Dua on the transport in any case you will pay, even if you just ride around the area. IMHO, this district is not alone. Sense to come all this way to be isolated it from the rest of the island zone, its culture and real life :roll: ... Only if the rest from the world, I guess. ...
Marsten 18 August, 2018
admin, let You bet.
We have been to Bali twice. In the past year - Nusa Dua. This year - Seminyak. Those are two completely different holidays. And if last year's experience was a 10 out of 10, if the first trip to Bali was Seminyak, it would have been the last.
The difference is striking.
Nusa Dua Beach. Yes, at the entrance really worth the transaxle. But the main problem it does not take money, and let there only tourists and not to local sellers glasses handkerchiefs. So they were very small. Cars check visually the appearance of the passengers. If "white" - smile and go. Racism of course ). As for the Board - never paid. Maybe if You drive in a rented car, you can take (don't know, we didn't take the car out). Taxi drivers and hired drivers do not pay anything.
The beach is clean and without waves. The hotel sunbeds were free. Next paid 50 thousand rupees (approx 250 rubles) for a sunbed. Go to the waiters with the menu of the next cafe.
Move. From the residence to the beach was about 500 meters. Trying to walk, the staff is in shock and reacted that we were there and back have to carry the machine. And drove) In any restaurant of the hotel - the car of the hotel. From the restaurant to the hotel - the car of the restaurant. Of expenditure on transport - only tours.
So Your slightly frightening feature places such as "travel reservation" might and right, only in reverse, as it were. "Reservation in which the Indians did not ridicule, and are on hand".
Now Seminyak (ibid Kuta, Jimbaran ibid).
First, immediately have to prepare for the fact that the pedestrian here - not the person. We were (and even now still here) - near the center of Seminyak. Pass 300-400 meters is an adventure ka ...
admin 19 August, 2018

And what to argue, I really wrote it the same resorts? Just the opposite.
As far as your opinion about Seminyak, it is the place to be, it's your opinion. Don't be so bad and categorical about it, because hundreds of thousands of tourists every year "vote" for traditional resorts and not "reservation" that keep going back there. And that this is real life Islands now as in Seminyak and in other places, what do you think that in Bali there are some places as it was before? Such places are almost there. ...
mouse 2 December, 2018
Kuta is incomparable! ...
avelon March 18, 2020
Even Kuta is not advised, as there is completely narcomania and noise, but in Nusa Dua is a luxurious holiday. Ubud is also great, if you the sea is not the priority, as it is mostly tropical Lesja mountains ...