Bali: General information, weather, seasons, time

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General information about Bali

Туристическая карта Бали

Bali (Bali) — island in the Malay archipelago, in the group of the lesser Sunda Islands, in the state of Indonesia. Is bounded to the South by the Indian ocean, from the North — Bali sea Pacific ocean. The West is separated by the Bali Strait from the island of Java, from the East — Lambskin Strait from Lombok island.

The island area is 5.6 thousand sq km, and its length is 147 km from East to West and 80 km from North to South.

Pronunciation: the accent of the word Bali to be on the first syllable, the letter "a". However, among the Russian tourists is much more common to hear the pronunciation with the accent on the second syllable.

Bali is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations on the planet.

According to the poll of the world's major magazines about travel, Bali is called the most interesting place to travel and vacation in the world. And in 2010 he was recognized as the best island in the world by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Stay on Bli combines friendly and hospitable people, rich culture with ancient temples and enchanting dances, spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving, a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Nature on the island is very diverse and captivates with its spectacular scenery. In General – "Paradise island".

Weather, seasons, the climate in Bali

To visit Bali is possible and necessary throughout the year. The temperature throughout the year varies slightly, and the daytime temperature is always in the range of 20-33 degrees. In the ocean year-round temperature below 26 degrees. On the island even on the hottest days of constant light breeze blows, and the heat is transferred easily.

Remember that Bali is in the southern hemisphere (at the equator), and respectively the hot and cool seasons we have on the island opposite: when we have winter, Bali hot; when we have summer, Bali is cool.

High season and best time for tourist visits Bali island is the period from July to August. It was during this period on the island arrive large crowds of tourists, and the increase in prices begins in early may, as soon as it becomes dry, but still relatively cool.

The rainy season in Bali (December to March) is the peak arrival of Russian tourists. The humidity in this period reaches 95%. Most often, the rainfall comes in the night, and the rains only an hour or two and falls out locally, all the while the sun shines. In the daytime the sky can sometimes be overcast or clouds, but because of the constant winds, the clouds are fast moving and the situation is changing very quickly. However, even under a cloud covered sky it's hot and you can get a sunburn. It is worth to note that during the rainy season, sometimes you may have problems with transport links, and for lovers of mountain tours and scuba diving it is better to choose the dry season (unlike resort areas, where it is warm year round, mountains in winter, cool weather).

In the dry season from April to October, the sky is cloudless almost every day, and the weather is clear.

Current weather in Bali (Kuta) and forecast

Time in Bali

The time in Bali ahead of Moscow is +5 hours from summer to winter is not translated.

The current time in Bali*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +5 Samara: +4
Kazan: +5 Nizhny Novgorod: +5
Ekaterinburg: +3 Novosibirsk: +1
Irkutsk: 0 Vladivostok: -2
* - if time is incorrect, refresh the page Ctrl+F5:

Culture, tradition and religion of Bali

Bali, like "a state within a state", is very different in its cultural and religious characteristics from the rest of Indonesia. At that time, as the majority of the population of Indonesia is Muslim, Bali is the island of Bali Hinduism - "Hindu Dharma" or the full name of "Agama Hindu Dharma". Only about 5% of the island's population is Muslim. Balinese Hinduism is a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism and local cults of the ancient animicheskih. The deities of the religion are Brahma — the Creator of the world, Vishnu is the embodiment of power, and Shiva the destroyer.

As in many developing countries, religion to the greatest extent determines the life, culture and traditions of the local population.

The religiosity of the Balinese receives expression in the many temples. Them on the island, there are more than twenty thousand, and any of them can be visited by the tourist. According to the local rules of each village is obliged to build and maintain at least three temples: Pura puseh (initial Church) located at the Kaja (pure) side of the village, Pura DESA (village temple) in the center of the daily activities of the rural community and the Pura Dalem (temple of the dead) in kelod (impure) side of the village.

Balinese culture is unique. Bali is often called theater state. Dance and drama since time immemorial played a major role in the lives of the Balinese. Dancing feels amazing festive atmosphere and the mysterious beliefs of the Balinese. Particularly popular dances: Legong, Barong and Kecak. Balinese dance and music gained popularity and are one attraction for visitors to the island. Dances are extremely visual and dramatic, though not familiar to our ears.

No less than the dance of Bali known for its art crafts: painting, wood carving and bone, ornaments of silver and of gold, pottery, sculptures of stone and limestone. The shades of these crafts can be seen on the island wherever you are. All hotels on the island built in a unique national style, and even in your room you will find copies of the works of local artisans. In countless shops you can buy unique Souvenirs – from small wooden figurines to huge stone statues. Artisans of various types of joint and live and work in different localities of the island: Tohpati exclusive batik; Maas — carving; Cheluk — jewelry; Ubud, the world famous center of art.

Interestingly, even the cuisine in Bali is much different from the rest Indonesian. Besides, islanders make a distinction between Balinese food and Balinese cuisine. The first is the traditional Balinese dishes, prepared in the homes of the natives and in a simple café (warung); the second involves a set of dishes (traditional and borrowed), which is served in restaurants on the island. The basis of many dishes is rice, corn, sweet potatoes, sago, jackfruit. Dishes made from seafood and traditionally served, will be able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Balinese people are very hospitable and friendly people. They are helpful, charming and cheerful. Religious canons taught in schools, but the main means of imposition of morality is the theater.

The basis of Balinese society is a hereditary caste system, but not so strict as in India. It is customary to call a person according to his caste: Brahmins, Shatriya, Wesia and Sudra (90% of the population), and for the most part, the caste system is confined. People from lower caste it is not made to look with a high, virtually no restrictions in the choice of profession.

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