Things to do in Bali (Indonesia): the SPA at Bali

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СПА на Бали

Heading to Bali, just being on the plane, many tourists are looking forward not so much warm sea and exotic holiday, and many from unforgettable experiences in the SPA-salons. Asian service and recipes for preserving youth is famous throughout the world. And in Bali, you can experience the bliss from the care of body and face. Who-who, and cheerful Balinese people know how to use SPA to relax the body and bring harmony to the soul and mind.

If you still don't know what SPA is, it is a treatment and therapy related to water. Initially, SPA treatments got its named after the Belgian health resort Spa, famous for its healing waters. Over time, this word became so popular that included other types of therapies, mainly associated with recreation and relaxation. Today, SPA treatments include thalassotherapy, therapy with seaweed, salts, water jets, mineral baths, herbal medicine, medicinal plants, scrubs, masks, massage and much more.

SPA centers on Bali is in every good hotel. In five-star hotels, they even acknowledged world leaders in provide cosmetic services.

However, do not have to settle in a five star hotel in Balito get SPA treatments. In every district of Bali, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur you will find many SPA-salons. Walking in the streets, you can see how they are a riot of signs with the list of services. Once inside, you'll find yourself in another world - a world where there is Nirvana, peace and tranquility. What can we say about the design that is thought through, there is nothing superfluous, only natural materials, simplicity, airiness and of course the wonderful aromas floating like elves through the cabin.

The same list of services available at SPA in Bali, just huge. This cleansing, rejuvenating Facials, various body wraps using ingredients such as papaya, coffee, green tea, avocado, seaweed. And of course massage... to Visit Bali and experience the relaxing effect from the skilful hands of Balinese persons, just a huge omission. During the massage, usually used oil, which include many spices, herbs and flowers grown only in Bali. Among the proposed SPA packages are based on ancient Balinese traditions of the treatment of the case.

If you order a comprehensive package of care services for face and body, this usually consists of a foot massage. In a small bath with the addition of water with slices of lime and smooth pebbles, you wash, massage your feet, preparing to basic procedures. Then going to a separate apartment, you will relax with a massage of the head and face. This is followed by a body scrub. And after a shower you will find a wonderful bath. For example, milk bath with herbs and flowers, or bath with sea water or with Lotus flowers.

Be sure to try the stone massage warm volcanic stones soaked in spices.

Don't be surprised if during the wrapping of the body, for example, will be covered with palm leaves. Five minutes the body will feel an incredible freshness, even cool, but soon you will feel warmth and relaxation. Then, washing the body with the remnants of the gel, the effect of the procedure is immediately noticeable. The skin becomes smooth, soft and velvety.

Cost of services as SPA centres varies on average from 15 to 120 dollars. The price depends not only on location (in five-star hotels and reputable salons in them, of course, everything is much more expensive), but also on program procedures. The cheapest way to get SPA treatments in the salons on the streets. Usually in these Lounges are inviting tourists on the street pretty girls, so you don't even have to look for such places. But don't forget about the most elementary precautions, particularly in the cheap places: there have been cases of thefts of personal items in such stores. And get detailed information about the offered services and procedures from a variety of promotional brochures, including in the Russian language, which you can find at the reception of hotels, travel agencies and places of a congestion of tourists.

Having experienced an unforgettable experience after visiting a SPA salon in Bali, you want to come here again and again, only to once again plunge into the magic world of flower island.

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admin 19 July, 2018

On the island of Bali not so much exotic fruits, especially during their off-season ripening, and the prices are quite high. How do local justify such a high price: the island is small and there is almost nothing growing and all imported, so expensive. But I am inclined to them a little do not trust and think that high prices probably because of the desire to earn more money. If you search well away from the tourist places on the stalls and markets, you can find cheaper, but still prices are higher than in Thailand. For example, in may, I failed to find in Bali mango cheaper than 40000 rupees per kilogram, which is about 175 rubles, in Turkestan take even more expensive. And in Bangkok, at the same time in the supermarket and on the street local mango is from 25 baht per kilogram, which is 50 rubles. ...
mouse 2 December, 2018
Kuta is incomparable! ...
nasamomdele 13 December, 2018
Everyone knows that Bali is a Paradise. But few people know that in this Paradise there is another small Paradise. Or rather three small Paradise in Paradise. This is the Gili Islands. But in this story we will talk about only one of them is Gili air.
The majority of tourists vacationing in Bali, do not even suspect that there are some very interesting small Islands with no cars, go carts and horses and power outages. We subtracted the island before the trip and included it in your itinerary. It was two wonderful days of our Bali holiday.
Transfer to Gili can be purchased at any local travel Agency. Prices vary from RS 350 000 to infinity. The average asking 500,000 rupees per person. As we traveled to Gili air from Ubud, we, of course, needed for the transfer. Boats to the Gili Islands depart from the pier of Padang Bay and runs a huge number of them from various travel agencies. We went to a couple of such travel agencies and, of course, chose the cheapest option. But if we knew what lies ahead for the economy. Looking ahead, say: "do Not take transfer of the company Hangari!". On the appointed day and time, we, with all the suitcases and enthusiasm, waiting for your Shuttle and here it is! Chic minivent, appearance survived a nuclear explosion, which in addition to the four of us were only a couple from Korea and all. Gone with the wind, but got stuck in traffic and the driver decided to go round a roundabout way. Jungles, villages, roads and then the door of the trunk open and suitcases Korean couples fall on the road, and we continue to go. Of course after a few meters, the driver stopped and loaded them back, but the situation repeated itself two more times and it was fun. Upon arrival at the port we were greeted by local ...
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nasamomdele 29 April, 2019
Decided to tell you about the most hilarious taxi driver in Bali, but still with a good price for transportation. I highly recommend to all. He just charged us for the entire vacation. If you need a Shuttle service, would recommend. An-Chung - +62 819 1673 1213
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WAOi8kZ1Tts ...
nasamomdele May 5, 2019
While driving to the waterfall, at the traffic lights with us passed a local man and began to question where we are and where we're going. The result was that he in Bali has its own coffee plantation instead of a waterfall we went to see him. The result was a story about a coffee plantation. Although the plantation it is difficult to call, rather small farm. He gave us a tour, gave to try cocoa straight from the tree, showed how to grow ginger, pineapple and many more. Showed us animals that make the most expensive coffee in Bali. Coffee which everyone wants to try but shy to say. Coffee Luwak. The name of the animal. Which is digested coffee, I'm sorry, she poops them and this product is roasted to get the most expensive coffee in Bali. What do you think about this coffee? Has anyone tried, liked or nonsense?
7LXlVtktK5U ...

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