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Train travel in Indonesia is best developed on the island of Java. To reach by train from the capital Jakarta it is possible to all the most popular tourist cities, but where the trains do not go, can always be reached by rail to the nearest station and take the bus. Theoretically, you can even drive on the island of Bali with a stopover for the ferry and then the bus, but from Jakarta first have to get on the same train to Surabaya, and then catch another train to Banyuwangi (Banyuwangi).

On the other major island of Sumatra railway communication is developed not so well: there is only one branch for passenger trains of distant following.

Read more about trains of Indonesia and how they travel read more:

Пригородный поезд в Джакарте

What trains in Indonesia

Long-distance trains are comfortable and quite modern. If you had a chance to ride the old commuter trains in Jakarta, do not worry, long-distance trains are quite different.

However, the beds, even in the long-distance trains not, only seats. All trains and carriages of long-distance air-conditioned, and even too much. Take warm clothes for night journeys, in shorts and t-shirt will freeze very hard. They have toilets in each car, sockets 220V, meals. In the middle of the train has a special car.

There are three classes of comfort trains, which differ in cost, keep this in mind when buying tickets:

  • Eksekutif class (Executive) – the most expensive and comfortable class. The seats rotate around its axis, recline, a table for drinks and food. But, most importantly, each passenger has his own individual seat, the armrest separated from the next, as in the plane.

  • Bisnis class (Business) – average value. The seats do not recline, the total for two passengers, i.e. not separated by handles.

  • Ekonomi class (Economy) is the cheapest class. Does not differ from the previous one, except that the quality of the seats and the upholstery (a little tougher) and less legroom between the seats. Also, there are seats for three passengers.

The difference in price between the classes is palpable, more than twice, so if you don't much matter to sleep on akinator seat in Eksekutif class, you can buy a cheaper class. But not all routes have all three classes, most often the choice of only two.

And yet, it is not advised to go to the cheapest Ekonomi class longer than 2-4 hours and on night crossings, it is better to forget. Sitting in Ekonomi class just plastic without any upholstery, back completely vertical, no recline. Expect to lie on the seat is also not necessary, since usually the class is full. So sleep and rest during the night crossing does not work, you will be squeezed like a lemon.

Вагон Ekonomi class в Индонезии The car is Ekonomi class

Where to find the schedule

Train timetables can be found on the websites (English), (in Indonesian, but in General you can understand).

As we mentioned above, different trains to different cities depart/arrive from different stations, and search by schedule you can't just ask city and get all the options, be sure to specify station. Therefore, to obtain the most complete results we need to check all the stations in the city of departure and arrival, but that again is bad, the names of the stations in the city need to know. Here for reference information that will help you:

  • In Jakarta, the two main of the station: Gambir (GMR) – it trains high-class Eksekutif class; station Pasar Senen (PSE) – it is only with economy class Ekonomi class.
  • Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta): choose Tugu Yogyakarta (YK).
  • Solo (Surakarta or Solo): choose Solobalapan (SLO).
  • Surabaya (Surabaya): choose Surabaya Pasar Turi (SBI) to/from Jakarta; choose Surabaya Gubeng (SGU) to Solo (Solo), Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta), Bandung (Bandung), Probolinggo (Probolinggo), Banyuwangi (Banyuwangi), Jember.
  • Banyuwangi (Banyuwangi): choose Banyuwangi Baru to get to the station near the ferry to Bali.

Where and how to buy tickets

Tickets for trains in Indonesia are best to buy in advance sale opens 90 days before travel. Moreover, you can buy them while still at home during the travel planning via the Internet. And the sooner you buy, the cheaper they will cost, because it has a special tariff system as in aviation, where blocks of seats in the same cars are different. Buy cheap first, then more, and if you buy the tickets already before the trip, you are likely to have already buy the most expensive.

Discounts for children and pensioners there, all the tickets for kids 3 years and above are charged as an adult, and children under 3 travel free provided that they will not occupy a separate seat.

Still speaking of cost, the tickets are not that cheap, especially the most comfortable Eksekutif class . Despite the fact that it is the seats, they are more expensive than travel in Russian trains for the same distance compartment. But the lower class has cheaper by almost two times, if you buy in advance.

When you purchase tickets to a particular class of train you will be prompted to choose a subclass (Subclass). You need to choose the cheapest, in fact no difference between them. These subclasses is just the same blocks of seats with different price.

The system of boarding passes

When you purchase tickets through the sites, travel agencies, terminals, the system of boarding passes, like on airplanes. After purchasing your ticket you will receive an e-ticket with an alphanumeric code and a QR code, but with them you directly to the boarding pass can not. Using these codes, at the departure station at an electronic terminal (Check-in counter) you have to get your boarding pass orange color, which can already go to the landing.

Similarly, the purchase of paper tickets at the box office: if you purchase your ticket more than three days before dispatch, you will receive a blue ticket with the codes, which is also in the terminal you will need to exchange for a boarding pass.

Get your boarding pass only at the station, where you will go, and it can be done at any time, even for a few days before the trip, but not later than 10 minutes before landing.

Attention! At some small station that are not yet equipped with electronic terminals, you can take the train via or blue ticket from the cash register.

Now, where and how to buy tickets:

  • At the station

    Already in Indonesia, you can come to any station and buy tickets there. But remember that the later you buy them the more expensive. Sometimes a few days before sending do not buy tickets or Bisinis in Eksekutif class. The greatest influx of passengers observed during the Chinese new year and Ramadan.

    To purchase necessarily need a passport for all passengers. On large station equipped with electronic queue. While you wait in line, you can fill out a paper form specifying the place of departure and arrival date and time, and give it to the cashier. The cashier stations may be separated for different types of trains (long-distance and commuter) and classes. Also there are some cash to buy tickets on the same day, or to purchase in advance.

    Also at major stations there are electronic terminals, where bypassing the queue to buy a ticket. Their interface is in Indonesian, but in General everything is clear, or use the help of the staff, they are sometimes on duty outside the terminal. The payment terminal is made in cash bills.

  • Travel agencies

    Travel agents on the streets of popular tourist cities sell tickets for trains for all directions. To buy them safe, but will have to pay a Commission. Presumably, they just book you tickets through the official website of the Railways of Indonesia.

  • Through the official website

    Railways of Indonesia is there a website with online ticket purchase - he's only in Indonesian, and through it you can pay only a local Bank card. But I can watch schedule, even in Indonesian there everything is simple and clear.

  • Through the Agency's website

    The website gives you the opportunity to book tickets online with any payment card. This is the official Agency working with the Railways, and adds to the cost of a small Commission of approximately 1.5 U.S. dollar.

    When searching, note that every major city has several railway stations, and trains leave/arrive not all of them. Thus, it sometimes happens that trains high class travel from one station, and lower on the other. So if your search does not give the desired results, try other stations in the city (see above in section "Where to learn the schedule").

    When you try to pay the ticket by credit card you may have a problem: some cards are not accepted. But this problem is solved. For this you will need via the online chat (it will appear on the page for entering personal information) to report the problem. There you will likely be asked to report the details of the passport and the card, or to send them a photo/scan to e-mail address. It can be done, but just not allowed to give/send the reverse side of the card with CVV code. When you send, your card will include a "white list", and then the payment will take place.

    After payment you will receive a special alpha-numeric booking code and QR code. One of them will need to use to obtain a boarding pass at the terminal at the departure station that needs to be done no later than 10 minutes before departure schedule.

  • Terminals in stores Indomart

    Some shops national retail chain Indomart there are electronic terminals in which you can buy tickets. They are in Indonesian, but perhaps you can. Here are some tips:

    1. You need to select the menu: i-tiket, Kereta Api next.
    2. Next, choose the route (don't forget that you need to specify station names and not cities) and the number of passengers: Dewasa – number of adults (including children of 3 years or more), Infant – children up to 3 years.
    3. Next, choose the class. In each class there are subclasses with different price, choose the cheapest.
    4. On the next page enter the details of passports of all passengers.
    5. After that, the machine will issue a receipt to pay at the checkout in the store.

In extreme cases, contact the shop staff will help you.

Other useful information about trains in Indonesia

  • Smoking is prohibited on all trains.
  • Each car has one or two toilets, but there is no soap or toilet paper, take.
  • Air conditioners in cars work mercilessly, so for night journeys take warm clothes, it will not prevent even a jacket or blanket.
  • All classes have limits on the weight of the free baggage allowance is 20 kg. If you have excess, you need to pay for each kilo from 2,000 to 10,000 rupees (that's only 0.15 – 0.75 USD, see the exchange rate of the currency of Indonesia). Payment is made on special racks weighing, and better to prepare it in advance yourself, but not when it turns out during landing.
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