The Indian currency: money, credit cards, checks

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The exchange rate of India against the ruble/dollar/Euro

Rate of Indian currency (rupees) is almost 1 to 1 equal to the ruble, but the rupee is still a bit cheaper. Taking into account the losses from the translation of rubles into dollars and back into rupees this difference, it is possible not to consider, and a quick recalculation of the value of rupees to rubles just translate them one-to-one, i.e., 500 rupees equivalent to 500 rubles.

The exchange rate (Indian rupee) today ()

1000 rupee (INR) = 962,38 rubles (RUB)
1 Euro (EUR) = 83,32 INR
100 rubles (RUB) = 103,91 INR
1 United States dollar (USD) = 75,94 INR
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Money, currency in India

Деньги Индии

The Indian currency – Indian rupee (currency code INR). 1 rupee consists of 100 paise (paise), but you will hardly be able to face off, in the sphere of tourist services, they almost never occur. But if you got in change when buying in local stores, be sure to leave the coins as a souvenir.

Rupees are found in the form of coins 1, 2, 5, 10, and banknotes 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 2000. Banknotes of the same denomination are of different design, very different in appearance.

What currency is best to take to India

In India it is best to take us dollars. Euros are also accepted for exchange, but not everywhere (if we are talking about hotels or exchange shops), and if it's slightly unprofitable, than that of the dollar. If you change dollars, they always accept with pleasure and without question.

Rubles to India to take not worth it. Even if you will find the exchange rate will be extremely unfavorable.

Where to change currency in India

You can exchange money on arrival at the airport in exchange offices, banks, hotels, exchange offices on the streets and in jewelry stores.

The most unfavorable rate at the airport, so upon arrival change only the necessary minimum amount to get to a tourist spot where it will be possible to change at a more favorable rate.

The best rate in the exchange offices on the street and in jewelry stores. If you are an experienced traveler and know how to communicate, it is best to go to the jewelry shop, where you can even bargain in the exchange, and buy a few dozen rupees at the exchange.

Keep in mind that some exchange offices, including IV airport and in banks, may further include a fee for the exchange. If you posted the ad "No Comission", it does not guarantee that it really is not, because before you can always justify that this announcement about exchange rupees for dollars, for example. Why it is better to exchange to find out how much you'll receive money, and only after that to transfer the currency. Otherwise, if you pass bills and get the exchange, which was not expected, nothing you can do about it.

Plastic cards and travellers cheques

Plastic cards in India are accepted, but not everywhere and with some reluctance, preferring cash. However, in tourist areas you can pay by card anywhere: in a hotel, store, restaurant, coffee shop. Tickets and entrance to sights card you can pay in very rare places.

There are ATMs almost everywhere, except in the remotest of remote villages. Money ATMs give out strictly in rupees, in addition to the fee your Bank may hold on the Board of the local Bank but there are ATMs without additional fee. The size of the fee is displayed on the screen before you confirm the withdrawal, but only local. That will keep your Bank per transaction, is not displayed. In General, withdrawal of cash at ATM is less profitable than the exchange of cash, and if you decide to withdraw, it is better to do it all at once in large amounts, so it will be cheaper.

In the tourist office there is a special service of cash withdrawal with the card, called "Cash Advance". During this operation, your card is charged the money for the purchase (you do not pay Commission to your Bank for cash withdrawals), but you get the cash minus the Commission of "obnalichniki", this is usually 2-3%. To determine whether it is beneficial to you, you need to know how many holds for the withdrawal in the ATMs of your Bank.

And yet, many banks in India refers to the number of potentially harmful to make payments on the cards, so before you travel call your Bank (this can be done at the support number shown on the map), and specify whether it is to work there, and what you need to do to it was not blocked after the first operation.

Traveller's cheques are accepted in India. There are, in particular, and authorized services whose addresses can be found on the website The exchange rate on the checks can be found even more profitable than cash.

Prices in India

Traditionally, it is accepted that India is a cheap country. Basically the way it is, but after the fall of the ruble prices for services and food for the Russians were the same as in a provincial town. If to compare with Moscow, the prices are a little lower.

With the exception of hotels and guesthouses, that even after the fall of the Russian currency is still affordable, compared to Russian hotels. Good hotel room with 2-3 stars will cost from 1,000 rubles, and budget accommodation in the Guesthouse it is possible to find from 400 rubles for a double room.

Tipping in India

Tips in India are not mandatory and depend solely on your decision. No one will be offended and will not make you worse if you do not give, but if you thank all the hotel staff, taxi driver, the rickshaw, the waiter in a cafe or restaurant next time you will be a special guest, and the quality of service will improve.

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Moved your topic from Phuket.
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