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Traditions of behavior

India is a unique country, where a high level is adhered to the traditions and rules of conduct. Although tourists are usually seen as the honorable guests of the country and ignorance of their traditions are treated with understanding, knowledge of the basic rules will help avoid trouble in some cases, and will make your stay in India more interesting and relaxing.

Tips for respecting local traditions, to avoid trouble:

  • The majority of Hindus strictly adhere to the religious requirements in terms of clothing, dwellings, temples, Holy men, communication between the sexes. So don't wear too revealing clothes. Hands women should be covered up to the elbow. Eliminate from your wardrobe of mini-skirts, shorts, thin tight pants. Fashionistas in General is a bit pribavit dust, and dress toconservative not to wear tight clothes. In any case, do not sunbathe Topless.
  • When visiting temples and dwellings always remove shoes. Often must remove their shoes even when entering a restaurant or shop.
  • Go around the temples, stupas, lingams and other religious structures in a clockwise direction only.
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  • Not every temple is available to visiting foreigners. Before entering the temple in which you do not see other tourists, ask if you to enter into it.
  • The legs of the Hindus are considered impure because it is absolutely unacceptable to point out someone or something with your foot, touch anything or anyone with it.
  • The left hand is considered unclean (guess what it is used in the absence of toilet paper), and because you can use it only when absolutely necessary. We can not apply the left hand in greeting, show it to someone, to take food or to transfer items.
  • Do not be surprised that you may be unfamiliar with a resident of India may offer some moments of your life that are considered too personal in our society. Hindus traditionally there is no concept of personal space, and besides, they are very curious. Moreover, interest in the Affairs of another person is considered polite. Don't be shy to ask similar questions, the other person will be flattered manifested interest.
  • Do not touch the locals don't clap them on the shoulder and don't hug. Invasion of physical space will be perceived as an insult. The same applies to Indian children.
  • Do not give children money. If you give them money once, they will chase you, holding hands, everywhere. They will wait for you at the exit of the hotel and follow you until you leave this place.

Crime, crime and General security

In India, as in most Asian countries, low level of violent crime. The chance of becoming a victim of such crimes as murder, burglary, robbery are very low. In many large cities and tourist places of India there is a special tourist police. Although the police is no better than the rest, first and foremost, you need to contact the tourist police if only because of the language barrier.

However, India also has the reputation of the country in which it is very easily fall victim to petty theft, fraud, sexual harassment (mostly for women). But fortunately most of the possible problems can be avoided, if not disregarded common sense, be careful and attentive, to respect local traditions and customs.

It should also be borne in mind that in India there are events related to political terrorism, inter-communal and inter-religious conflicts. To avoid them, first and foremost, I will refrain from visiting regions of the country where such events are taking place. It is, first and foremost, Kashmir, Jammu, border areas with Pakistan. You should also avoid visiting Assam, Nagaland, Tripura and Mainpuri, the South-Eastern States bordering Bangladesh. Also in 2008-2009, there were outbreaks of violence in Bangalore , Ahmedabad , new Delhi and Mumbai.

Read also the article about ways of keeping money and documents while traveling.

Tips for safety:

  • Always follow the basic precautions as in any other country: do not leave wallet, documents and valuables unattended, including on the beach; do not trust the locals (and indeed anyone) if they promise to look after your things; beware of pickpockets; do not carry large sums of money; always close the door in the hotel room; do not walk on dark and remote streets.
  • Don't go alone without a guard or guide in trekking or remote non tourist areas.
  • Not too trust street travel agencies, or street selling of tickets or tours. The risk of significantly overpay or be left without money and tickets/tours. Better to buy tickets in official ticket offices, and excursions in the audited agencies (for example in your hotel or on the recommendation) or the guides.
  • Rumor has it that in India you can meet the fraudsters who have a certain gift may a hypnosis that can make you give them all your savings. It is unknown how true this is, but to avoid such trouble, be vigilant and not carry large sums of money that you can lure or steal.
  • Check your restaurant bill, checks, stores, counts the amount of the purchase on your calculator.
  • If you have any problems with the rickshaw or taxi driver (if you are sure that you cheated for the price, delivered not there), threatened him with police or feel free to contact the nearest police. Rickshaw and taxi drivers are licensed and value their license, so the meeting with the police may result in more trouble than you with them.
  • In India the locals are very afraid of water. Even the fishermen, and they do not know how to swim. Keep this in mind when you pull on the exploits of the sea. No one will come to help.
  • Do not be fooled by offers Indian entrepreneurs quickly make you rich. It is 100% Scam and they will just leave you without money. Even if it looks very realistic (to buy here very cheap and sell it expensive), remember that free cheese only in a mousetrap. Do not engage with them in discussions or conversations. Just apologize and say that you are not interested.
  • For women, a very high risk of India becoming a victim of sexual harassment and even crime. Even a simple conversation with the man can be perceived them as flirting, so all attempts to communicate with men better to prevent.
  • Many tourists come to India to free and inexpensive drugs. If you are among those tourists, keep in mind that the penalty for drugs in India is very severe. It concerns the acquisition, storage, sale and transportation of drugs. Do not think that you can only catch with drugs at customs in India legally practiced by the police and provocateur when the cops instigate the acquisition of drugs, and then cuff you. And so in no case do not try to smuggle drugs home, unless you want to stay in India for another thirty years: the chance you will have virtually no.

Road safety

Хаос на дорогах Индии

On the roads of India's chaos and mess by our standards. In 2008 on the roads of India in the accident killed more than 118000 people (the largest number in the world), despite the fact that India has one of the lowest figures on the number of cars per capita. Potential dangers lurk everywhere: from unruly drivers who run the car more out of habit than according to the rules, and before leaping into the road sacred animal cows.

To minimize the risk to get hurt in an accident, we recommend that when driving long distances use the train (in the railway system in India is very well developed) instead of the tourist or city buses. If we are without a bus can not do, try to travel on public coaches and not with private kamikaze. Try to use official taxis instead of private owners or the rickshaw.

The idea to rent a car in Indian conditions, the authors website seems to be not very good, but if you decide to would take care of the insurance, including all that is possible.

No better and safer to have and pedestrians. Always when crossing the road look in both and in all directions, even in those from where the transport to appear like and should not.

Health, vaccinations

The level of development of medicine in India, especially private, is very high, and sometimes not inferior to the best world level. There is even such a thing as "medical tourism in India". Tourists from all over the world come to India to do a complicated surgery or treatment for which at home would have to pay an amount several times more. However, there's not much to rely on the cheapness of Indian medicine, and it is better to purchase insurance.

In addition, India is one of the leading places in the world for the production of drugs. In the pharmacies where you can find any medications the most popular brands. Remember, however, that the names of the majority of the Russian medicines of the Indians is unknown, and it is unlikely you will be able to explain to the pharmacist that you need activated charcoal. If you know exactly what you need, then try to say the international drug name in English. If you can't, then try to explain to the pharmacist that you have a headache (even with gestures), and you will pick up what you need. But be careful: a mistake in misunderstanding when purchasing medicines can get very costly. But in any case it is better to pack up the first aid kit at home.

To visit India do not have mandatory vaccinations, but if you are going there for a long time, you should think about how to do some of the recommended vaccinations: Typhoid, hepatitis a, Rabies, Polio, Meningitis.

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