The State Of Goa

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General information

The state of Goa is located on the South-West of India, is a former Portuguese colony and the 25th on account of the state of India. The capital city is Panaji (Panjim, Pangim or Ponnje), is 29 km from domestic airport, Dabolim. The largest city is Vasco da Gama. In the North of Goa bordering Maharashtra, in the South and East by Karnataka and on the West by the Arabian sea.

Famous coast stretch of 101 km coastline of Goa is deeply indented estuaries of the rivers, most of which originates in the mountains of Western Ghats. The largest rivers are the Mandovi, Chapora, and zouari.

Goa is one of the most popular holiday destinations of India, which has a unique combination of traditional local and Portuguese culture and architecture. The population is 1.4 million and is a mix of Hindus (65%), Catholics (24%) and Muslims. The mild climate helps to stay here for the whole year.

Administrative-territorial division

Coast state of Goa is divided into two parts: North Goa (densely populated area with numerous towns, small inexpensive hotels and plenty of entertainment venues that attract affluent audiences and young people) and South Goa (attracts lovers of comfortable, expensive hotels and a more tranquil and secluded relaxation).

Climate and tourist seasons

Goa is located in tropical climate zone. For most of the year here is dominated by hot and humid weather. The best time of year to visit is from July to September (rain, wet, heat to 25-30C) and from October to March (dry, cool 20-25C), the unfavourable season lasts from March to June (very hot, dry – 35-45C). In June and July during the monsoon rainfall.

The swimming season lasts all year round, the prevailing water temperature is 28-29C, the maximum - in may it reaches 30C.

How to get to Goa?

By plane:

The traffic state is via Dabolim airport. Some airlines fly directly to Goa, but most international flights arrive via Mumbai. Recently has become popular direct Charter flight Moscow – Goa, which is organized in winter time (October to April). Use the search form at the top of the page you can find and book tickets to Goa at best rates.

Many airlines carry out domestic daily flights to Goa from cities Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kozhikode.

Upon arrival at the Dabolim airport to reach the destination is preferable to a yellow taxi, which can be found in the Parking lot on the left side in 30 metres when you exit the main airport building. At the exit of the international arrival hall can also be found another type of taxi, which is slightly cheaper than yellow cab. (By taxi from North Goa to reach an average of 1 hour (400 rupees).) Most host resorts Goa usually provide free pick-up for delivery to the resort, so before you take a taxi, make sure first that this is not possible.

By train:

Вот так на поезде и поедем :-)

The cheapest, most convenient and fastest moving in the whole of India and in Goa in particular is a train ride. Tourists are advised to book seats in the main directions, as they are very quickly filled. Also note that in some trains there is a quota on places for tourists, but tickets must be purchased personally at the railway station of departure. Tickets can be booked in advance online (but only if you are the owner of an Indian credit card or Bank account) and in most travel agents for a small fee.

For example: from Delhi to Goa "Goa Express" goes from the train station Nizamutdin Railway Station (from the Main Bazar Street rickshaw rides 40 min for 50Rs) to the end station "Vasco da Gama" 36 hours, then a taxi 1 hour to the coast of North Goa. Tourists are mainly two types of cars:

  • 2SL-sleeper (like our reserved seat) - 11$ to "Vasco da Gama"
  • 2AC-air condition (reserved seat with linen, air conditioning, and no poor) - 42$.

If coming from the same new Delhi not to "Goa Express", the choices more difficult, with transfers, for example:

  • "Jhellum express" to "Pune" (24 hours 2SL-9$, 2AC-37$) then by bus to "Mapusa" or "Calangute" (9 hours, Rs 300), then by taxi to the coast in 30 minutes;
  • "Bombay Express" to "Bombay" (17 hours 2SL-8$, 2AC-30$) then by bus to "Mapusa" or "Calangute" or a boat to "Panaji", then by taxi to the coast and 40 minutes.

Destination station of Goa is located in the town of Madgaon (South Goa). To the railway station "Thivim" comes most trains come more tourists, so you will not skip it. She is a 20-minute walk from Calangute beach.

Undoubtedly, the trip by rail will bring you real pleasure as the route passes through the stunning scenic landscape and a large number of tunnels.

Here are some trains on which you can reach Goa:

  • No. 2432 - Rajdhani Express (from Delhi, Mumbai)
  • No. 2618 - Mangala Lakshadweep Express (Delhi, Mumbai)
  • No. 0103 - Mandovi Express (Mumbai)
  • No. 0111, the Konkan kanya Express (Mumbai)
  • No. 2051, Jan Shatabdi Express (from Mumbai)
  • No. 2450 - Sampark Kranti Express (from Delhi)
  • No. 7309 - Yesvantpur-Vasco Express (from Bangalore)
  • No. 7311 Chennai-Vasco Express (Chennai, Bangalore)
  • No. 8047 - Amaravathi Express (from Kolkata)
  • No. 6346 - Netravathi Express (Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore)
  • No. 2431 - Rajdhani Express (Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore)

By bus:

To Goa you can also get on the bus from different cities of India, especially from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Mangalore. Buses from Mumbai or Pune, passing through the Konkan region, which will amaze you with its breathtaking scenery.

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