Tours in Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

Пляж Сиануквиля Cambodia is a country of ancient civilization, literally thirty years ago survived the horrors of genocide and violence that the most serious impact on development and greatly influenced the monuments of the past. Today, Cambodia is one of the most promising tourist regions of South-East Asia, attracting tourists from around the world. Tens of thousands of travelers choose tours to Cambodia, to get acquainted with the unique monuments of history and culture of this ancient country.

Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville, The City of Sihanouk, Sihanouk City, or Krong Preah Seihanu) is a city on the southern coast of Cambodia, 230 kilometers from the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Washed by the waters of the South China sea. The name of the city is pronounced with the accent on the "a" and not "u". Sihanoukville is a very small and young city. The city's population of slightly more than 100 000 people, and the history of the city began in the 50s of the last (twentieth) century. The name Sihanoukville was named in honor of king Sihanouk, in whose reign it was built.

Today Sihanoukville is the only beach resort in Cambodia. More recently, the resort was virtually inaccessible to Russian tourists, and you can get there was only independently or as part of the tour, bought already in place, for example in Pattaya. Today, tours to Sihanoukville are also available from Russia in the form of a vacation package.

The crazy nightlife of discos and fun "Pattaya" in Sihanoukville you won't find. But to say that it is rustic and dull, too. There is a sufficient number of bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, there are a few exotic cultural and natural attractions, and, of course, many hotels, the main advantage of which is a fantastically low price. On the Islands you can do great snorkeling and diving. To sum up: this place, first of all, ideal for a relaxing family holiday; "farniente" on the beaches and nearby uninhabited Islands; snorkel or diving.

The main advantage of Sihanoukville is that the place still retained the true spirit of Asia, its natural beauty and identity. In General, we can say that Sihanoukville is still not spoiled and not trampled by crowds of tourists.

Find and book the tour in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) online for rent, no extra charge you can using the suggested search form. Moreover, among the proposals meet very interesting and combined tours with visits to neighboring countries: Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Many tours include a stop for a day or two in Phnom Penh to discover the capital of Cambodia.

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iva 3 January, 2015
Recently ventured out of Vietnam on a motorbike in Cambodia to go. And tortured me a question let me in with a Vietnamese bike in Cambodia? or not?
At the Vietnamese border, a lot of "intermediaries", which for $ 5 you are ready to put a stamp without your involvement (to boast) and without queues. This divorce, if there is a queue, it moves quickly. The stamp and all free! At the Vietnamese border, many say that Cambodians won't let a scooter with Vietnamese numbers. I figured since you released me, it means that there is an opportunity there to pass.
On the Cambodian border more difficult... Need to fill anketku for a Visa, she need a picture, but then for $ 5 are helpers that will fill in the questionnaire for you and one agree about the uselessness of photography. It turned out that with a photo of the visa costs 30 dollars, and without pictures 33, but the customs officers. There are people who for $ 10 you will move the bike across the border, which is also expensive. Just after the paperwork (by the way they fingerprinted), go to MOTOBIKE and pass the border.
PS: One tamogenaya said that the police were to catch you with these numbers. But I did not come across to them, nor in Vietnam (driving without a license), nor in Cambodia. Who had experience to share. ...
admin December 23, 2016
The only thing you forgot to mention the restriction on the reverse is valid only when visa-free travel, we have about this has long been written everywhere - so before you go all read on the topic. ...
admin January 16, 2017

From HCM to Phnom Penh bus is 7-10 hours, and from TNG to SMRP for more than 6 hours. As for the stop in Phnom Penh on the way to Siemriep or not, I would definitely say that I'd drop in and make a stop there for 2 full days. To visit the country and not to visit the capital for me is a defective acquaintance with the country, so I always visit the capital. In Phnom Penh you need to watch at least "the killing fields", the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, NAT. Museum. But there is besides so much more interesting. ...
admin January 16, 2017

Hello Anya. To change the dongs can be precisely, but regarding the profitability of the course you will not tell. In any case, the logic of the exchange rate of the Dong to Riel should be more profitable than from dongs to dollars then dollars. But on the other hand, dollars in Cambodia in the course, and the local currency by tourists almost never used, so it may be easier to change dongs for dollars in Vietnam, and in Cambodia directly have to pay with dollars, as all do. ...
admin January 28, 2017

Is Siemrpe have time to go on trips to the tropical gardens is to see Angkor? ...
katiaLike 4 February, 2017
A very interesting story. Photo said it! ...
katiaLike 4 February, 2017
Thanks for the routes. Useful...! ...
Katerina1 25 July, 2018
you on your own or with tour operator but to see the temples you want? ...
admin 25 July, 2018

Extreme means last ...
admin 26 July, 2018
minister, why did you publish copied from other sites, text in posts? And by the way, Siemreab no place else.

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