Siem reap and Angkor Wat: transport, than to move on

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In Siem reap public transport is represented in the form of a private tuk-tuk, taxi, motorcycle taxi. The state of public transport in Siem reap no. To move within the city can be on foot, since the town is small, only the lazy will get from the hotel to the market or cafe in a taxi :=) only if your hotel is not somewhere on the outskirts.

In fact, the need to use the transport in Siem reap arises when you need to get to the airport, to the pier "rocket" on the river, to the bus station and, of course, for sightseeing. As practice shows, it is most advantageous to sightseeing hire a vehicle for a long time, ie a whole day, and even better to negotiate the rent for several days and, of course, to bargain. Thus the special benefits of renting and driving yourself, you will not get.

And now about every form of transport a little more:


Тук-тук в Сиемреапе

Tuk tuk in Siem reap is converted into a taxi motorcycle. From two-wheeled motorcycle, among which, by the way, there are sometimes even motorcycles Soviet production, just hitch a stroller-trailer for two or a maximum of four people, and get a taxi.

The tuk-tuk within Siem Reap will cost about $ 1. A charge is made per trip, not per person. As in tuk-tuk can fit 4 people, but most often two. At night or in bad weather the trip can cost twice as much.

Tuk-tuk can be found on any corner. Rather, they don't even have to look, but will have to fend off pesky sentences tuk-tuks to bring you. If you agree to the ride, agree a price and route beforehand and pay before you ride.

Tuk-tuk can be rented for the day for sightseeing around 15 dollars a day.

Taxi, motorcycle taxi

Taxi prices in Siem reap are fixed and contractual, with no counters. The drive from the airport at a fixed rate will cost $ 7. Every time to catch a taxi to get around the attractions, it makes no sense that it's more profitable to hire a taxi for the whole day. The cost of renting a car with driver for the day starts from $ 25. But more about that below.

For short journeys you can use a motorcycle taxi. Trip within the city will cost 0.5-1 dollar.


Within the Siem reap city can be navigated on foot. The town is small and almost all easy to explore on foot.

But it is not necessary to recover on foot visiting temples and other attractions outside the city. In this heat it is unwise and may end badly.

On the bike

Many hotels offer free or rental for a fee of 1-5 dollars bikes. By bike you can explore the suburban attractions, but don't forget about the heat and always have with you enough water.

A great option would be a Bicycle with electric drive, which can be rented from 4 dollars. Even if the battery end (it lasts about 30 kilometers), to go with the pedals.

Vehicle rental

According to local law foreigners are prohibited to rent a motorbike in Siem reap. But this does not mean a ban on driving motorcycles with foreigners. You can rent a motorbike elsewhere, and easy to use them in here. You can rent a motorbike with driver for $ 10 per day.

You can also rent a car yourself or with the driver, which, of course, much easier. For a car with good English speaking and licensed tour guide will have to pay up to $ 50, but you have to haggle. There are in Siem reap and English-speaking guides, but they are few and prices are significantly higher.

For self-transport rent you must have international driving permit (IDP). Is such a law, made in the form of booklets in several languages that are issued in addition to the regular national rights. To get an IDP is not required to write any exams, you only need to pay a fee. To make it easier for website public services.of the Russian Federation. The cost of any discount through the website services will be 1120 rubles.

The cost of renting a car in Cambodia and Siem reap are quite high, at least more than 2 times higher than in neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, from $ 25 per day. It is best to search and book a car rental through the Internet using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

Find car rental in Siem reap

Travel to Angkor

The temple complex of Angkor begins at 6 kilometers from Siem Reap. You can get there by taxi, motorcycle taxi or tuk-tuk, and it is best to rent a car with driver or tour guide in Siem reap for a whole day.

Another option is tour buses with a guide. It's a good sightseeing, but not optimal: as a rule, examined only a few major sights on a particular route, to which you have no influence, the price per person is comparable to the price of renting a car for the day: $ 70 for a day trip. The advantage is that you no need to worry yourself about the preparation of the route and that the buses are comfortable.

If you got to Angkor, I don't think to inspect it on foot. Just think: the total area of the "Archaeological Park of Angkor" by different estimations, from 200 to 400 square kilometers, but the route on the "small circle" has a length of 17 kilometers. Great circle has a length of 26 kilometers. Temples are scattered at a great distance from each other, and move between them in the transport. Even a Bicycle can help you here.

About the order of prices for rentals we have written above. The best option is to rent a tuk-tuk from $ 15 per day when travelling on neighbors and churches, and $ 20 for the trip to the far temples. Of course, you have to haggle, especially if you plan to negotiate for the rental for several days.. the tuk-tuk Drivers usually have a very limited vocabulary of English words, and will not be able to tell you anything about the temples. Nor would they with you to go to the temples, and will be waiting for you Parking lots. Another shortcoming of tuk tuks – the lack of air conditioning. So, if you have money, you can rent a car with air conditioning and a driver. For a minimum price of 25 dollars a day you certainly do not get chatty tour guide-driver, but will at least move with comfort and conditioning. With a licensed guide, prices increase to $ 50, and with a guide count to 100. And a couple of additions: the price on both the car and tuk-tuk varies with season and also depends on how early in the morning you leave (the sooner, the more expensive, of course)

A great way to visit distant temples is a Bicycle with an electric drive, which can be rented from 4 dollars. Even if the battery end (it lasts about 30 kilometers), to go with the pedals.

To hire a car or tuk-tuk can be anywhere: in the hotel, on the street, in travel.

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Mikhey 20 January, 2012

Yes, it is. We need a tough bargain everywhere, especially at the station. We had one day at the station to look for travel companions, but they had to go together. No longer was contacted and immediately in the path of the companions tried to find. A group taxi is cheaper than buses. ...
muzzle 20 January, 2012
And most importantly, a taxi faster! ...
Elenka January 20, 2012

I fully support, though so far there haven't gotten. With these buses to communicate... Only a cab for the money. ...
Irina February 8, 2012
and by the time how to go ? here from the border of Cambodia someone wrote that three hours and the border? on the border, how much? and how to get in, tickets in temple, me Google says that all the road 6 hours if you leave in the morning(at 8?) it is in place in only 2 hours,I need somewhere to spend the night, and how to predict to camboja not look for night? to come in bankog to walk day and night train? and there's a night train back? (Oh, two nights at the hotel disappear(((sorry they are not in the travel Agency not to pay) ...
admin 9 February, 2012

Hello Ira!
Honestly, you all the questions piled in a heap, I'm a little confused. Now I will answer, but if I understand correctly from your question, write again with questions, we will understand.
Six hours from Pattaya and certainly Bangkok you exactly to Angkor will not get (unless rapid taxi and advance registration e-visa to Cambodia).
If I understand correctly your question, you want to come to the temples, walk to see, and then go back. So unlikely to succeed. Harder and the scale of the temples such that you simply will not see anything. If you still want it so, all rapid, it is better to buy a tour on the place in Pattaya or Bangkok, but will be more expensive (from 10 T. R. was in 2010 for a 2-day tour, but for five it all depends on where and for how many days buy). If you want, it will certainly be cheaper, but will still have to come to Siem reap (town near Angkor), there to stay in a hotel and next day early in the morning to go to temples. To the temples from Siem Reap will also need to get to, why to hire a taxi or tuk-tuk and on foot to the temples you don't view, with the exception that one temple. The cost of the ticket (temples pass) $ 20 for one day, $ 40 for three days and $ 60 for 7 days.
I recommend you first to read this information about Siem reap (I was just out there trying to answer such questions that interest you). And right now I'm working on a training guide to Angkor, where all your questions will be answered. The material I have ready and the part that interests you, I'll be posting today and will post here the link. Introduction about Angkor already posted here. ...
admin 9 February, 2012
As promised, added practical information on the temple complex of Angkor.
Will be continued with the description of each temple. ...
khelen3 3, 2015
Hello.What is the amps. ...
admin 3 November, 2015

Transportation in Phnom Penh airport full pipe, so if money will allow, the easiest way from there to fly directly to Siem reap airport. If not, you can get only if you arrive early in the morning. Will have to get a taxi to the city centre, and there take a bus. The last bus from Phnom Penh to Siem reap, go somewhere in the afternoon, night buses are not met. If you fail, you will have to spend the night in Phnom Penh (though why I have to, I would now gladly spent the night there ;) ). Well, another option is by taxi, cost from $ 100 per car. If you are some people, then a taxi, in principle, profitable. And here is the information read - how to get to Siem reap. ...
katiaLike 4 February, 2017
Thanks for the routes. Useful...! ...
Katerina1 8 June, 2019
I didn't know from Pattaya so it is easy to Cambodia to get) ...