Security in Cambodia: crime, crime, health, etc.

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The security situation in Cambodia that cannot be categorized as "in the country for tourists is safe enough" or "tourists should be wary in Cambodia." The fact is that, on the one hand, the crime rate in the country is small, and buddiiskie friendly and you can safely travel to the most distant and remote places of the country. On the other hand, after the war in the fields left a lot of landmines and bombs in the hands of the people a lot of weapons, in some remote and inaccessible areas still hiding out heavily armed units of the Khmer Rouge, has a chance encounter with a venomous snake or pick up a tropical disease. According to the rating safest countries in the world (GPI – Global Peace Index) in 2011, Cambodia was ranked dishonor 115 out of 153, however, ahead of Russia located right on 147.

Rather simple precautions when travelling in Cambodia will help to reduce the risk to a minimum. And now more about each hazard.

Crime, crime and laws

The crime rate in Cambodia is low. The majority of Cambodians are peaceable and well disposed towards foreigners. Attempt on life and health are very rare, and the target of criminals are usually money or value.

A higher level of crime, as usual, is stored in the large cities, among which the leader is Phnom Penh. Typical robbery by snatching handbags, purses and equipment (photo and video cameras, phones), pickpocketing. To avoid these problems, try not to carry bags with documents and money (enough to carry a photocopy of your passport), do not carry large sums of money, always follow their wearable equipment. Try not to walk dark streets alone. Well, if you get in trouble, you should not heroics, but rather to give the offender is required.

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In Cambodia a very high level of corruption. Bribe the police and courts easily leave unpunished wealthy criminals. It must be borne in mind if you plan to do serious business in Cambodia. Although, in General, the attitude towards tourists, the police in Cambodia are very friendly and not stick. For minor offenses, such as driving a motorcycle is a foreigner non-functional rights, the police often turn a blind eye or solve the problem on the spot for a symbolic "reward".

Drugs in Cambodia is illegal, but widely available. The use of soft drugs of plant origin, the police looks the other way because they simply lack the time to engage in such violations. In recent years, the situation changes somewhat. The famous "happy pizza" (pizza with the addition of hemp) previously sold widely and openly, now sold more modest. But no matter how the attitude of the police to use drugs, it's not the same as selling or smuggling, therefore we strongly recommend you to refrain from trying to smuggle drugs out of the country, even in neighboring Thailand or Vietnam, where it is possible for it to receive the death penalty.

If you go to Cambodia for exotic sex tourism, know that sex with a partner aged less than 15 years old would be considered pedophilia and should be punished to 30 years in prison.

Mines and guerrillas

After the war, in the land of Cambodia was a huge number of mines and unexploded bombs continue to pose a serious and real danger to local residents. For tourists the opportunity to hit a mine is incredibly small, unless you will wander through fields and woods, not paying attention to warning signs and flags. All tourist areas have long been cleared and is constantly working on cleaning the rest areas. However, annually undermined on mines up to 2000 people, but, fortunately, every year the number of victims decreases.

To run into partisans and bandits in Cambodia now is extremely difficult. They are hiding in dense forests from the military and police, and it is unlikely you will fall on the eyes.

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Health, medicine

The level of health care in Cambodia at a low level, so that a serious professional care in public hospitals should not count. In rural areas often do not have any medical facilities. For though any treatment will have to go to the capital, and for serious treatment will likely need to contact one of the neighbouring mill with developed medicine, such as in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore. Therefore, we recommend you to take care of the insurance, operating in the territory as Cambodia and one of the neighboring States, and ideally, also covering the cost of transportation to a medical facility.

The country has a high rate of HIV, so be sure to use protection if you go here looking for sexy adventures. According to some estimates, up to 40% of prostitutes in Cambodia are infected with HIV.

In Cambodia there is a possibility of Contracting one of the tropical diseases that have long been eradicated in other countries of South-East Asia. Here there are cholera and other infections transmitted by water, amoebic and bacillary dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis A, b and C. There is a possibility of infection with fasciolopsiasis (giant intestinal worm), clonorchiasis (Oriental liver worm), opisthorchiasis (cat liver worm), paragonimiasis (East lung worm). Quite likely malaria, especially in the rainy season.

To avoid these troubles, it is necessary to carefully monitor hygiene, to protect themselves from mosquitoes by using insect repellent. There are no compulsory vaccinations but it is recommended before visiting the country vaccination: hepatitis A and b, diphtheria, typhoid, tetanus, Japanese encephalitis. Water drink only bottled.

Here it happens a lot of deaths with tourists from the use of hard drugs, mostly due to an overdose.

Rules of conduct and traditions

  • It is impossible to photograph military installations and facilities, airports and railway stations. Before photographing churches and people, especially monks, should first ask permission. Often for photographing you can ask for some money.
  • When visiting temples, homes, shoes should be removed.
  • Do not Pat children on the head (as in all the countries of South-East Asia, the head is a sacred part of the body).
  • Don't show anyone the finger.
  • Don't pass and don't take things with the left hand is considered unclean.
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iva 3 January, 2015
Recently ventured out of Vietnam on a motorbike in Cambodia to go. And tortured me a question let me in with a Vietnamese bike in Cambodia? or not?
At the Vietnamese border, a lot of "intermediaries", which for $ 5 you are ready to put a stamp without your involvement (to boast) and without queues. This divorce, if there is a queue, it moves quickly. The stamp and all free! At the Vietnamese border, many say that Cambodians won't let a scooter with Vietnamese numbers. I figured since you released me, it means that there is an opportunity there to pass.
On the Cambodian border more difficult... Need to fill anketku for a Visa, she need a picture, but then for $ 5 are helpers that will fill in the questionnaire for you and one agree about the uselessness of photography. It turned out that with a photo of the visa costs 30 dollars, and without pictures 33, but the customs officers. There are people who for $ 10 you will move the bike across the border, which is also expensive. Just after the paperwork (by the way they fingerprinted), go to MOTOBIKE and pass the border.
PS: One tamogenaya said that the police were to catch you with these numbers. But I did not come across to them, nor in Vietnam (driving without a license), nor in Cambodia. Who had experience to share. ...
admin December 23, 2016
The only thing you forgot to mention the restriction on the reverse is valid only when visa-free travel, we have about this has long been written everywhere - so before you go all read on the topic. ...
admin January 16, 2017

From HCM to Phnom Penh bus is 7-10 hours, and from TNG to SMRP for more than 6 hours. As for the stop in Phnom Penh on the way to Siemriep or not, I would definitely say that I'd drop in and make a stop there for 2 full days. To visit the country and not to visit the capital for me is a defective acquaintance with the country, so I always visit the capital. In Phnom Penh you need to watch at least "the killing fields", the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, NAT. Museum. But there is besides so much more interesting. ...
admin January 16, 2017

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A very interesting story. Photo said it! ...
katiaLike 4 February, 2017
Thanks for the routes. Useful...! ...
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you on your own or with tour operator but to see the temples you want? ...
admin 25 July, 2018

Extreme means last ...
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minister, why did you publish copied from other sites, text in posts? And by the way, Siemreab no place else.

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