How to get to Phnom Penh

On the plane

Аэропорт Пномпеня
Phnom Penh International Airport
(photo from

Nearby is Phnom Penh international airport Phnom Penh Phnom Penh International Airport (formerly Pochentong airport). It is the largest airport in the country, and most international flights arrive here.

From Russia, including from Moscow, direct flight to Cambodia is not carried out. To get to Phnom Penh flight with a stopover in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and other Asian cities. There are very cheap flights to Cambodia the Asian low-cost airlines in Asia: AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok; Jetstar from Singapore.

Find and book tickets to Phnom Penh, you can through the search form below. Options the cheapest flights on any date you can view and book here: the cheapest airline tickets to Phnom Penh. Once again we remind you that direct non-stop flights from Russia, including from Moscow to Phnom Penh, does not exist. So look for direct flights still useless.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Phnom Penh:

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Find and book tickets to Phnom Penh on the date, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

Visa on arrival at the airport is on the counter "Visa on arrival". The visa costs $20 payable in cash dollars. To pay with credit card impossible, but to withdraw money from it with in here ATM. If you previously issued an e-visa e-Visa, you can immediately take to the passport control (Immigration). Read more about visa to Cambodia here. Baggage claim is after passport control.

Attention! Airport tax when departing from airports in Cambodia from April 1, 2011 cancelled.

The airport is located 7 kilometers from the city (airport on a map of Phnom Penh). To get from Phnom Penh airport to the city will have to take a taxi. It is best to order a taxi at the Desk at the airport. The machine will cost you $ 9, and tuk-tuk for $ 7. Outside the airport you can catch a private person for $ 5. On a motorcycle taxi you can get for $ 2.

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

Well, if you wish, and the availability of funds, you can rent a car directly at the airport of Phnom Penh, and go to travel around the country. Zabronirovat car on the spot or in advance online via the Internet:

By bus

Very convenient and cheap to get to Phnom Penh from neighboring Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos) and from other cities of Cambodia on the tourist bus. Tickets for buses are sold everywhere in the travel agencies tourist areas or in hotels.

Автобусная станция Пномпеня
On one of the bus
stations of Phnom Penh

A single bus station in Phnom Penh there, and the buses arrive to various locations, mainly in the city centre. From Phnom Penh buses of different companies depart from different places, but by purchasing a ticket to travel agencies, you usually get and transfer from your hotel to the station for free. A minibus will pick you up at the appointed time outside the hotel and taken to the place of departure. All very comfortable and well organized.

At land border posts to Cambodia without problems is visa on arrival.

We recommend you avoid travelling by night buses in Cambodia due to the high risk of accidents. Also keep in mind that the border posts are open from 7:00 to 20:00, and night to cross the border will not succeed.

Approximate prices for tickets to Phnom Penh (for reference):

From Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh by bus

From Ho Chi Minh city buses first, followed by Phnom Penh and then Siem reap. Cost about $ 10. Many operators are sending from Ho Chi Minh city the buses from 6 am to 15 hours, about 6.5 hours, but can be more if bad weather and traffic. Cost about $ 10.

There is another way to get to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Minh city: you Can buy one-, two - or three-day trip from Ho Chi Minh city (also these excursions are available from the ne) in the Mekong Delta with a final stop in Phnom Penh. I.e., this route is unilateral and does not involve return to Ho Chi Minh city. Such tours by the tourist agencies on the street or ordered via the Internet. During the tour you will travel by bus, boat, minibus, visit many interesting places and stay in hotels. There are even tours overnight boat trips on the river. In General, there are many options, and the prices are very low. For example, a three-day tour (including two nights in hotels and bed and Breakfast) in 2010, cost for two $ 84. Additionally, it was necessary to spend money just for the visa to Cambodia, food and Souvenirs. Opinion about this tour you can read here.

From Bangkok to Phnom Penh by bus

According to unconfirmed information there are direct (without an overnight stay in Poipet or Siemrpe) posted by tourist bus from Bangkok to Phnom Penh cost $ 15. I repeat - this information is not verified.

To get from Bangkok to Phnom Penh-tested route, first you have to get to the border town Aranyaprathet (Aranyaprathet), pereiti the border at Poipet and then continue by bus to Phnom Penh and then transfer to Siem reap or Poipet, where, in turn, to Phnom Penh.

From Siem reap (Siem Reap) to Phnom Penh by bus

Many buses from different companies depart from Siem reap to Phnom Penh daily from 6:30 to 12:30. Journey time about 6 hours. Cost from $7 to $ 10.

On the boat

To Phnom Penh can be reached by speed boat (speedboat) from Siem reap on average for 6.5 hours and $ 35. The boat leaves from Siem reap at 6:30 from Phnom Penh to Siemriep at 7:30. In the dry season when the river dries up, part of the route along the river can be substituted for a bus ride.

Of the Vietnamese city of Chau Doc (Chau Doc) every day around 8 a.m., sent a boat, which arrives in Phnom Penh for five hours.

Arrive and depart the boat to the pier (Ferry Port) is almost in the centre of Phnom Penh. The port is located on the Boulevard of Sisowath Quay Blvd near street 104. See the position of the pier on a map of Phnom Penh).

By train

During the war in Cambodia the railway traffic in the country was almost destroyed, and to get to Phnom Penh by rail is not possible. Operated until recently the road to Phnom Penh-Kampot (Kampot) have now stopped working (in November 2011).

The railway, linking previously Bangkok and Phnom Penh is only up to the Thai border town Aranyaprathet (Aranyaprathet). This can be used to get partially by rail.

In 2013 the planned launch of railway communication Poipet-Battambang-Phnom Penh.

How to get from Bangkok to Phnom Penh by train+bus

In General the route will look like this: from Bangkok you need to get to Poipet or Siem reap, and then from Siem reap to Phnom Penh. In Poipet or Siemrpe may have to spend the night, but even better to stay in Siemreap for a day or two to visit the Angkor temple complex (Angkor Wat).

Daily from Bangkok departs at 05:50 train, arriving in Aranyaprathet (Aranyaprathet) at 11:35. the cost of the trip is amazingly low – 49 baht (the money of Thailand, the exchange rate)! The second train departs from Bangkok at 13:05 and arrives at 17:35.

Then from the railway station of Aranyaprathet will need to get to the border crossing to Cambodia, what can be done by tuk-tuk (60 baht with chelokea) waiting at the station. Next, you need to go through the border crossing (for border crossing you can obtain a visa upon arrival or electronic visa Camboda). The border crossing is open from 7:00 to 20:00. Details about the border crossing Aranyaprathet/Poipet and getting there visa napisno here.

When you find yourself in Poipet, you will be able to get to Phnom Penh by bus or taxi. Bus from the bus station in Poipet according to the schedule sent only at 8:00, costs $ 25. Taxi to Phnom Penh bus station costs 25 dollars per person.

There are other carriers between Poipet and Phnom Penh, for example Sorry, we have no precise information on the place of departure of buses such carriers, but according to some information their offices are located on main street (highway 5) about 1.2 kilometer from the border crossing and the bus otpravlyaut from the bus station in Poipet (not to be confused tourist bus terminal outside the city, where leaving in Siem reap), which is located about 1.5 kilometers from the border (Poipet bus station on the map).

In 2013 the planned launch of railway communication Poipet-Battambang-Phnom Penh.

Bus schedule to Phnom Penh

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