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The exchange rate

The exchange rate is quite volatile and can dramatically change within a few days. It is best to exchange riels a small amount and continue to change as necessary. To exchange the remaining riels to the dollar will be difficult.

The exchange rate (Cambodian Riel) today ()

10 000 Riel (KHR) = 159,26 rubles (RUB)
1 Euro (EUR) = 4 500,02 KHR
100 rubles (RUB) = 6 279,04 KHR
1 United States dollar (USD) = 4 095,00 KHR
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Money Of Cambodia

The local currency is the Cambodian Riel (Riel), equal to 100 su. In circulation are banknotes of 100 000, 50 000, 20 000, 10 000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 and 100 Riel (banknotes and meet the old issues of value up to 10 su).

The us dollar is in circulation and is the second currency of the Kingdom. Prices in the shops, hotels and restaurants everywhere are quoted in us dollars. Even at the market price you will be called in USD. Surrender you can give in dollars and in local currency, but if you have a choice, ask for the change in dollars.

Generally, the local currency in Cambodia is not held in high esteem, and almost all the local population prefers dollars. Tourists are recommended to follow the same rules and be exchanged for Riel only a small amount for small expenditures, and to pay wherever possible dollars. For this it is better to stock up on small bills up to one dollar (in the course of here's popular small bills on 1-5-10 dollars). If the change will be given in local currency, we would consider it, of course, at the most disadvantageous exchange rate.

In border areas can pay the baht of Thailand, the Vietnam dongs and stacks of Laos.

Attention! Be careful when paying for purchases in government stores! Exchange markets and streets is not recommended because of the increased fraud risk bills.

Credit cards, traveler cheques in Cambodia

Credit cards Visa, American Express, Master Card, Diner's Club only accepts payments in banks, large hotels in the capital and other major cities (Phnom Penh, Siem reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, etc.). In the province to cash them (like travelers checks) is virtually impossible. Preference is given to credit cards and checks in US dollars. There is no ATM, all operations are carried out in banking offices.


Tipping in Cambodia is not binding. It is not necessary to transcend themselves, forcing us to leave a tip where they don't what to give them. Leave a dollar in the tip that brought you a mug of beer to the table for which you paid, not necessarily.

Another thing, if you really liked it, you paid a lot of attention in the service in the restaurant, purely cleaned room, etc. In such cases it is possible to repay, rounding up the score in a big way, refusing to surrender, or giving a little money in hand, just remembering that wages here are very low and any amount of "tea" would be greatly appreciated. If you are planning to visit a certain place, such as a restaurant, continuously throughout the rest left one tip will take you into the category of special clients.

The amount some recommendations to give difficult, it all depends on the situation. For small services bill in 1000 or 2000 riels will be greatly appreciated. In cheap restaurants or cafes can be added to account for 10%, or$1.

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