Cuisine Of Cambodia

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Features Khmer cuisine

Амок в кокосовом молоке

National cuisine of Cambodia is similar to traditional cuisine of neighboring countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and China. However, it is still somewhat different. It is not as severe as in Thailand, as usually expected, but sweet. Use in dishes of curry brings Khmer cuisine with Indian and different variants of rice noodles with Chinese. The influence of the French colonists is seen in the production of excellent bread, rolls and crispy baguettes, which are baked everywhere.

Coriander and lemon balm are used in cooking almost everything. Chilli peppers have not received such great popularity, both in Thailand, Laos or Myanmar, and added at will. As a spice used cannabis. Once it was sold directly on the markets, until the authorities banned her trade. But, despite this, the Khmer believe that if the dish is alien to add hemp, he will want to eat again soon and will come to this restaurant. And I believe for good reason: many foreigners specifically looking for such places. And you will not necessarily be advised that this figure over time will cause a feeling of euphoria, then and again hunger.

We can say that the Cambodians eat everything. Usually lunch Rouge includes three or four separate dishes, each of which includes the entire flavor palette: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy.

Very popular in the daily life of Cambodians various soups, which are prepared on the basis of meat, fish and chicken broth and seasoned with various spices, dried roots and vegetables. To soups included vegetable salads and a variety of additives from dried shrimp, fish and meat. And meat broths can be added to the fish and Vice versa. Soups are not that expensive and therefore are the main diet of the poorest segments of society. As an additive to soups served shavings of dried seafood. It can be found in the form of cutlets of soy flour, to which add various chopped vegetables and spices. Burgers cheap dish, one of the favorite menu of Khmer, as well as soups.

On the streets of Phnom Penh, one can observe a kind of field kitchen, where he washed, cleaned, cut, boiled, fried, and then bottled and laid out on a plastic bag for a future meal. You can often see locals with a set of cellophane bags, tied with rubber band in which it is possible to recognize the broth, rice, vegetables, sauce, etc.

Along with the soups, the basic diet of Cambodians includes fish and various seafood. Fish dishes of great variety: sour fish soup "tri-chin-Nung", baked fish with rice "nom-tri" fried fish "dry ing", fish for a couple "dry chorm hoy" fish curry "amok" with a sauce of coconut milk, fish sauces "nuocmam" and the famous pasta of specially treated fish under the title "prahok". Pasta "prahok" – this specific product is not intended for foreigners, so you are unlikely to encounter it in restaurants. For cooking pasta small fish with guts crushed, let her spoil in the heat, covered with spices and insist. As you can see, preparing it is quite simple, but coming from her smell is unbearable. Khmer use this paste in most of their dishes.

The main dish for the Khmer - rice "baay". In Cambodia there are more than two hundred of his cultivars. On the table there can be a variety of delicious dishes, but if there is no rice, the Khmer Rouge remain hungry. Even simple boiled rice, no spices has a distinct taste and aroma. When cooking rice use a large amount of vegetable oil: palm, peanut, coconut, walnut, with the addition of fresh herbs. Usually rice is used as a garnish, but also eat fried rice with soy and pork "UN-som-chro", rice with bananas "UN-som-che", rice with herbs, meat, fish, seafood of "baich", cabbage rolls with rice baked in bamboo leaves. And rice cooked sweets, various rice desserts, such as cakes made from rice and soy flour with the addition of the sweet juice of various fruits; bake the cakes, and rice with high sugar content make rice wine.

Noodles is in second place in popularity. It is barley, rice, starch, white, Golden, brown, and a transparent glass.

Everywhere you can find all kinds of products from noodles typical of South-East Asian noodle soup with greens, meat, fish, or seafood "kitao" or "Kicevo", fried rice noodles, rice noodles with fish sauce "tocca boys", and also many types of noodles with spices. Noodle soup is for Cambodians everyday dish and can be used even for Breakfast.

Vegetables in Cambodian cuisine is widely used in combination with meat, poultry or fish in salads that is eaten both cold and hot, but definitely with some sauce. Local salads are quite original - they are usually prepared from meat or fish with various greens (lettuce, lettuce, lemongrass, saffron, etc.) and vegetable oil. Often in a salad adds fruit and fresh or pickled vegetables, and collect them for processing at different stages of maturity, which makes the final product absolutely phenomenal taste. Almost all vegetables are subjected to heat treatment. But chefs are trying to bring them to the point of readiness, when the starting materials still retain the flavor, aroma and all the beneficial qualities of fresh.

For dessert, besides fruit, often served all kinds of fruit puddings, cakes "the Parallels of CROC" pies "Norn-bye" and "nom-com", cookies "feli", cakes and ice cream.

Popular dishes

Блюдо Камбоджи

Amok is one of the most popular dishes among tourists. This is the meat poultry, fish or shrimp with a sauce of curry with coconut milk plus some vegetables. Sometimes amok served in a coconut with rice as a side dish.

Kuytheav - noodle soup (usually served at Breakfast). Can be done with pork, beef or seafood. Flavorings are added at will and can include lime juice, chili powder, sugar and fish sauce.

Samlar machu - sweet-and-sour soup with pineapple, tomatoes and fish.

Bi cha rice with pork, cooked over an open fire. Served with pickled vegetables.

Loc Lac- marinated meat, poultry or fish with sauce from the famous Khmer green pepper.

Kdam - crab. The town of Kampot in southern Cambodia is famous for crabs in pepper. A very tasty dish.

Where to eat

Food in Phnom Penh and the resort towns of Cambodia you will not have problems. Small restaurants, cafes and eateries, where you can taste national dishes, a lot.

Prices in restaurants even in the capital is not high. All prices in the menu and payment in dollars. The change may be give in Riel. Meal for two with drinks from $8.

You can buy food in shops or supermarkets, for example, lunch or just a snack. Sold a lot of cakes, ready to eat meals in packages, an incredible number of various juices, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages. The prices are no lower than in Russian supermarkets, but the quality is worthy of the level: there you can buy anything you want. Prices on the price tag as in large supermarkets and in small shops, by the way, also in dollars.

In some hotels the included Breakfast is usually very light. Sometimes it is beneficial and convenient that early in the morning not to look for a place to eat.

Exotic food

Совсем уж экзотика, пока еще сырые лягушата

Doubtless a delicacy among Cambodians are insects, frogs, rats and other "vermin". Tourists insects are not so popular, is that are of genuine interest upon closer examination. And to find such exotic on the shelves is not always possible. If you want to find insects, will have to look in places where not so many tourists. Frogs and rats can be cooked in many cafes and restaurants.

The variety of dishes is amazing and surprising. It fried with salt and garlic spiders "a-ping", grasshoppers, beetles, frogs ' legs, larvae and embryos of birds, dried cuttlefish and fried small birds (up to the sparrows). The food is not for the faint of heart, but once or twice you can try, a bit like sunflower seeds (especially larvae, grasshoppers, beetles).

Preparing insects, usually in the pan in a large amount of hot vegetable oil and flavored with various spices and seasonings. The output is crispy, Golden and look at least appetizing.

Use in the diet of Cambodians insects is explained by the fact that insects contain essential micronutrients that are missing in other products. This gap and compensate for the insects.

Beverages, drinking

In Cambodia, as well as in neighbouring Vietnam, is widely distributed fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice. If you manage to meet on the street a special mobile machine, through which press ignored the shoots of sugar cane, you can try this refreshing drink. It tastes nice and sweet, without flavor. It is served with ice, which in most cases is made from raw water, so to protect himself from intestinal infections and disorders, refrain from the ice.

To the favorite soft drinks of the Khmer are also "Samrong" (infusion of seeds of the same tree), the juice of the date palm tree "TechNet" or coconut milk "tendong", soda water with lemon juice, juice of bamboo shoots, and fresh juices or juice with ice and syrup. A peculiar local drink "dtuk-rolok", produced from the fruit and egg yolk, a good thirst quencher. But to meet such a variety of local drinks in the tourist areas is not easy.

Green tea is used everywhere, both hot and iced, but the coffee here is usually not very good quality.

Пиво Камбоджи

There is a industry of beer production because beer is good thirst quencher and helps to transfer heat. Local beer is relatively cheap (1,5-2$ for a bottle) and good quality. I am particularly pleased that the difference in price and bought beer and ordered in an inexpensive restaurant or cafe in the heart of the capital, Phnom Penh, almost none. The best varieties are considered to be Angkor (Angkor) and imported "tiger" (Tiger) and "Heineken". Buy beer, mostly tourists.

Also produced local varieties of whiskey, but they taste rather special and therefore not popular with tourists. In major cities you can buy many kinds of imported alcoholic drinks.

Cambodians themselves prefer palm wine. It is a product for domestic consumption and is sold usually in bulk in plastic bags. To tourists it should not be used, as for the unprepared stomach it can end discomfort (fermentation in the stomach, vomiting, etc.).

You can buy tinctures of snakes, Scorpions, other reptiles, as well as tinctures for various roots and fruits. A very interesting bottle to bring home as a souvenir. Moreover, if you drink the contents of the can again to pour in a bottle of brandy or whiskey, and again she would insist.


From the abundance of exotic fruits can turn the head: pineapple, mango, durian, guava, pomelo, papaya, rambutan, mangosteen, of camarin, Lee-Chee, longan, jackfruit. And the sight of them at the fruit stalls appear unyielding desire to try again and again. The price of fruit is low and can vary, depending on the season.

In Cambodia there is no clear separation of fruits and vegetables when you use them as ingredients. Green mango salad with salt, pepper and cucumbers are a vegetable. And melt in your mouth slices of juicy Golden mangos, served for dessert, without a doubt, fruit. Same story with the pineapple. In a fish soup or stew with pork pineapple count as a vegetable. Vegetables are considered the flowers of banana, green papaya, ovaries breadfruit (jackfruit).

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