Angkor Thom: Terrace Of The Leper King

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General information, history

Терраса Прокаженного Короля: общий вид

Terrace of the Leper King (Terrace of the Leper King) is located in the Central part of Angkor Thom, just North of the terrace of Elephants.

The name of the Terrace of the Leper King is directly related to conditions found during the clearing of this place Buddha statues. At the same time put forward several versions of the origin of the name: the first is that the statue was covered with lichen, in appearance resembling a skin disease; the second is that the king (Jayavarman VII) was sick with leprosy. The third is that it was a statue of king Yama, the Lord of death and justice, which has ruled the destinies of people after death: where would they go to hell or heaven. The latest version, according to scientists, more true. Therefore, the main purpose of the Terraces was to provide her justice. But there is another feature of the Terraces is the Royal cremation of deceased persons (according to some here and in our days).

Статуя Будды на Террасе Прокаженного Короля

Presented to our view on the Terrace of the statue is a copy. The original is in the National Museum Phnom Penh.

Dedicated to Buddhism style Bayon.

Built in the late XII century, during the reign of Jayavarman VII (Jayavarman VII who ruled from 1181 1220). Clearing of land started in the beginning of XX century, and restoration work in the 60-70-ies of XX century

Interest located on the upper platform of the statue of the Buddha, and numerous bas-reliefs on the walls of the outer and inner galleries are worth going to see.

Orientation, tips for inspection

Барельефы на Террасе Прокаженного Короля

Is on a line with the Terrace of the Elephants, but is a freestanding building (see the Terrace of the Leper King of Angkor on the map). Her visit is carried out jointly with the inspection of the Terrace of the Elephants (if going South) or after the TEP Pranam (if to move from the North).

Terrace of the Leper King is a monolithic structure of cylindrical shape with a diameter of 25m and a height of 6m. It has two galleries of bas-reliefs: external and internal. The internal gallery, in contrast to the external, hidden from the eyes and situated a few meters beyond the outer wall, the entrance to it is from the South, slightly to the right of the ascent to the upper platform of the Terrace. Climb up to the Buddha statue can be South or North sides.

North-West of the Terrace is the pool, facing it on the West side retained a few of the images on the marine theme.

Time required it is necessary to allocate about a quarter of an hour.

The best time for photo – morning, when the sun is not too high.

Design, architecture

Барельефы на Террасе Прокаженного Короля

The external gallery Terraces of the Leper King contains bas-reliefs with figures of armed men, apsaras, demons, and other, which are seated in a row very close to each other. Image placed in seven rows horizontally, the top one – seventh the number is almost preserved. All the panels are very well preserved and quite interesting, however, especially if you don't look closely, the impression of monotony and monotony.

An internal gallery was built much earlier than the external, but the external wall it was covered with earth and is cleaned only during restoration work, but because it is in much better preservation than the outer wall. Inconspicuous entrance to the gallery is on the South side, and leads through a narrow passage to the North exit on the upper platform of the Terrace. Here the bas-reliefs are divided into four horizontal rows and represent the variety of shapes of marine life (fish, crocodiles), animals (elephants), unchanged apsaras and Garhoud, people, warriors and others. Angles gallery in some places, decorated with bas-reliefs of Nagas (snakes) and Garuda (bird).

Also should pay attention to the Northern wall of the external gallery, where there are images of the Palace scenes.

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