Angkor Thom: Phimeanakas or Phimeanakas (Phimeanakas)

General information, history

Главный вид на Пимеанакас

The Phimeanakas or Phimeanakas (Phimeanakas) translated from Khmer means "celestial temple". Is one of the churches of the city of Angkor Thom in the temple complex of Angkor near the city of Siem reap in Cambodia. Located on the site and was part of the Royal Palace of Angkor Thom (see the Phimeanakas on the map of Angkor).

Dedicated to Hinduism, built in the style of Kleang.

The construction of the Phimeanakas was conducted from the end of X-beginning of XI centuries. in Rajendravarman II (Rajendravarman II, rules 944-968гг.), after rebuilding in the reign of Suryavarman I (Suryavarman I, rules 1002-1049гг.) appears in present form. In the beginning of XX century, restoration work began on clearing the temple.

A remarkable temple only to those that "served", so to speak, of the temple at the Royal Palace. The only tower not preserved, unfortunately, was originally covered with gold. With the appointment of this tower is one of Khmer legend: the king indulged in amorous pleasures with Naga (snake), which appeared before him in the form of a beautiful woman. If naked in a certain night will not appear, it meant the death of the king, if not king – misery of the Kingdom. Reliefs in the temple there.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection


On examination of the Phimeanakas enough to allocate no more than half an hour.

The Phimeanakas some see as a must-visit place. This is because it is part of the Royal Palace, the inspection of which is included in most excursions. Really nothing interesting here, except, perhaps, the legend. Because it was built of Sandstone, and preserved not very well, especially the upper tier of the Central tower, and try to see tourists. However, if climbing to the top of the Central tower, you can see the nearby Baphuon (North) and the surrounding area.

For photography the best time is the morning. People here quite a lot, so a photo without tourists.

Stairs from the main (East) entrance is quite steep, so for safe lift equipped stairs on the West side.

The construction of the temple architecture


The Phimeanakas is a three-tiered rectangular pyramid.

The base of the pyramid has dimensions of 35m to 28m. The height of the temple is 12m. The temple has four axial stairs, framed somewhere preserved statues of the lions at the corners of the pyramid – destroyed statues of elephants.

The first two tiers are nothing, and through them it is impossible (very narrow), and not designed for this.

The third tier (30m to 23m) contains a narrow courtyard next to Windows, both open and about around the perimeter. Somewhere on the casings even preserved carved with ornament. The corners previously occupied by small pavilions. In the center is a raised area of land, framed by blocks of Sandstone, – this is the once Central tower of the temple, his sanctuary. It had a cruciform shape with the outputs-inputs on all four sides and light gold-plated dome. Here then occurred the events described in the above-mentioned legend. Today of the ruins of the tower remained only the remains of doorways.

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