Angkor Thom: the Royal (Palace) square (Royal area)

General information, history

Adjacent to the Royal Palace, a huge area in the North-Eastern part of Angkor Thom is called the Royal area . She played a large role in city life. Here were held different events: parades, festivals, celebrations, and other processions. Royal Palace of Angkor Thom share with king-size terrace of Elephants and Leper King. From the Terrace of the Elephants the king and his entourage watched the celebrations, the king appealed to his people a speech, and the Terrace of the Leper King to administer the trial of the accused. Today, unfortunately, from the Royal square is nothing left and there is a Parking area for tourist transport. We mention it only from a historical point of view.

Do not confuse the Royal square with the Royal Palace. This is different territory, they are opposite each other and separated by a Terrace of Elephants and Leper king.

The square is not remarkable – it's just a huge area, on the one hand, along the Terraces stretches the road surface and covered with lawn.

Structure (plan) of the area

The Royal square located in front of the Royal Palace, to the East of it, and includes a large area (720 m to 80 m). Clear boundaries of the square are not visually defined. However, it is established that from the North it borders with the Bayon, to the West – from the Baphuon, the Terraces of Elephants and Leper King, TEP Pranam, to the East with Preah Pete, Prasadam Suor Prat, and North and South Cleanhome.

The road leading from the Gate of Victory, to the Royal Palace divides the area in half, and was the main street of the city of Angkor Thom.

Tips for inspection

To take the time to inspect the area, as particular places of interest, is not necessary, because it can be combined with the visit here. But it's worth noting that the best time for photo – morning – for monuments located on the West side of the road, which include: Preah Palilay, TEP Pranam, terrace of the Leper King, terrace of Elephants, Royal Palace, Pimeanakas, Baphuon. In the evening take a look at the objects that are on the East side of the road: Preah Pete, Prasat Suor Prat, and North and South Clingy.

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