Angkor Thom: Baphuon or Baphuon (Baphuon)

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General information, history

Главный вид на Бапуон

Or Baphuon Baphuon (Baphuon) is part of the ancient city of Angkor Thom in the temple complex of Angkor. He was one of the largest in size, the temples of Angkor Thom.

The temple is a five-step pyramid consisting of three tiers, which compared him with a large temple-mountain represents the sacred mount Meru. In the heyday of the dome was covered with copper plates.

It was built in the style of Baphuon, dedicated to Hinduism.

Baphuon was erected by king Udayadityavarman II (Udayadityavarman II), who ruled from 1050 to 1066 and was the center of the former capital city of Yasodharapura. Restoration work on site began in the 60-ies of XX century and continued to the present time (August 2012). In this connection, the temple looks dilapidated and not all are open to the public.

Interesting Baphuon reznikau with a pattern of vegetation similar to where you can see East Mebon, multiple scenes, preserved in the galleries of the first and second tiers.

A distinctive feature of the Baphuon style is a mix of several elements carved with figures in a single panel. Also typical was the division of the bas-reliefs horizontally into several scenes.

It is worth mentioning about the statue of the reclining Buddha, which is located on the Western side of the temple (according to some sources it was installed at a later time, which, apparently, and took some of the elements of the upper tower). Unfortunately, the piece was unfinished, that's why is difficult to discern today.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection


The temple is located 200 m to the North-West of Bayonne, in the South of the Royal Palace and approximately 10 miles from the centre of Siem Reap (see Baphuon on the map of Angkor). Usually he becomes the next object for inspection after Bayonne. To reach it by Bicycle or motorbike, on foot – only from nearby objects, including from Bayonne.

Time required it is necessary to allocate no more than half an hour. If you have a little time for seeing the sights of Angkor Thom, perhaps the Baphuon is worth a miss. The people here a bit since over the past few years in the temple being repaired because the part of the galleries and the main dome is dismantled. The entrance to the temple is on the East side and exit to the West. Unfortunately, in connection with the failures of the builders of that period, the temple continues to collapse, despite the attempts of scientists to save it.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, from the platform of the Central tower (the third tier) offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area, particularly on the South side of the tower Phnom Bakeng, North of the Phimeanakas. For good photos it is better to choose an afternoon or sunset.

The construction of the temple architecture

Вид с вершины Бапуона

Baphuon has a rectangular shape and three tiers.

The area adjacent to the temple, has dimensions on the 425m 125m and was surrounded by a low wall.

Entrance gopura of Baphuon is on the same axis as the terrace of Elephants, and from her almost nothing left. Separated from the gopura of the temple long duplex road length of 200 m On both sides of the road preserved natural ponds, and closer to the temple on the North side is an artificial pool filled with water. In the middle of the road there is a cross-shaped pavilion with two entrances-exits, served, apparently, down to the small ponds and the pool.

The base of the pyramid is 120m to 100m. The main entrance to the temple is located on the East side. Should climb quite steep stairs up to the Central gopura of the first level. It has pavilions on both sides of the entrance, the gopura dome shape resembles a Lotus Bud. Earlier this gopuram was connected with the galleries of the first tier around the perimeter, but galleries have nothing left, only the remains, resembling window openings. The size of the Central gopuram more than the other three and preserved it much better. Gopuram from the external side is decorated with carvings of flowers and animals.

At the site of the first tier on the West and East side are the destroyed building of the library and two from the East and the West. From libraries and located in close proximity to hapur stretches of the low columns, before these bars overlap the stone slab that served as a walkway connecting the library with gourami and stairs leading to the second tier.

The second tier has a size of approximately 65m on a 58m, four axial gopura, preserved much better than in the previous layer, also the double row of wide Windows and narrow courtyard.

In the galleries of the first and second tiers are bas-reliefs of various subjects, mostly scenes from the epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana (Shiva, episodes from the life of Krishna, Vishnu and other characters), people's daily lives and Brahmins, military battles, images of people, animals, etc. unfortunately, the gallery because of the operations is inaccessible for inspection.

The third tier with a size 41m at 36m, has a double row of columns at the edges. Initially, there was angular and axial gopura, but they have not survived. From the Central domed tower, which has been the main sanctuary, and is located in the center remained just a reminder: a pile of stones with four openings-entrances. It is established that this tower bulk from the ground and reinforced on the edges with blocks of limestone. The height of the Central tower from ground level was about 50 m.

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