The Angkor temple complex: TA Prohm temple

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History of TA Prohm, General information

Ангкор: Та Пром

Ta Prohm (TA Prohm, TA Prum, TA Prohm, the educational staff) translated from Khmer means "ancestor Brahma". However, originally the name referred to as Rajavihara (Royal monastery). It is a Buddhist temple complex and is part of the city of Angkor.

Dedicated to and was erected in honor of the mother of the king Jayavarman VII in 1186 of Greatest prosperity was achieved by the XIII century, there lived more than 12 thousand people, but, as the whole city of Angkor, in the mid fifteenth century Siamese troops destroyed and abandoned.

Clearance of the complex was begun in the 20-ies of the XIX century, However, specialists, who work to restore TA Prohm, it was decided not to change radically the appearance of the temple and its surroundings. Therefore, it is the only temple, "absorbed" by the jungle, the walls and towers of which the entangled roots of trees, and it was done deliberately. Why he, along with Vatom Angkor and the Bayon, is the most popular destination of pilgrims visiting Angkor. Great fame among tourists TA Prohm received after the filming of the movie angelina Jolie's "Lara Croft. Tomb raider". In honor of this event, the Cambodians unofficially renamed it the Temple of Angelina Jolie.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection

Ангкор: Та Пром The path to TA Prohm never heal

The educational staff is located 2.5 km South-East of the Victory Gate (the Victory Gate) of Angkor Thom (Angkor Thom) and usually visit it by following this path. Cm. TA Prohm of Angkor on the map

TA Prohm is a must-visit destination, thanks to the huge trees growing through the temple walls. One of the types of trees growing here, refers to species of ficus, and the other is cotton tree. Their powerful roots, they gradually destroy the buildings of the complex, so you should be careful close to a wall, despite the attempts of scientists to strengthen the place of destruction with the help of beams and metal pipes.

For measured inspection of TA Phrom, it is recommended to allocate 1-1. 5 hours. But, be aware that the people there are always a lot, and therefore need to be very patient to create an empty photo. However, for a particularly photogenic couple created a special platform on the background walls with tree roots, so the majority of people concentrated in such places.

To examine the Church recommended starting from West to East, while the Western gopuram has retained only the face of Avalokiteshvara, through which you get on a dirt road, leading to the second gate. Then passing though the third and fourth lines of the fence, you get into the inner courtyards with trees, breaking the fifth line, be in front of the main Shrine – the Central sanctuary.

The construction of the temple architecture

The area of the complex TA Prohm is about 700,000 square meters and was surrounded by lateritious wall. The temple itself is off-centered to the West and occupies just 10,000 sq m In the rest part of the once existed a large town.

The temple has a single-layer structure, the center of which is the main tower, consisting of four tiers, and hidden behind four lines of the fence. All four walls had four towers, facing all directions, and the four corner gopura. Previously, the complex TA Prohm consisted of 39 towers, 854 buildings with more than 260 statues of deities. Subsequently, the construction of the temple was quite chaotic, it is supplemented by new buildings and constructions: on the level of the third and fifth courtyards in the South-Eastern part of them located a dilapidated building libraries, third courtyard also complement the two temples in the North and the South.

On the pediments and outer walls of the complex are well preserved, and in some places restored, and the bas-reliefs of apsaras and deities.

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