Angkor: entrance fees, time, transportation and other helpful information

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The cost of the tickets to Angkor. Where to buy tickets?

Информация о стоимости на главном входе в Ангкор

The entrance to the temple complex for foreigners and is paid by ticket in the form of gaps. Passes are not valid for access to all the temples except Phnom Kulen (Phnom Kulen), Koch Kerr (Koh Ker) and the Meal Beng (Beng Melea), which require their tickets cost 20, 10 and 5 dollars respectively.

Pass with your photo (photo included) are made at the entrance at the main gate to the complex on the road to Angkor Wat (the main gate on the interactive map of Angkor). One-day ticket can also be purchased at the second entrance from the toll road to the airport and at Banteay Srey. The hours offices: from 05:00 to 17:30.

There are several types of passes different prices and validity:

The validity of the ticket Cost, US $
The 1 day ticket 37
The 3 days ticket (valid any 3 days within seven days of purchase) 62
Ticket for 7 days (valid for any seven days within a month of purchase) 72

It is also important to know:

  • Children under 12 years of age upon presentation of a passport pass free. Other benefits and discounts no
  • Tickets can be used not only for a few days, but any days within the validity period. For example, buying a three day ticket to visit the complex on the first day of the fourth and seventh. Every visit to celebrate the composter
  • Payment is required in cash USD or credit card (cards accepted 2017)
  • Passes (tickets) to exchange and non-refundable. Children under 12 years of age upon presentation of a passport pass free
  • The pass is not transferable
  • Loss of badge on site will be charged 100, 200 and 300 dollars depending on its validity

The Angkor

The Angkor temple complex is open 365 days a year from 5:00 to 17:30. To start visitors start at 5:30. After the Church was closed at 17:30 hours, in practice it remains possible to stay here at least until 22 hours to carry out the sun and photograph the temples in the light of the moon.

If you buy a pass after 17:00, you can completely legal to visit Angkor in the evening of this day (i.e., pass begins to operate in the evening from the time of its acquisition).

How many days you can see Angkor?

On the run to explore some of the popular temples you can for one day. But, of course, such inspection is not considered complete and during this time, the more likely you will be able to assess only the extent of Angkor, but not its beauty. Well, to see more or less details to consider at least a small part of the temples, to make beautiful pictures, to see the sunrise and spend the sun at sunset and with all this, not out of breath darting from temple to temple, most travelers are recommended to spend on the temples for three days. In addition, on three days for the pass for $ 40. The two-day release to visit the temples there.

If time permits and there is a desire for seven days (there is a seven-day pass) you can see all the main temples and visit remote and little known, which are very rarely visited by tourists.

When is the best time to visit Angkor?

If we are talking about the time of year, it is best of course to visit Angkor in the dry season, to stand any kind of weather could break is the period from November to March.

As far as time of day, the best time to go to the temples early in the morning, when the sun comes up (about 5 hours and 30 minutes) to meet the first rays on the approach to the temples. At this time you will be able to make the best photos (the camera is such that the best quality images are obtained at sunset or sunrise). Besides, your photos will not be crowds of tourists, most of whom like to roll about longer in bed or is limited to group tours.

To see the sunrise or to watch a sunset is best on the top of Phnom Bakheng (Phnom Bakheng). In the winter months the sun rises at 6 hours, so you will have plenty of time to get in and take a seat on top.

Hire a guide at Angkor or explore themselves?

Of course, everyone has already visited here traveler on this account their own point of view, which, in particular, depends on the "thickness of a plastic card". If you can afford to hire Russian-speaking or well-speaking guide, hire. If you don't. Learn information, store guide and audio guide, and go.

To find a guide on the spot can be anywhere. The easiest way at the hotel reception or travel Agency. Guide without transport can be found for 20-25 dollars a day.

A licensed guide with a car (we recommend to hire) will cost 50 dollars a day. English-speaking guides too, but it is better to search for recommendations and to agree in advance. For Russian-speaking guide you will have to pay up to $ 100 a day.

Find and download the audio guide on the Internet on torrents.

Transport. Moving between the temples

The issue of transport, including when visiting temples, already affected us in the theme "Transport Siem Reap – travel to Angkor".

Useful tips when visiting Angkor

Clothing, shoes. When you visit wear light, airy and at the same time, chastely, to protect yourself from sunburn. Any barrier cream will help. Also cover your face and head with headdress (maybe even an umbrella). Wear sunglasses otherwise from the unusually bright sun can ache eyes and head. Just in case, bring umbrellas or plastic raincoats better. If you plan to climb the ruins (and it is worth doing), use a good zalneraviciute shoes, and not Slippers.

Clothing, shoes. The temples of Angkor is a sacred place, and visit them in mini-skirts, shorts, open back, too transparent clothing, no bra.

The food and drinks. Near temples everywhere brisk trade of beverages, ice cream and more substantial meals. You can buy beer. Spirits are not sold near temples (buy in advance, just don't overdo it in the heat).

Protection from insects. Wise will be in the evening and morning hours to have a repellent against mosquitoes (it is better to buy local, bought from us are not valid).

Guide. And don't forget to take cards (not playing) and the guide.

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