The Angkor temple complex: Banteay SREI (Banteay Srei)

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The history of Banteay SREI, General information

Ангкор: Бантей Срей

After seeing Banteay SREI (Banteay Srey) , the first thing that comes to mind is a connection with the feminine, because it is very refined, beautiful and petite. Not surprisingly, the translation of his name from Khmer means not only as "the Citadel of Women" or "women's Refuge". This stunning beauty of the temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva and built in the mid-tenth century court adviser (in another version - doctor) by Agnivarsha (Yajnavaraha) during the reign of kings Radzhendravarman II (Rajendravarman II) and Jayavarman V (Jayavarman V). However, it was not designed for Royal families. After the construction of the temple around him was formed and existed the city of Isvarapura (Isvarapura).

Was discovered in 1914, the Clearing of the temple begun in 20-ies of the twentieth century.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection

Ангкор: Бантей Срей

Banteay SREI temple located 35 km North from the town of Siem reap (see Banteay SREI of Angkor on the map), so plan your trip in advance. Before to rent a car or negotiate with the driver of the vehicle (see "Moving through Angkor") on the cost, time and route. It should be noted that the trip will cost 5-7 dollars more expensive. Banteay SREI is better to combine with a tour of the temple of Banteay Samre (Banteay Samre).

On inspection it is possible to allocate 1-1. 5 hours excluding the road on the road 1 hour. Best time for photos in the morning before 11am or evening after 15 hours, the access is terminated after 17 hours.

The entrance is located on the East side. The temple is surrounded by a moat, and to this day water from the opposite Bank, looking at the temple, you can see him reflected in the surface of the water.

Due to the fact that the temple is built of pink Sandstone, it certainly makes it stand out among other temples in terms of a pinkish brick color. And yet, this material lends strength to the structures, which contributes to its better preservation to the present day. However, perfectly preserved not only the temple itself, but the bas-reliefs on the walls and Gables, sculptures, the patterns, the threads are very fine and clear, which entangles the whole temple. Banteay SREI is one of the places, along with Vatom Angkor and Angkor Tomis definitely noteworthy.

The construction of the temple architecture

Ангкор: Бантей Срей

The entrance to the temple is from the East through the cruciform gopura, passing through which are on the Avenue of processions with a series of low bars and pillars on either side. Approximately in the middle of the road on the right and left remnants of two exits, leading to dilapidated buildings (buildings), leaving only the entrance doorways and part of the walls: to the North one to the South three. In front of the gopuras of the first (external) investments the ruins of two buildings. After passing through the gopura, offers stunning views of ponds, filled with water, and the temple. On all extent of the reservoirs were stairs, what look like overgrown piles of stones. Gopuram of the second attachments are very well preserved. Next find yourself on a narrow platform, which the perimeter is six buildings, North and South, one from the East and West – two. On all preserved pediments of the buildings reproduced image of a religious nature, scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, various decorative ornaments.

As for the third (inner) attachment, all the buildings and towers were restored, and thus demonstrates once again the sophistication and beauty of the decor. There are three towers of the temple, the tops of which resemble vessels for water, with a corridor to them. Entrance translate figures of the APE warriors (unary). Here are two buildings libraries. Inside some of the buildings you can see the pedestals under the Linga.

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