The Angkor temple complex: Banteay kdey temple

The history of Banteay kdey, General information

Ангкор: Бантей Кдей Banteay Kdey

Banteay kdey (Banteay Kdei) translated from Khmer means "citadel of the cells" and is a Buddhist temple complex. He is part of the huge city of Angkor.

The construction was carried out under king Jayavarman VII (Jayavarman VII) from the middle of the XII to the beginning of XIII century, presumably in place already existed from X century Church. Clearance of the complex was begun in the 20-ies of the XIX century, and despite this, up until the 1960's, there lived a small group of monks. Today, Banteay kdey is not in the best condition, largely due to the use in the construction of poor Sandstone. Everywhere you can see the wooden beams that prop up the various parts of the crumbling buildings.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection

Ангкор: Бантей Кдей Banteay Kdey

The Wanta kdey temple is located 4 km South-East of the complex of Angkor Thom (Angkor Thom), and 1.5 km from TA Prohm (Ta Prohm). Cm. Banteay kdey of Angkor on the map

To enter the territory of the temple and the East and the West, but the best option is to start the inspection on the West side and exit on the East to the artificial pool SRA Srang (Srah Srang).

Wanta Kdey worth a visit, because in many ways he is reminiscent of TA Prohm (trees only there), and because of the threat of the destruction of some of the details can not be able to see. And because you need to be doubly careful, walking around with established posts.

For exploring Banteay Kdey, it is recommended to allocate 1-1. 5 hours. You should not rely on a large number of tourists, because here do not carry "batchfile".

During the inspection, note on the Eastern gopura of the first (outer) level, it has retained the face of Avalokiteshvara, and the corners there are sculptures of Garuda. Well-preserved terraces leading to the Shrine, with statues of Nagas and lions. On the pillars in the "hall of dancers" - many images of apsaras. Inside the main Shrine is a statue of Buddha.

At the entrance to the complex you can find vendors selling Souvenirs and paintings.

The construction of the temple architecture

The area of Banteay kdey is about 350,000 sq. m. the temple has a single-layer structure and three levels of the fence representing the wall closed once the perimeter with four gourami on each side and four towers at the corners.

On the Eastern side between the first (outer) and the second line of walls there are two buildings: one to the North (no known purpose) and the second comprising a plurality of columns with images of apsaras called "Hall of dancers". In the Eastern part of the Central sanctuary to the North and South observed the destroyed building two libraries. By means of covered galleries of the wall of the third level connected to the Central temple.

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