Рисовые террасы на Бали

If you go to Asia one day, your heart will remain there forever. Asia will make you fall in love you myself. Asia will enter into your soul, and will never end.

It's a soulful place where there is the ancient spirit of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Here you will find incredible architectural wonders from the world famous great wall of China or the incredible temples of Angkor Wat, to the little-known but no less interesting wonders in mountainous Nepal, intriguing Vietnam or friendly Thailand.

From the tropical shores of the Indian ocean to the icy shores of the Arctic ocean, from the countless Islands of Indonesia to the desert steppes of Mongolia, all of it, the biggest part of the world – Asia.

🕒 October 15, 2018

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zhanna 23 October, 2018
No. Since October the Islands are closed, no boats, no running hotels, possible storm. Was last year in late September, a couple of days the sea was very restless. ...
dimas_rhymes 23 October, 2018
Hello! Drove for a week in Kharkov in the framework of the travel in Ukraine. This video will tell you what struck me (as a resident of the EU) in the eye. EGIJ8edTADU Thank you for your attention! ...
dragon 23 October, 2018
That's it, that's a good place to start: who, where, where and in what quantity goes. Otherwise, it's a conversation about anything. The situation can be quite different: the cost of rent sometimes exorbitant and sometimes almost zero, can drive one person, maybe five. Someone once a day traveling from the suburbs for one and a half euros, and someone who actively travels around the County. Sometimes, the cost of airport transfers is that it is cheaper to take the car just to make only two trips of 10-15 km to town and back. Another question is whether to bother with this... Not all life situations to contain in a single formula: "public transport is always cheaper". ...
dimas_rhymes 23 October, 2018
And I'm only on the bike and have split, although I admit that a few days started to notice that it is not very convenient :) ...
watchdog 24 October, 2018
MO0y95sPJS0 ...
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nausla 26 October, 2018
How is this school different from others, for example lingualeo? ...
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