If you visit Asia, your heart will remain there forever. Asia will make you fall in love you myself. Asia will enter into your soul, and will never end. It's a soulful place where there is the ancient spirit of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Here you will find incredible architectural wonders from the world famous great wall of China or the incredible temples of Angkor Wat, to the little-known but no less interesting wonders in mountainous Nepal, intriguing Vietnam or friendly Thailand.

From the tropical shores of the Indian ocean to the icy shores of the Arctic ocean, from the countless Islands of Indonesia to the desert steppes of Mongolia, all of it, the biggest part of the world – Asia.

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Edudance 10 August 2020
Good day friends! I want to show You how the world famous Colombian - Venezuelan national cake, very popular throughout Latin America.
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admin August 13, 2020

Yeah, that'll work. But dress warmly, even now here in the day during the rains the temperature drops to 13 degrees. Locals say that the cold summer, maybe autumn will be available. ...
Traveler 14 August, 2020
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    Edudance 14 August, 2020
    All a big Hello from Santiago! See a new series about my adventures during quarantine in Chile. :SUPER
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    Silver August 15, 2020
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