Review: Now my favorite Vietnam. part 2 In da Nang

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The next goal of our flight was the city of da Nang. But the purpose of the journey was the town of Hoi an is 30 kilometers from da Nang, where we had intended to spend a week. Flight to da Nang was again Vietnamese airlines on the new Airbus-319. In flight we were not fed and given only a bottle of drinking water. Flew for about forty minutes, enjoying the beautiful Vietnamese landscape through the window.

As usual in this our journey, we had nothing prepared in advance, only planned. And now we knew theoretically how to get to Hoi an by local transport, and was determined not to use a taxi. We then did not regret.

Once in the terminal, we pritormozite a little, giving himself up in the bathroom and getting Luggage. This sluggishness probably no one expected, and mini bus to Hoi an from the airport left, we saw only his tail. It happened probably because in the plane we were the only Europeans, and the local Vietnamese fast povyskakivali from the plane and rode home, many without Luggage. Slow and a couple of Europeans from the airport simply was not expected.

The few remaining taxi drivers vying to become to offer us their services but we poulybalsya, pretended to be their saying that we're not far, we can make it. And went.

Пустынная дорога от аэропорта Дананга A desert road from da Nang airport

The airport is near the city, therefore, after 400 meters, we came to a busy road. Knowing that somewhere in the city the city bus goes to Hoi an, we decided to go to the bus station of the city (by the way, she had to go 4 kilometers) in hopes of finding a bus stop or catch the bus on the street. The direction was pre-determined by Google-map, but how well we went, full of confidence was not, as was on the memory card before my eyes was not.

So, after reaching the main road we turned left. We walked past a beautiful Park with sculptures set up around the lake. The lake is called like Thac Gian. In the Park mostly rested with local young people, though it was morning.

Парк возле озера Park near the lake

In the end, after about a kilometer we came to the intersection. Here we have just realized that on the right track and turn left again on the homestretch to the city bus station.

Встретили наш Камаз на дороге Хойана Met our KAMAZ on the road of Hoi an

After a few minutes to meet us caught yellow Xe Buyt (as in the Vietnamese signed all city buses) with the inscription Hoian. With a wave of his hand we slowed down the bus, but jumped into it anyway on the move in open doors. Caring conductor helped us get put on the free space.

A trip on this bus was "something" in a good way. On that trip, we approached the Vietnamese people could not be closer. The bus was purely local, with no air conditioning. Bright-eyed conductor was helped to get locals on the move, dragged the bikes, bags, parcels, and managed all obilechivat. And all this happened in the course of only a couple of times during the entire forty-minute ride, the bus made stops.

Внутри автобуса Дананг-Хойан Inside the bus da Nang-Hoi an

And the bus driver was honking at everyone. Crept into question: "One hand on his gear lever, the other on the horn. And what he steers?". But we arrived successfully. The trip was very warm, I would even say hot, without air conditioning.

Eventually the bus stopped and everyone began to leave. We realized that we arrived in Hoi an, gave the conductor 20 000 VND, and went outside of Hoi an.

But that is another story.

Sequel: Seven days in Hoi an...

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admin 31 January, 2015

Glad you liked Saigon, I really like it too. But I would be careful with recommendations about "least a week". Still, not everyone will like spending time in a noisy bustling city instead of the beach. Two full days for most of them will be enough, and those who love other people, large cities can linger a little longer. ...
Foxa 31 January, 2015
About a week - I wrote that we would like there is so much to be. :) And of course, to each his own! But there are so many museums and the city itself is so interesting that walk-not to deregulate. Next we go to Vietnam no less than 3 weeks. You have a good photo, immediately reminded of our journey.
Jane_M, we too were at the factory where they make fish sauce. Yes, the smell of it is still the same! But it is possible to buy in addition to sauce a lot of good and very tasty sun-dried local fish. It's in Fukuoka. And, by the way, Fukuoka is prohibited to take out this sauce. ...
admin 31 January, 2015

Nifiga yourself :shock: . Why? ...
admin 31 January, 2015

He googled and found that the earlier airlines in Fukuoka was used ATR72 aircraft, where the Luggage area combined with a passenger. And when the bottles crashed, the cabin was transported "mouthwatering aroma" best Fukuoka fish sauce :SUPER . And then it was forbidden to export. Actually, I always pour the sauce in plastic bottles, when being taken home. So safer and easier without glasses. ...
Foxa 31 January, 2015
I didn't know about the true reasons for the ban! :) Now I know!
And we are from Vietnam brought a local ground coffee and bought them special cups with lids and filters for brewing.
Here, too, by the way, advice to those who are going to Vietnam and thinks that you can bring out there simply amazing coffee! I'm not a fan and not a coffee-drinker, but the Vietnamese coffee will never give up. :) ...
admin 1 February, 2015

Yes, Vietnamese coffee is one of the best in the world, IMHO. ...
Saulina March 25, 2016
Uhh posomtrel photo, already longing attacked! ...
Cenika 20 September, 2017
I have a holiday to Vietnam is only the most positive memories and emotions. Oh, the beautiful beach of Nha Trang, we were here in June, rested perfectly. For travelers chose the hotel Den Long Do Hotel, the conditions are excellent, the service is good. Of the trip brought a bunch of Souvenirs and delicacies, in particular, found the shop "Alco House", where he bought the local bottling alcohol in bottles that you can carry in the airport. Loved the nature and the hospitality of the locals, sightseeing and culture. ...
Katerina1 April 30, 2018
the class is also very want to Vietnam, but confuses that far) ...
Svetik2244 8 July, 2018
I in that year it was unreal cool! ...