Vietnamese sirigere (Easyriders) – experience away from the tourist routes

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Вьетнамский изирайдер в деле

If you are going in Vietnam and still don't know what "Miraging" (Easyriding), then this article is for you. The phenomenon is relatively new and still little known Russian tourists, but it definitely deserves attention, and, in our opinion, silaging in the future firmly establish its position as one of the most interesting types of rest and travel, though the mass he will become unlikely.

So, what is "Miraging" and who are "Sirigere"? Yet none of the encyclopedia (at least, in Russian) we were unable to find a definition of what it is. Perhaps the term Easyriders happened on the name of the cult American film "easy rider" (Easy Rider) 1969 Director and actor Dennis hopper (died in 2010). Or, at least, from the movement that inspired the film. Indeed, a new tourist service and the plot of the film has something in common. Silaging provides for tourists the freedom of movement, opens new feelings, shows the country from all sides, including away from the beaten tourist routes.

The essence of aziridine is that you hire a personal guide-driver on a motorbike for one or several days, and together they travel around the country. And if you are open minded person then your guide will be at this time your "temporary friend": you will be able to communicate with him, eat with him, drink beer. And who knows, perhaps from the "temporary friend", he will become your friend for life.

Sirigere do offer pre-designed single or multi-day routes, but you can always make suggestions, if you wish to visit a particular place or from something to refuse, or even to create your route.

Типичная туристическая контора на улице Вьетнама с предложением изирайдера

To spend time in search of sirigere in Vietnam don't have. They will find you and "take a turn". The streets are constantly scurrying a lot of experienced guys who are ready to offer you our services and to obtain reference letters from other tourists that they usually offer to read from their notebooks. Some of them are recommendations and in Russian. In major tourist areas and cities, for example in Nha Trang and MUI ne, you can find the whole tourist offices, which are seradigm. There are also numerous sites of such firms on the Internet, and you will be able to book yourself easyrider still at home, and he will wait for you at the airport when you arrive.

In addition to the benefits of freedom of movement, another advantage of aziridine is low cost. Hire easyrider from 400,000 VND per day (about $ 20, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate). For more serious travel, including overnights (the price is usually included in the cost of services easyrider, but best of all the details to specify in advance), visit the many paid attractions (also usually included), food price can rise to 40-60 USD per day. But even this is quite a bargain, when you consider, for example, that even if you go to this route independently, renting a motorbike, you will have to pay 5-10 dollars a day for rent to spend 7-10 dollars on gasoline, 10-20 dollars to stay in hotels or guesthouses, etc. What else is good, your easirider will be careful to protect you from all sorts molested and crooks, which in Vietnam is a dime a dozen, especially near each attraction. Besides, it is obvious that there is always a chance an inexperienced biker to fall into an accident, get a hand to the police (and in Vietnam, any law but issued in Vietnam, not valid), to get lost, so to run into any other troubles.

However, there have Seritinga of some drawbacks that will not allow this to become a mass phenomenon:

Many people, especially girls, are afraid to ride motorcycles, especially with such cabs as Vietnamese. And some men find it offensive to sit in the back seat of a motorcycle. If you belong to this category, then you silaging will not fit.

Another inconvenience during the long journeys of many hours of sitting on a seat of a motorcycle on untrained for such trips the ass (sorry for the expression, but it is better here to choose) is not very nice and sometimes very tiring.

Safety also plays a role. Although sirigere with tourists and drive very carefully, the motorcycle still remains the most dangerous form of road transport.

Well, many tourists, especially those traveling on packages, this is not an option just technically. After all, if you have booked an expensive hotel on the reservation, will not best to leave it for a few days and go to sleep in cheap guesthouses on the route.

Well, if you are not afraid of some inconvenience and I want a new tourist sensation after travelling with isaragura you are unlikely to regret it.

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