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The article all about shopping and buying in Vietnam where to buy, prices, what are the shops and markets, how to bargain when shopping. Also details about the selection of Souvenirs and goods from Vietnam that are worth to buy and bring home to relatives and friends. And separately, about buying coffee and clothes and shoes for trekking and Hiking, made in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a wonderful place for shopping, and will especially appeal to those tourists who do not have a "fad" about originality and brand things. To bring out not only the most common Souvenirs, but unique gifts they even works of art, which are not found in other countries. If enough of the Souvenirs you purchased, you can look counterfeit bags, are made under brands in the world, but at very low prices. Also from Vietnam, you can go for a coffee, glutinous or ordinary rice, superior quality, fish sauces and condiments, jewelry, pearls, products made from snake and crocodile skin. Useful and very best purchase will be a counterfeit sports clothing and footwear, equipment for Hiking and trekking brand North Face made in Vietnam. In General, everything in order:

Where to buy

Trade in Vietnam is carried out at every step, to go far not necessary. In the center of the city, all the streets along the road are occupied by shops, stalls, markets, and sometimes gives the impression that anything other than trade the Vietnamese do not do it. Many in Vietnam and major shopping malls and hypermarkets, where prices are sometimes even lower than in the markets.

ТЦ в Ханое Shopping center in Hanoi

The prices in the shops and markets are different, although not very much. In stores and shops is to look for counterfeits of branded clothes and shoes, equipment, articles of gold and precious stones. Markets and bazaars are focused on a wider range of buyers (including local) where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes and ending with food. The quality of market goods is not always good, however, the fact that everything here is very cheap, and negotiable.

As for the original fashion brand clothing, with this there may be problems. To find something similar, and if possible, only serious shops-boutiques, of which there are not so many.

Крытый рынок Dong Xuan Market в Ханое Covered market, Dong Xuan Market

Souvenirs are sold everywhere including in supermarkets, but the prices for all small things like magnets, plates, etc. greatly differ depending on the place. But actually you can buy them almost everywhere for the same price if you haggle. Two adjacent stalls or seller in the market can sell the same souvenir for the price difference several times, so if you fundamentally save a few tens of thousands of dongs, then go and compare prices, bargain.

Generally, with regard to bargaining, you can bargain everywhere, even in shops and boutiques. You can not only be traded in supermarkets with price and service, in other places, you can always ask for "discount", especially if you purchase a few things. In the markets the price of small goods, such as Souvenirs, you can do to reduce several times, because in most cases, tourists are immediately called high.

To pay for your purchases more profitable in local currency, although in exceptional circumstances in the markets or in private shops ready to accept the dollars. But follow the rate at which you propose to pay, as it is usually less profitable than the payment already varied local dongs (see all about the money of Vietnam and the exchange rate).

What to buy in Vietnam and bring home

Probably the most traditional Souvenirs are considered as Slippers, flip-Flops (the name itself is worth something?!) and the "cap" of banana leaves. Caps, apparently for the sake of tourists, they sell different sizes, shapes and even with embroidery. Vietnamese in everyday life are the most simple conical hat, and you will see for yourself, if you pass rice fields: here and there are a couple of "fungi"workers – a very picturesque panorama. Stand traditional conical hats about 15-20 thousand VND (approximately 40.86 rubles), special tourist or a regular, but sold in souvenir shops - is more expensive.

From a wide variety of Souvenirs in markets and shops is breathtaking and the work of craftsmen worthy of respect. For practically pennies you can buy tourist goods like magnets mentioned conical hats, wooden Cutlery and combs, cups coconut, and T. R. But there are also really good Souvenirs.

Сувениры из Вьетнама Souvenirs from Vietnam

For example, you can purchase jewelry from the tree. This amazing paintings of local landscapes from a single piece of wood; wooden plate inlaid with mother of pearl,$ 10 for set of 3 pieces; figurines; coasters for hot pots; vases with bright patterns; boxes; trays; bowls with a carved pattern. Original gift can be utensils from coconut shells (bowls, spoons, forks), hair pins, beads for$ 3. Bamboo made chopsticks, beautiful wall murals and etc. interesting use of the ivories: pendants, beads, figurines, elephants figurines, but it's not cheap. In some regions, such as in da Nang near Marmorini mountains there is a village of stone carvers, where you can buy a small souvenir-a figure from stone, handmade, or large statue, which you can buy from a shipping company to transport your home.

Very beautiful traditional lacquered Souvenirs. The simple wooden Souvenirs are covered by one layer of lacquer and it looks not so spectacular as the multi-layer coating with the polishing. The truth and are multi-layered lacquered Souvenirs are much more expensive.

Лакированные сувениры из Вьетнама Lacquered Souvenirs from Vietnam

In some regions of Vietnam can meet original, peculiar only to this place Souvenirs. Especially interesting in this respect is the North of the country and its mountainous districts and towns of Sapa, BAC Ha and others. They can find crafts, hand-made by residents of hill tribes, mostly embroidery, soft toys, silver items. But be careful, as sometimes under the guise of "handmade" sale of consumer goods from China. To distinguish a fake from a factory of hand-made Souvenirs is quite simple: quality hand-made things worse, the same gifts are in form and weight. If it was a factory thing, but they are all the same from the conveyor.

«Хэндмейд» сувениры с севера "Handmade" Souvenirs from North

An original souvenir is a bottle with a snake in an alcohol tincture. Bottles of different volume, shape and filling (the snake, the Scorpion, the roots of ginseng) will certainly make you stop at the counter. As the alcohol in the bottles poured with local whiskey or rice moonshine. In fact, the taste is very nasty and smacks of fish and some other animals, but it looks very impressive. Besides, if you uncorked the bottle and drank its liquid contents, there again you can pour whisky or brandy and again to make a tincture. It is a souvenir from 40 000 VND per bottle (approximately 108.97 USD), but in tourist areas the price for it many times more. By the way, you can find bottles with different centipedes, frogs, birds and even cats. Vietnamese believe that it is good for health and boosts male power. No problems with the export of such Souvenirs do not arise.

Змеиное виски из Вьетнама Snake whiskey from Vietnam

Lovers of pearls Vietnam is pleasant prices. To buy gorgeous pearl and jewelry with him throughout the country, however, it is recommended to do it in MUI ne, Phan Thiet (in the markets), Nha Trang and Phu Quoc island. It is considered that these areas are less likely to run into a fake and the prices are lower, because there are farms on growing. On average, a string of pearls worth about 10-20$ depending on length, with pearl earrings – 1-2$, bracelet is 8-10$. The pearls have white, black and pink. See more, how to choose Pearls in Vietnam...

Among other jewelry look for silver. Necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants presented in a huge amount of interesting traditional design, and at competitive prices. In the North of Vietnam to Sapa, the village of BAC Ha and other small towns you can buy silver products, handcrafted in the traditional style of the mountain tribes. And in Vietnam's large cities have whole streets of goldsmiths, in which many generations of Vietnamese and Chinese make and sell unique jewelry from silver and gold in private shops. The largest such street is located in Hanoi - a street Hang Bac Street; in da Nang is a district near the market Han Market; in Ho Chi Minh city, several streets located in district 5; in Nha Trang Thap Ba street street.

Precious stones in Vietnam mined sapphires, zircons, opals, rubies, and quartz. But it is worth mentioning that purchase jewelry it is better in specialized shops, where every thing you will be given a certificate of quality.

Общественный дом ювелиров, Ханой Silver jewelry from Vietnam

Definitely bring yourself and your loved ones ointment called Cobratoxin (Cobratoxan) or Cobramax, which includes the venom of a Cobra. It is only in Vietnam and is used as analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs for sciatica, injuries and inflammation of the joints, ligaments, muscles, and also it can be used for colds, as an ordinary ointment "asterisk". It is sold in supermarkets and pharmacies and costs about 80-90 rubles for a tube that times 3 times cheaper than in Russia. By the way, the same balm "gold star" can be bought for 2000 Dong (about 5.45 rubles) is also a good option to buy.

You may be surprised, but in Vietnam do and the wine is quite good for the price at which it is sold. The main region where wine is produced, is high plateau and the city of Dalat. Local firm "Vang Dalat" (Vang Dalat) produces many wines that cost from 90 000 VND (approximately 245.18 RUB) for a bottle of standard amount. In addition to wine of alcoholic drinks of local rice vodka, but the taste of her lover.

Вино Далата Dalat wine

Vietnam is considered one of the best manufacturers of silk which here are of high quality and most importantly - the traditional method of making without the use of modern machines. A large variety of silk fabrics and garments can be found everywhere: scarves, shawls, bags, bed linen, shirts and blouses, Souvenirs. Traditional silk gown will cost no more than $ 10. The house interior is well decorated with manually embroidered silk thread picture, however, is expensive: embroidery size 60*40 cm will cost around 1000 USD!!! There are many studios where you can order a sewing blouses or suit, here you will find a huge selection of fabrics and catalogs of the models.

Among the accessories popular products from crocodile skin, snake (wallets, purses, key holders, cases for cell phones, bags, etc.). For example, the belt from crocodile skin will cost about 70-100$, wallet – 100-120$, bag – 1000-1500$.

One of the things that definitely need to bring from Vietnam is a great Vietnamese coffee. For the majority of Russians and citizens of other countries of the former USSR Vietnamese coffee is still unknown, however, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of beans after Brazil, supplying to foreign markets more than 18% of the total world production, and this figure is growing. You can buy them for own use and as gifts for friends and relatives, especially in the sale are gift packs complete with a special Vietnamese Cup for brewing. Restrictions on its export and import in Russia is not, if only it was not of the consignment, otherwise the question may arise at customs upon entry, and his weight did not exceed the restrictions for baggage allowance in the plane. Cm. more info all about coffee from Vietnam

There are in Vietnam and tea. Tea plantations are mainly located in Northern provinces and in the South, and such famous varieties of green tea, as Thai Nguyen (Thai Nguyen) and Blau. In most cases, selling green tea, but you can find black and with different additions and flavors (Jasmine, Lotus, ginger tea, etc.). Moreover, the exquisite Lotus tea is considered to be. The price of tea, however, is in Vietnam are very high, even in supermarkets.

Кофе из Вьетнама Several brands of coffee from Vietnam

Well, it's impossible not to bring different exotic fruits: mango, lychee, dragon eye, the mangosteen, the rambutan, Longton, fat, noina, pomelo, fresh coconut and others. The price of exotic fruits is several times lower than at home. For example, 1 kg of mango is 20 000 VND (approximately 54.48 RUB). But for tourists the sellers traditionally called extremely inflated price, Indha even higher than in Russia, so when buying always haggle. Meet all the exotic fruit at one time will not work, since each corresponds to their season of ripening. But those that you meet, it is possible to surprise your loved ones. Some even manage to do a so-called "chips", such as bananas, mangoes, ginger. To buy both in the shops and markets.

Another recognized candy are candy with Lotus seeds. They have a calming effect and a slightly unusual taste.

Экзотические фрукты из Вьетнама Exotic fruits from Vietnam

In addition, many tourists acquainted with Vietnamese cuisine, bring a variety of spices, seasonings, sauces, syrups, rice noodles, rice paper and other culinary delights. Just you should definitely buy at least a small home butilochka famous fish sauce Nuoc Mam, which is made with fermented fish, i.e. its decay and fermentation. Buy sauces and other products are best in large supermarkets or food markets.

And finally, as for really useful things from Vietnam. Across the country in small shops under the guise of Made in Vietnam and the markets sold a good counterfeit sportswear under the brand of North Face, and sometimes without a label. Generally their range of Hiking boots, multi-layer jacket made from Gore-Tex and jackets, Hiking pants, thermal underwear, synthetic t-shirts. Sometimes you can find travel gear, such as waterproof bags, Hiking sticks etc made do in Vietnam and shipped to stores around the world under various well-known brands, including they are sold and popular in Russia chain stores. But here the prices are much lower and besides, you can bargain. Especially a lot of shops in Hanoi on the streets of Hang Thung, Hang Manh and in the mountain town of Sapa, but will find them in other places.

Магазин Made in Vietnam Shop Made in Vietnam
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