What to buy/bring back from Vietnam?

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Виски со змеей из Вьетнама With the snake whiskey from Vietnam

Vietnam is truly a Paradise for shopaholics. A huge range of different kinds of goods and low prices will pleasantly surprise you. The prices in the shops and markets are different, although not very much. In stores is to look for branded clothes and shoes, equipment, articles of gold and precious stones. Markets and bazaars are focused on a wider range of buyers (including local) where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes and ending with food. The quality of market goods may not always please you; however, the fact that everything here is very cheap, and negotiable, makes an opportunity to stuff the suitcases in full (in the end, not a lifetime to wear the same thing). As for the trendy branded clothes, then it there may be problems. Find something something like that, and if possible, only serious shops-boutiques, of which there are not so many.

Сувениры из Вьетнама Souvenirs from Vietnam

Traditional Souvenirs are considered as Slippers, flip-Flops (the name itself is worth something?!) and the "cap" of banana leaves. Caps, apparently for the sake of tourists, they sell different sizes, shapes and even with embroidery. The Vietnamese are very simple caps and you will see for yourself when you pass paddy fields: here and there are a couple of "fungi"workers – a very picturesque panorama. Traditional hats are worth about 15-20 thousand VND (approximately 43.01 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate), special travel more expensive.

Vietnam is considered one of the world's producers of silk, and because silk products here are of high quality. A large variety of such products at excellent prices can be found everywhere: scarves, shawls, bags, bed linen, shirts and blouses, Souvenirs. Traditional silk robe will not cost more than 10$. The interior of your home will certainly decorate manually embroidered silk thread picture, however, is expensive: size 60*40 cm about$ 1,000. There are many ateliers where you can order a sewing blouses or suit, here you will find a huge selection of fabrics and catalogs of the models.

Among the accessories popular products from crocodile skin, snake (wallets, purses, key holders, cases for cell phones, bags, etc.). For example, the belt from crocodile skin will cost about 70-100$, wallet – 100-120$, bag – 1000-1500$.

Не очень хорошие, но невероятно дешевые товары на рынке Вьетнама Not very good, but incredibly cheap
goods on the market of Vietnam

Lovers of pearls Vietnam is pleasant prices. To buy gorgeous pearl and jewelry with him throughout the country, however, recommended MUI ne and Nha Trang (even cheaper here). On average, a string of pearls worth about 10-20$ depending on length, with pearl earrings – 1-2$, bracelet is 8-10$. The pearls have white, black and pink.

Among other jewelry look for silver. Necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants represented in large numbers, interesting design and competitive prices. Precious stones in Vietnam mined sapphires, zircons, opals, rubies, and quartz. But it is worth mentioning that purchase jewelry it is better in specialized shops, where every thing you will be given a certificate of quality.

From a wide variety of Souvenirs in the markets is breathtaking and the work of craftsmen worthy of respect. Products of wood lots is a beautiful paintings of local landscapes, carved from a single piece of wood; wooden plate inlaid with mother of pearl,$ 10 for set of 3 pieces; figurines; coasters for hot pots; vases with bright patterns; boxes; trays; bowls carved with pattern, comb. Original gift can be utensils from coconut shells (bowls, spoons, forks), hair pins, beads for$ 3. Bamboo made chopsticks, beautiful wall murals and. Interest are the ivories: pendants, beads, figurines of elephants, figurines, but it's not cheap.

Еще сувениры из Вьетнама More Souvenirs from Vietnam
(photo Bluekittin)

Definitely bring yourself and your loved ones ointment called Cobratoxin (Cobratoxan) or Cobramax, which includes the venom of a Cobra. It is only in Vietnam and is used as analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs for sciatica, injuries and inflammation of the joints, ligaments, muscles, and also it can be used for colds, as an ordinary ointment "asterisk". It is sold in supermarkets and pharmacies and costs about 80-90 rubles for a tube that times 3 times cheaper than in Russia. By the way, the same balm "gold star" can be bought for 2000 Dong (about 5.73 RUB) is also a good option to buy.

The most original souvenir, not only is the bottle with the snake in an alcohol tincture. Bottles of different volume, shape and filling (the snake, the Scorpion, the rhizome is, according to locals, – ginseng) will certainly make you stop at the counter, and the low price (0.5 l bottle from 40 000 VND (about 114.7 RUB)) will please family and friends. As the alcohol in those bottles pour whiskey local production, and say that this whiskey is not only delicious, but also useful. In fact, the taste is very nasty and smacks of fish and some other animals, but it looks very impressive. Besides, if you uncorked the bottle and drank its liquid contents, there again you can pour whisky or brandy and again to make a tincture.

Змеиное виски из Вьетнама Snake whiskey from Vietnam

You may be surprised, but in Vietnam do and the wine is quite good for the price at which it is sold. The main region where wine is produced, is high plateau and the city of Dalat. Local firm "Vang Dalat" (Vang Dalat) produces many wines that cost from 90 000 VND (approximately 258.07 RUB) for a bottle of standard amount.

Вино Далата Dalat wine
Еще сувениры из Вьетнама More Souvenirs from Vietnam
(photo Bluekittin)

For connoisseurs coffee gift will be a definite purchase brand coffee Luwak (Kopi Luwak), which is the most expensive coffee in the world. In Vietnam there is a farm that produces this coffee. No need to mention about the stages of coffee production, we will remind only that in this process the main role is played by the animal – musang. Get coffee features a distinctive flavor, rich taste, slight bitterness and, of course, the price, about$ 3000 per kilogram. It can be found not in every supermarket, and unfortunately it is likely to run into a fake. In addition to this type of coffee, the country produces other varieties of coffee, not less exquisite and affordable, among them the famous variety Trung Nguyen (Trung Nguyen).

Tea plantations in Vietnam are located mainly in the Northern provinces and in the South, and such famous varieties of green tea, as Thai Nguyen (Thai Nguyen) and Blau. In most cases, selling green tea, but you can find black and with different additions and flavors (Jasmine, Lotus, ginger tea, etc.). Moreover, the exquisite Lotus tea is considered to be.

Экзотические фрукты из Вьетнама Exotic fruits from Vietnam

Well, it's impossible not to bring different exotic fruits: mango, lychee, dragon eye, mangosteen, rambutan, Longton, fat, noina, pomelo, fresh coconut and others. The price of exotic fruits is several times lower than at home. For example, 1 kg of mango is 20 000 VND (approximately 57.35 RUB). But for tourists the sellers traditionally called extremely high price, even higher than in Russia, so when buying always haggle. To meet all these fruits at one time will not work, since each corresponds to their season of ripening. But those that you meet, it is possible to surprise your loved ones. Some even manage to do a so-called "chips", for example: bananas, mango, ginger. To buy both in the shops and markets.

Another recognized candy are candy with Lotus seeds. They have a calming effect and a slightly unusual taste.

In addition, many tourists acquainted with Vietnamese cuisine, bring a variety of spices, seasonings, sauces, syrups, rice noodles, rice paper and other culinary delights. Look for them at large supermarkets or food markets, prices are much lower than ours for such goods.

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admin March 7, 2014

Did not understand soup, Pho. To be honest, was expecting something amazing, like That Pit, and as a result two times I tried, and no longer was there. And it is unlikely another will. ...
trips March 10, 2014

Buying in View - a separate theme of the trip) first, it depends on where you rest. I bought gifts and Souvenirs in two places - the city of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet.
Second, from the sum which have.
Thirdly, do you plan to bring it gifts or more gift products.
So, what happened:
1. Tea. The first room I want to mention it - green tea. Totally different types - with Lotus and ginger, pure green, Oolong and others. The teas are very good, cheap compared with Moscow prices. It is desirable to find a shop where you give it a try. This was in Fantee.
2. Coffee. It is also very high quality coffee and inexpensive. I took myself and a gift Moko Burbon.
3. Silk. It is better to take not on the market, and in retail stores at the factory. Be sure to inspect the thing fully, open shawls/stoles/scarves, etc. To the pattern was uniform and no leads.
4. Souvenirs.
To hide opinion
You can bring your own chopsticks, a lot of household items - plates, supports for them, beautiful trays, etc.
5. Pearls and silver. Them so it is better to choose specialized stores. Be sure to ask the seller to check the purchased product for you - usually they just RUB the knife part of the pearl, to show that the mother-of-pearl plaque will not be erased with time, and pearl quality. It should give the certificate.
A lot of silver and beautiful, there are both modern and local designers. If you want to take silver with semi - precious. stones the price difference from Moscow is small, but the cut is much better in Vietnam. Drag. stones mined in the country, why the price is not very different from ours - because of the purity of the stones, that is ...
Eugene March 10, 2014

Tell me, what tested like what they brought home? ...
ttttt 25 April, 2014
podskazhite pozhaluista and in Vietnam, there are stores of ammunition :?? unloading system boots Cabourg pouches, etc...? prices unknown?I would be very grateful) ...
Costanzia March 30, 2016
Please tell me, going to Vietnam, I want to buy shoes converse. In Thailand we bought a great local production. Whether they are in Vietnam, whose production and where to buy?
Thank you in advance answered! ...
Abramovich91 20 July 2016
Of course the first item is a traditional Vietnamese hat. And triangular - it's a woman's hat, and with the deepening and fields are men.
There are so many different Souvenirs in a traditional style and many interesting and unusual sweets. ...
Abramovich91 20 July 2016

Most likely the percentage lyuvak there is 1% -5%. In Vietnam also sell. Real Luwak costs a lot of money and taste. Connoisseurs will definitely see the difference. ...
casez 21 July 2016
Bring a huge number of photographs of nature and sights. And be sure to try the local cuisine. ...
Egor 29 March, 2017
About what to bring back from Viet Nam you can write a whole encyclopedia in several volumes.
But unfortunately, in the Luggage is limited...
From personal experience, as the saying goes:
1 - jewelry in Nha Trang bought a "Princess" on the street girls give discount cards + gift, on the checkout showed the discount.
2 - coffee, tea, spices is take Viet farm. Store network and so the same discounts from the alpha Tour and the Ritz.
3 - alcohol!!! All in Almhaus for a freebie!!! Free wine tasting and rum!
4 - drugs, creams and tinctures - pharmacy 777, only if you plan to take the tincture, remember to take out only 2 glass of alcohol (tincture also alcohol).
5 - clothing. Once went to big C and forgot about it.
6 - Souvenirs it is better to take in the bookstore at the railway station, there is a huge selection.
Something like this! ...
Olga Vartanyan December, 12, 2017
All that is done all for the best. Trips to BAC Giang ended, was only in Nha Trang. Is Vietnam. And there we go. From the window of our room was visible from the beach, and the city was as on a palm. The room is gorgeous, can not find fault. Went on trips to proslavlenny Weather long shong, where a seated Buddha. An incredible sight. On the way back decided to the pharmacy to drop from walking rubbed his leg. in Аптеке777 girl-consultant quickly and politely served me. And in the evening we were already walking through the city. Night life there is active. Bars, clubs, parties... the City does. ...

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