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How many tourists, so many are scammers, preying on the gullibility of naive tourists. And yet, do not have to be naive and gullible to be deceived by clever schemes of swindlers which is constantly being improved and are calculated even for the most experienced and prepared travelers.

Unfortunately, in this duel between a tourist and a fraud no seconds and you can only rely on yourself. And your weapon is vigilance and awareness. Study the following the most popular scheme scams operating around the world, and to further control the situation, read the Internet security information for the country in which you travel, and then you will be fully prepared.

It is fair to say that sometimes on the other side of the fence are the tourists themselves-speculators who exactly know how to cheat hotels, restaurants and other tourists. Type in a search online for "Tourist scams from Russia" and you will learn many interesting and amusing. So do not lose vigilance even when communicating with their compatriots and tourists from other countries.

And now the most popular, but not exhaustive, the schemes of deception of travelers around the world:

Lupolianski and cheating with the help of the police

Таиландские полицейские

Do you know how to look a real COP in the country, where are you going to travel? Besides, many of the popular resorts local authorities create the tourist police unit, who have their own special shape and logo. As practice shows, the majority of tourists are not familiar with the appearance of the police, but did not hesitate to trust the people in uniform, and believes their actions are legal. Than it can threaten?

Fraud scheme

The simplest scheme, when lupolianski suitable for tourists, from contact with the passport check. Thus in your documents you found any violations, and the "policeman" offers to go to the police. Seeing the confusion of the victim, he agrees to "solve the problem" on the spot for cash. And many tourists prefer to pay.

A more sophisticated method already associated with the real violations of the law and involvement in violations of tourists: you may be caught with a prostitute where prohibited; you can sell drugs and then the vicinity will be a COP. And sometimes the police in these laugh be real, they just work at a fraction of fraudsters.

What to do?

If you are sure that you are right and nothing is broken, you should stand your ground and do not admit their guilt. If you are offered to go to the police station, boldly agree. Then lupolianski as the wind will blow. But if you are really caught on the "hot" and going to the police station you may face big problems, in this case, you can try to solve the problem on the spot. But be careful with it. And suddenly you got a real and honest COP (there are such in civilized countries, do not laugh). Then bribery may cause even greater problems. Solve the problem at hand only if you explicitly extort money.

The trade in fake precious stones and jewellery

Such fraud schemes are particularly popular in poor countries in Asia, the middle East. Nearly all at the sight of shiny gold decorations and precious stones for the price of jewelry lose their head and believe in what they see and what they want. Don't forget a simple saying: "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap". Gold and precious stones and precious because they are the standard of value throughout the world and simply cannot be cheap by definition.

Fraud scheme

One of the schemes, which by the way have been noticed by Russian tour guides: you go into the shop where, according to the tour guide or taxi driver, sold jewelry at the best price. You show the product and create an incredibly lucrative offer that to refuse is practically impossible. In the end, those who makes a purchase, some time later, looking more closely, one finds that the gems or decoration is not real.

What to do?

In shopping do not trust the recommendations, guides and other representatives of the local tourism business. The vast majority of them have personal arrangements in stores and directs tourists there in exchange for commissions from traders. And don't forget that really high-quality goods cannot be cheap and sold in a hurry and in the dim light. If the dealer does not allow you to see the product as it should hurry with the purchase is a sure sign of deception.

Taxi drivers-Scam artists

In many cases a taxi is the only way to reach the hotel in a foreign country. This dependence of tourists from taxi actively used by dishonest drivers. Most often tourists fall for this Scam when driving from the airport, tired after the road because the tourists who do not know the local language and only dreaming about how to get to the hotel – an easy victim for such Scam.

Fraud scheme

The first thing is usually trying to make a dishonest taxi drivers to take the trip at exorbitant prices, taking advantage of the fact that passengers have not had time to Orient in local prices. Sometimes may require a payment in advance, and then bring in an unknown place, and for the delivery to the right address again to request payment. Another way to name one price (even lower than the real one, just to put you in the car), and when delivered to the place called another. Some use features of the English language, in which 15 – fifteen, the pronunciation is very similar to the 50 fifty. Another popular trick is not working or the meter is rigged

What to do?

In advance, before you travel, find out the prices for a taxi from the airport to the city, is not difficult after a little digging on the Internet or poprosila friends . And when you try the taxi driver to call you an inflated price, to answer that we would pay at standard rates: so much and no more. Normally, seeing your awareness, not argue and immediately accepts the conditions of travel. If the airport has a taxi service, we should seize it. Before you travel make sure that the meter in a taxi works and it will be included (just ask the driver). If you ride in a taxi without a meter and negotiate the price in advance to better coordinate and record it on paper.

And most importantly, in any case can not pay for the trip until then, until you are brought.

"Not the same" hotel

If you have not selected a hotel in advance and expect to navigate the place, be doubly careful. This situation can lead to scams.

Fraud scheme

In train or bus talkative companion from the local community, knowing that you are looking for a hotel in a hurry to recommend "one good place" and even calling back to see if availability. May be referred to the name of the hotel, indicating his affiliation to the well-known hotel chains (Sheraton, Hilton and others). Helpful travel companion helps you find a cab, gives the driver the exact address and wishes a good journey. After reaching the hotel, you pay a few nights, but moving away from the reception and after inspecting the room, make sure that living conditions do not correspond to price. And even the name of the hotel is Sharaton or Helton. The money paid for accommodation, will not return...

This popular method of cheating involves collusion of your "random companion" not only the hotel but the taxi driver, who was made a warning call.

What to do?

If possible, schedule your trip in advance, choosing a hotel on responses of tourists and booking it yourself, for example, via the Internet. International booking system not only guarantees the stated level of hotel services, but also help to pay for accommodation in a secure way, and will also consider your claim and will help to return the money.

If in advance to choose the hotel, use the services of official information centres for tourists, which can be found directly at the airport or at the arrival station. The staff of the information centre will help to choose a good hotel according to your budget.

Attention, transport rental

Going on vacation to rent a motorbike or car to move around the country or the resort area by yourself? Be careful. For fraud you just Klondike.

Fraud scheme

You take a car or motorcycle without insurance or with limited insurance, and when they return, it turns out that the body has scratches and dents. The owner of the rental requires you to pay for repairs at incredibly high prices. You take the rent of transport, care-free ride and leave the vehicle from the shops, beaches, shopping malls without supervision, and when you come back, discover that the transport was gone, and from the passers-by know that he was kidnapped by some guy, the descriptions very reminiscent of the owner of the hire (of course with a second set of keys).

What to do?

Before you pick up your transport from the point of hire, at least take a picture of it from all sides. Show photos of the owner and attach them to the contract. Write into the contract all available at the start of the rental, damage to, down to the smallest scratches. If it is possible to protect yourself, don't neglect it. Because fraud cases often recorded at locations in the vicinity of hotels and guest houses, and try to avoid them, choose rent of transport in those areas that are located in the city center and is focused on local residents.

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