A review of the trip to Tunisia (I)

We flew, me and my young man in Tunisia on the ticket. The flight took about 3.5 hours from Moscow.

On the way from the airport, opened our eyes to the scenery outside the bus window, did not seem very bright: solid sand, low trees, bushes, along the road the lack of any industrial buildings or structures (still the suburbs), and the weather is cloudy, although it was very warm (over 20C).

По дороге в отель On the way to the hotel

Traveling from Monastir hotel Caribbean World Borj Sedria 4* which is located near the capital city of Tunisia, in the town of Borj Sedria, about 2 hours. The hotel works on system all inclusive. A huge area has a main building, 2-storey buildings and bungalows scattered around the grounds.

отель The hotel
отель The hotel

We lived in a Bungalow on the 2nd floor, the room is clean, spacious, air-conditioned, toilet and bathroom, TV, safe, was additionally bunk bed for kids (probably the family room). Room very much. All very nice and simple. However the soundproofing in the building is very bad, the walls are thin and so sometimes in the evening we had to listen to loud moans of the couple in the next room. It turned out it was the Germans, and in age, but what active.

The hotel grounds are clean, well-groomed and green (palm trees, flowers, grass). There are swimming pools for adults and children, and even a water Park, however, the last extra. Next there are a couple of souvenir shops and currency exchange office (worked before lunch), once a week was arranged "market day", where you can buy some Souvenirs (in the morning and before lunch).

отель The hotel
отель The hotel
отель The hotel
отель The hotel
отель The hotel

Beach with fine white sand, transparent turquoise sea – a miracle!!!

пляж отеля Beach
пляж отеля Beach
пляж отеля Beach
пляж отеля Beach

Young people-animators strongly occupied and entertained the children in the evenings - adults. Were all very friendly and helpful, among them were the Russian girls.

Анимация вечером Animation in the evening
Анимация вечером Animation in the evening

Independent course went to the capital city of Tunisia (35 km), hiring a taxi at the entrance to the hotel (they're on duty). Drove 40 minutes to the city centre. The capital centre was a modern, bustling. For a taxi there and back gave 40 Dinar (currency of Tunisia), and the taxi driver waited for us while we were walking around the city.

На улицах Туниса On the streets of Tunisia
На улицах Туниса On the streets of Tunisia

The main street Avenue Habib Bugaba (first President of Tunisia). On the right and left side of it are the various state institutions, offices, shops, boutiques, hotels, mosques, etc. In General, is where to roam...

Авеню Хабиба Бугрибы Avenue Habib Bugiba

Ends street H. Bugiba at the gate of the Medina – the old quarter, where numerous retail shops and shops, craft workshops for the manufacture and sales of countless quantities of Souvenirs, and other necessary goods (clothes, shoes, dishes, jewelry of gold, silver, carpets...).

Ворота Медины The Gates Of The Medina

One day took an excursion which included a visit to the famous Bardo Museum, baths Anthony Pius and the villages of Sidi Bou said. Due to the fact that all these places were close to each other, the tour lasted half a day and was tiring.

Bardo Museum (the world's largest collection of mosaic). It has several rooms with exhibits found and brought from other cities of Tunisia (Arc, El JEM, etc.), and is divided on the subject, for example, the Shipbuilding hall, the hall of Odysseus, the hall of the Mausoleum. Overall, worth a look.

В музее Бардо In the Bardo Museum
В музее Бардо In the Bardo Museum
В музее Бардо In the Bardo Museum

The village of Sidi Bou said. Very picturesque and beautiful place. The white of the houses contrasts perfectly with the blue trim. Walking along the main street, which "takes" up, to see and to buy Souvenirs (ceramic plates of different shapes and colors, and other utensils, paintings, ceramic tiles ...), take a breath at the cafe.

Деревня Сиди-бу-Саид The village of Sidi Bou said

Baths or Thermae Anthony Pius – one of the most ancient ruins of Carthage and the largest baths in the world. Watch it here, by and large, nothing. From them remained only some fragments of walls. Nearby is the archaeological Park – a large area with remains of buildings, in our opinion, unremarkable. Except that near the Park is the current residence of the current President of Tunisia, however, you will not see and will not photograph – it is impossible.

Развалины Карфагена The Ruins Of Carthage
Развалины Карфагена The Ruins Of Carthage
Развалины Карфагена The Ruins Of Carthage

Unfortunately, not all were able to see. Regret that I did not go to the Sahara, but it is a reason to come back.

And yet, because of its remote location from urban infrastructure, we, the young, was a bit boring in the closed territory of the hotel: there was nowhere to walk, outside it nothing else...

В аэропорту At the airport

And, in General, Tunisia is a good country, and primarily for families. So we'll come back and maybe not together... Before the meeting, Tunisia!

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Maria Karpova 01 Oct 2017, 20:27
Thought to go there, but changed their minds. ...
04 Oct 2017, 17:03
Read the reviews and had a desire to write about Tunisia.I was there twice. First time in Hammamet. years 9-10. ago.EO was before the "Jasmine revolution" in Tunisia and then made a strong impression.The capital was similar to the European city. bordering on the East. Underwhelming food and the ability to design and food and restaurant.Every year I choose a new country and compare with the service of Tunisia. in 2016. in October. flew with friends to Djerba and again wonderful memories.Of course was horrified.what did the revolution with this beautiful country.Although. revolution in any country for good has not resulted.In Djerba there are no such attractions. as in Hammamet and Ministere. but the fond memories remain.Sun suggest to visit the country. and I think. that fly is now in Minister.This country is worth it. a fascinating place to visit for a third time. ...
admin 04 Oct 2017, 17:55
With the rest I can agree, but not with this. Nothing European in the capital, neither in architecture, nor the atmosphere nor the service. ...
yulkashpulka 25 may 2017, 21:16
You can relax anywhere and any time. It's clear that no time will change my opinion about a country you want to visit. But while prices are reasonable in most cases, where you can fly, you can book tickets. This is now not a problem fly.kiev.ua/ . The Internet and places, and the number of people and where for how long and in what numbers to book, so you can reserve, and then already to think, and even if you change your mind in a certain place, you can always cancel my reservation and change to a different place flight. ...
nausla 26 may 2017, 05:37
And most importantly to make a hyperactive facilitator turnover of the travel Agency. ...
Sergeyjiji 26 may 2017, 21:59
I agree with you! ...
yulkashpulka 27 may 2017, 10:47
As they say, if you ask for, then you can always choose the place where you want to go and will always find an opportunity there to fly. The goal is what matters! ...
nausla 28 may 2017, 22:19
In Hiking and mountaineering there is a notion of "fanatical goal achievement".
And the main is not a goal, it's a sign opposite to common sense, and the ability to understand in time the need to return.
But to come and die it is for infantile Amateurs.
So the goal is important but not important. ...
elena77pol 15 Nov 2017, 02:43
I agree completely. Don't know how then, but I was in Tunisia just two months ago. Dirt and devastation. Although the overall holiday was very pleased. The sea is fantastic. El JEM shook and subdued. Carthage saw a little, but it was enough to feel the spirit of history ...
18 Dec 2017, 16:03
in Tunisia there are every year in August
lovely stay
and look at what is
the first thing to recommend
this is the mosaic Museum,the world's second largest ,after the Roman
then the Coliseum
Opera house in the capital
a bit further the Opera house, on the main Avenue of Tunis ,on the right is the Church with magnificent stained glass Windows
and much more
be sure to visit this country ...